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Earth Changes, Preparedness and Wealth

I was just reading JZ's ad for a "One on One Question and Answer Session with Ramtha."

It is in Miami on June 17th. And here is a clever new marketing ploy...according to the ad the earlier you register the better chance you have of receiving an answer to your question!

"Questions to Ramtha one on one will be answered in order of early registration."

But what happens if you register early and Ramtha doesn't HAVE an answer to your question?

Guess how much it costs? Starts at 1pm (or so they say) and costs $400 before June 9 or $500 after. Is that RSE doublespeak? The more you pay the less likely you are to get to ask a question?

Re: Earth Changes, Preparedness and Wealth

Good point, Cowboy ! Paying more to have less chance to ask a question from the big guy. hahahahahaha

As your thread points out, the topics for questioning are related to the earth changes, preparedness and wealth.

Why do students/people have to be prepared for disasters, if they choose another timeline ? (Just pointing out another discrepancy) Could it be that they really don't have control over timelines ? Say it's not so.

Also, the dire earth changes are from 2007 - 2010. I guess those shifted to a new timeline, because the changes were supposed to have happened several times already.

Maybe I'll buy shovels for everyone in my family and tomorrow we'll start digging a hole for our underground hovel. (not)

Re: Earth Changes, Preparedness and Wealth

I noticed that the material presented at RSE is contradictory. You're right, whatcha, J/R instills fear into people by telling them they must secretly get ready for hard times and then also says, "When it is time to get out of here I will give you the codes to focus upon." (Primary Retreat 2006)

Obviously if R is going to lead the students "out of here" there is no need for all of the secret preparation. But it sure does keep them focused on fear and "what if." It also bonds them to each other which will multiply the fear frenzy.

The beauty of this game is that Judy has the power of fear working for her. Anytime the weather makes the news a student may think, "Ramtha is right! Oh, no! I must get busy!"

Yes, the idea is to keep the folkies busy. So busy that they don't even realize they are not thinking for themselves.

Re: Earth Changes, Preparedness and Wealth


Re: Earth Changes, Preparedness and Wealth

If that is not giving your power away, I don't know what is. Ramtha judged people who gave there money to psychic for a reading and what is he doing the same thing. What has happen to this school???

Re: Earth Changes, Preparedness and Wealth

Yes, R very harshly criticized astrologers and mediums. (JZ claims to be a channel and that is just oh-so-much better!)


(Listen to me, instead!)

Re: Earth Changes, Preparedness and Wealth

Guess what? There is another cult talking about Earth changes. (What if JZ finds out? Maybe she should copyright Earth changes? )

Great story at:

Not only that but the cult bases it's beliefs on an Indian God named Shiva. What a coincidence! (But I heard R say there is no such thing...)

Re: Earth Changes, Preparedness and Wealth

You know, you all just need to listen to Ramtha. He said that he was appointed by the council as spokesperson for this PLANET. He knows what is best for you. He also said, we will never find another teacher like him, anywhere. (Got that part right) Then another time, he said he is working here, along with two others, to work with this planet/people as a teacher.

............... sigh ..............

I think I'll go can some more tomatoes. Maybe make some salted fish, too, so we have it for the hard times to come. NOT.