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can anyone explain this recent acquisition in Europe of the new rse Sportilla complex for a European based rse? I don't understand why rse is taking this on during a 'days to come' era where its been predicted Europe is the new 'north pole.' Are they building to then be flooded? I doubt.

Joe are you around? I have some questions to ask in email about this along with some questions.


j z bought a new soundsystem shortly after she prepared us for big catastrophic events after 9/11.for 600 000 $.of course there was an initiative to help her pai this extraexpense.it was actually at the end of the tax year.whatch this doomsday stuff if you r still there.especialy when her predictions not happening.


Purchasing the Sportilla Complex makes perfect $en$e.
It is called expanding into new markets. If that is where her sales are coming from that is where she is going to go. JZ is a businesswoman first and foremost.


how is ramtha precieved in europe?normaly bossy american behavier dosent rely register well in europe.specially in s france.what r your expieriences.does jzr tunes it down abroad?does the italian place knows about jzrs yelm politics.do they now how she instructs her students to shopp where she wants them to.do they know that ramtha gives specivic instructions how to deal with the normal villigers?have funn.


ex, I can tell you the experience from my friend who has been to Italy for her Beginner Event (2006) and who then did a follow up in Belgium.

When she came back from her first event in Italy she was very excited, she had some unusual experiences, found her card once and liked the atmosphere of so many different people being together for one goal: to work on themselves and to learn (I don't know how to put this better in english). So despite their differences in attitude, life experience, thinking pattern etc. this is a common denominator.

Mike Wright, Greg Simmons, Debbie Christie were the teachers at that event and JZ Knight and her James were also there, it was said at the beginning that nobody knows if Ramtha will show up. JZ did some talking I think at only one time and "Ramtha" came at the end of the event.

What my friend recognized: Greg Simmons: very much the marketing guy, when a woman asked him if the body paint would wash away, he was very serious and told her she shouldn't be here if she is asking this kind of questions,
Mike Wright very nice and friendly, speaks several languages, she had interaction with him in German and interestingly when JZ came for her talk he was responsible for the technical things and she recognized that this was the only time he was very, very nervous,
Debbbie Christie was nice and funny but seemed also very moody.

Shortly before Ramtha came the mood in the audience changed to very excited and when he/she came they went crazy.

She said the Italien people had a lot of parties at the event, whereas the german and austrian people were more serious.
She found the worshipping which seemed to be around the person of JZ very strange.

I watched some videos from her, mostly the videos which are no more available like two path, where angels fear to thread etc. It is for European people very strange to see somebody on a stage and talking and yelling and basically moving the masses. There is a lot of this things in the U.S with different religious priests or you will find this also in the U.S. election campaign. In general you will not find European people with flags cheering some people on a stage. (one exception is when there is an event in Rome from the catholic church)

So this are some impressions from Germany.


thanks ivan


''''So this are some impressions from Germany.''''

Thank you also. I find your English to be excellent! I've traveled a lot and in some smaller towns in France. I have had very good experiences probably because a smile is a smile everywhere. But in observing the locals I can see where the JR show would be almost inconceivable in Europe. Go to their online site and I now see they are heading to china. China where human rights are not very existent. How are China's politicos going to react to someone who is telling the masses they are 'god' and 'have the power' when Tiananmen Square people only expressing opinions were killed. I can see some problems for rse in that part of the world that JR doesn't seem to be contemplating. Tell the people they are god in a communist nation? I think her D. Graham going over and visiting the Chinese psychic scientists probably had something to do with it. It's always innocent and sugary at first, while remembering my first event. imo if she wants to empower women a visit to an islamic country is the way to go. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst in this respect. My friend lived in Riyahd for years and always had to don her hijab/burqa. Women are not permitted to drive. Pakistan is interesting because when you think about it they had a female prime minister which is something we cannot do even here in the US. Pakistan would be more accepting in that not every women there is wearing a burqa/hijab. It depends on the level of religious interpretation and some women even like wearing them because they don't have to be concerned with their appearance and can be anonymous and they DO indeed wear lovely clothing beneath. They take them off at home pretty much as the Ramsters take off the capes and blue webs. btw the comment Greg Simmons made about blue web ink coming off is imo out of line. I remember him telling us during my beginners 'it washes off' and he repeated this because people were told to not go into the community out of rse with the webs. The teachers say one thing one time and another thing another time except for the stories of their manifestations. I do believe in the power of the human mind but rse doesn't have the copyright on this-yet!


JZ is a shrewd businesswoman and great manipulator. It seems likely that the venue in China will feature fabulous wealth, something the Chinese are keen on.

The "You Are God" rap is more suitable in Christian countries. Whatever works! The bottom line is...the bottom line and it is called profit.


''''JZ is a shrewd businesswoman and great manipulator. It seems likely that the venue in China will feature fabulous wealth, something the Chinese are keen on.

The "You Are God" rap is more suitable in Christian countries. Whatever works! The bottom line is...the bottom line and it is called profit. ''''

Excellent point. Enhances the fact of uniting the 'worldwide web' in this issue. Many means of communication in the world today. Allow people to see all before making their decision. Anything to make $$$ is the perception I see with continuing clarity since I left. Forget about feeding the poor and aiding the sick - is an rse motto? How sad when reading some expressions of the 'R' of old. A great hook, wasn't it? I could cry.


About the "You are God" concept: I can only speak for my impression in Germany: Also the new Pope is a German, religion plays almost no role with most people, the churches are empty, only some old people attend church service on sunday. The only time the churches are full is on christmas. More and more people leave the church (you have to pay a fee from your salary if you are a member in the church) but also these "paying people" usually don't attend a church service. People are simply not interested, the stories about Jesus etc. have no reference to the daily life they are living.

So why does JZ catch people in Germany? It is mostly the scientific concept about the brain and quantum physics, both sound good, you seem to be at the leading edge -so to speak- of the sciences and of course don't forget the teachers at RSE are important a Joe Dispenza, now this black guy I forgot his name, than Mike Wright etc. They create an impression of knowingness, when such learned people are teachers at RSE, they must be doing something correct! JZ on the other hand doesn't make a good impression, she looks like a barbie doll with big hair, lots of make up etc. who doesn't want to grow up. In Germany you don't have "big hair" and you don't use much make up espcecially if you are older, so this looks kind of trashy and cheap. She doesn't catch people with her charisma (which is not European style) she catches them when she seems to know things about genes, atoms, the brain etc. And don't forget the different exercises: she gives people concrete stuff: if you do this ...you will have this result...(no different than the big companys who want to sell there products - they have mostly success)


to add somthing more and to make something very clear: JZ is never going to reach a lot of people in Germany, only a few.
She doesn't make a good inpression in the film "What the Bleep" (speaking of course from the German mentality perspective) and the people who are drawn to the school through this film are mostly drawn despite! of her appearance.

If she would appear in a German TV programm with the Alan Steinfeld video nobody would take her seriously, people would make fun of her appearance, her clothes and especially her masked like face her piercing eyes and her colored hair.
Women in her age group who are popular in Germany look very, very different.


Thanks for your input, Ivan. In general how would you say Germans respond to "Ramtha"?

Also, can you speak about the difference between the reactions of Germans vs. Austrians vs. Swiss?



I cannot really say something about the Austrian and Swiss people.
You have to understand I never attended an event, I only got interested in "Ramtha" stuff because -as everybody- I have a belief system and some things I came across from Ramtha are conform with the things I already believed, so that got me interested and I did an extensive research as I like do to with everything that catches my interest.

The problem I had was that because some things were so similar to my own belief system, that I thought that maybe than he/she is right on other things also. So that got me hooked for some time. But because of my research I was early on aware of a lot of contradiction which I encountered through the internet and I read the book about Baird Spalding (Masters of the Far East) where he is exposed as a fraud.

I actually brought Ramtha to the attention of a friend of mine and she was very excited and attended the two events. So this is where I got more information. And I went to the premiere of the film "What the Bleep" in Berlin which had a panel discussion afterwards.

Fortunately there was never a possibility in my own life, that I would ever attend an event because I am a loner and I would never do things some group wants me to do. I have a big aversion against structures of any kind and RSE is heavily structured as are the exercises. (This was quite interesting: when my friend came back from the Beginner event she structured her entire day around the excercises, she got up very early before school to do the C&E and the neighborhood walk etc. etc.)

But what I can share is the following: There is really only a small group of people in the german speaking community who are hard-core fans of Ramtha and who are actually taking his suggestions very seriously about the Earth changes etc. Most of them don't speak english and so they don't have access to a lot of information (Ramtha CD's, BTO radio, they even have trouble to get books translated into German, they don't have That Elixir called Love or the History of Humanity 2, or the Fireside Series). And most likely they only attend the events in Europe where they mostly encounter the teachers from RSE and not JZ/Ramtha.
And as I have said before from a German perspective you can very easily identify with Mike Wright, Miceal Ledwith, Joe Dispenza, and partly Greg Simmons whereas most would have difficulty to identify with JZ, she justs comes across to weird for our taste.

By the way, there are some more teachers "appointed" by Ramtha but they seem to be tested before they will be officially recognized. For example a German, living in Yelm who is from the comrades is one teacher, his name is Mitja and he directed the Belgium event and there are also some others.


So, I think JZ is mostly making money with new students who are then running through her system for some time and then they will never be seen again in the school.


G2G I'm around if you meant me...I have no specific info about the Sportilla thing..whta are your other ???



I sent an email to you and will be sending another describing what I know I need assistance with. Your help is very much appreciated.


Hi Ivan,
Thanks for your input. I've never run across a book which exposes Baird Spaulding as a fraud. Do you know the title and/or author?

Also, I am curious about your comment that the Germans who are taking JZ/Ramtha seriously do not speak English. It is my understanding that all Germans are required to study English in school.



the book is "David Bruton: Baird T. Spalding as I knew him".

About the english: We have a different school system in Germany. There are basically 3 different schools: low, middle, high level. The high level would probably be similar with your high school but I guess the niveau is a little bit higher in Germany. (You can't get a diplom in Germany from high school or college when you are "stupid" but a great football player ;-).

English in the low level: forget it
English in the middle level: you could probably make a little bit small talk, rent a car, do some shopping but you can't read a Ramtha book
English in the high level: you can read a book (but it depends on your interest in the language how really well you understand it, you could have deselected english and change to spanish for example, as I have done it).

I speak english because in 1993 I was in Vancouver for almost a year and I read a lot of books in english so I kind of stay tuned in to the language.

My friend who went to the events is from middle level and she understands very little english and people at the European events who speak very little english tend to stay together for support, will build carpools, and will support each other after the events with an exchange of informations and CD's etc. So you have a relatively closely knit community with a core of some long term students and others who are then gathering around them.

If you don't understand the language, you wont't find this site or the FACTnet side.
But anyway a person who strongly beliefs the JZ Knight/Ramtha stuff is never going to look for contradictory information, only people who are already having second thoughts will go to this side or people from RSE who are ordered to spy here ;-)

But I wouldn't underestimate the culturell differences (which are nothing but differences in thinking patterns). She is actually very clever in that she has a broad variety of things she is offering: the you are god concept, the quantum physics, the brain stuff, the religious stuff, a variety of disciplines, the wine ceremonies, then the "I am really a very simple person" stuff, so a lot of different people can identify with at least some of her offers and she draws simple people and highly educated people. It will be interesting to watch how the chinese people will react to her.

Because I never was really deep involved I am more like a detached observer and have probably a different angle than most of the other people here but I would really like to see her go down. I have nothing against her personally I just think her time is running out: more and more "important" people leave her school (the producer of What the Bleep, Joe Dispenza, Audrey Wolfe) She is getting older and older and of course she can't conseal this. She is actually her own living example that the teachings don't work: with her weight and health problems, her getting older and not able to stop the process etc.


Yes, it will be very interesting to see how the Chinese react. The Chinese lived and suffered under the dictatorship of Mao. They are much more likely to recognize coersive behavior.

Also, the Chinese are attributed with developing mind control.

Having said that, they may be starving for spirituality and we know they want $$$$.


Referring to cultural differences: Wal Mart recently failed in Germany. They came with a very big low price campaign, they coached their staff in american behaviour toward customers (this superficial friendliness with small talk at the cash register and salesperson who are forcing themselves on customers during their shopping trip with "can I help you"?) This is an obstrusion for the German soul. If we need help at all, we will go and find a salesperson, not the other way around ;-)
So they withdraw from the german market completely.
Same for the company GAP, they also had to withraw from the German market completely.
Never underestimate the culturual differences.


Hey "Ivanovic", don't forget to mention the Nazi threats RSE received all these years and how they were able to ward them off by using the BLUE GRID techniques!


That is true, Comte St."German",
and Ramtha said something like: due to this situation, the german students have to attend the school in foreign countries for a while, but he will do wonders in Germany.

And the wonders are happening - why not!

Maybe by deprogramming the society-programms, catholic-church-programms, corporation-programming, secret-service?!

Where are the exit-counselor for this job?

Even your lover is manipulating, brainwashing or programming you - if he/she wants something from you.

What does RSE want from you?



Interesting about WalMart, Ivan. Americans don't like all that small talk either. It is nothing more than a sales technique and we realize that we are being encouraged to spend more money! Capitalism at it's worst.

So Comte, the Nazis checked out RSE? Don't know anything about it - what is the story?


watch your neighbour.....is a nazicontroltechnic.i once woke up during alcoholabuse on the ranch everybody was scanding go ram go [same rythem as sieg heil sieg heil.the ramsters hang their swastica eh sorry blue star up just like.why r they not buddys?


I never heard about the Nazi threads, but I think anyhow that you will get quite a different impression from RSE/JZ/Ramtha if you are a native english speaker and you attend events in Yelm. If you don't speak english you are dependend on the people who are doing the translations via headphone and you will not understand a lot of situation which will spontaneuosly arise around the event like encounters with red guards etc.

Cultural differences: German and French have some difficulties in business relationships: The German tries to plan everything in advance and the French will just wait and see what will happen and react then. That is quite a different life attitude.