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coming earth changes in europe

The (not so) new teachings about the coming Earth changes seems to have an impact in the European community, they are actually talking about moving where it is safe, for example moving to caves in higher mountain areas (no kidding).

And here is what Mike Wright tells them in the forum:
03.05.2007, 20:27Hi all,

Please be careful when refering to teachings that have not yet been released. Even though this forum is for students, that does not mean that all who participate here have attended all events. Quoting Ramtha is actually re-stating what you heard him say and then recorded in your notes or memory. That is not the same as hearing it live or hearing it directly from a CD or DVD. It begins diluting the information that can lead to mis-information and mis-interpretation. That is one reason why in the conditions of participation you agreed not to do this without permission from RSE first.

The recent events regarding changes will be released soon. If you did not attend or did not watch the stream, please be patient and get the information directly from Ramtha. For those who attended or watched the stream, please speak privately with each other for now rather than in an open forum such as this.

Not all eyes on this forum are supportive of RSE and its students.


Re: coming earth changes in europe

I forgot to mention, that this is a forum only for current Ramtha students, others have no access.

Re: coming earth changes in europe

''''I forgot to mention, that this is a forum only for current Ramtha students, others have no access''''

must be a mass mailing because I got a copy and hundreds of other of us did and where can we get on the site?

Re: coming earth changes in europe

42 views in the first 20 minutes suggests that people visiting this thread may be looking for information on the recent RSE earth changes predictions, to know what our neighbors, relatives, and friends still under the influence of the RSE cult are dealing with now. Does anyone have any solid information to share?

Re: coming earth changes in europe

What I received was through email with hundreds of names because it was forwarded. I printed it out. Eueope is to be the new north pole which is why I wonder about the Sportilla rse site being constructed. I don't see anything that new honestly except brilliant minds are the free thinkers and they have free will and where is yours?
I think David and the others who got this site up and running are indeed free thinkers! We hvae traumatized the earth and it is healing itself. Ice caps melt by 2010 with 3 degree shift and Atlantis will rise. Animals will show up where we haven't seen them prior. Camels will be traveling up mountains and other animals will be too. He also tells people to not have children after 2009 because of the very dificult time after. Then same old. Forida sinking and California gone and Arizona is on the beach.Famine, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, winds, bulging equator with the earths atmosphere catching on fire in in the near future because of some airplane going through. Same old. Keep warms clothes and keep your shoes and get as many shoes as you can get. Hm. JZ's shoe fetish? And again, same old put up food for two years and gather seeds of everything. Nature and animals are in touch and adapt but we haven't. I think I'm repeating. Literally forwarded to hundreds if not more. So I keep asking why build a place in Europe in Sportilla at this time?

Times to come = more $$$$ to pay taxes. shame on this-not taking care of people who left everything behind and pricing blue jeans at $300 a pop in the shop when students struggle to survive. Does she care AT ALL/

Re: coming earth changes in europe

This whole Earth Changes topic is sooooo old ! It seems that the same doom and gloom is being perpetuated from the "Ram" on down through the ranks of students and then "the word on the street", from the students.

I got a hearty laugh from Mike Wright TELLING students what they ought to do or not do, with regard to discussing the message and then diluting it. It's the SAME OLD GAME ! It's the same as saying that they are too stupid to properly repeat, verbatim, what was said ? Why not ? They've had YEARS of practice listening to Ramtha and repeating verbatim, what he said. As a matter of fact, "he" would tell students that if their partner put their own "spin" on what he said, and couldn't focus well enough to repeat what he said accurately, to get up and go find another partner !

Well, that caused chaos, because some of those heartless, arrogant so and so's, did just that ! It's so amazing how cold they can become, and all the while, feeling entitled because Ramtha told them to do it.

I remember "him" saying that having a basement would not be enough to survive what was coming and we needed an UNDERGROUND SHELTER. Please. Stop the madness. I never did go for that. The wackiest I got, buying into the fear factor, was for Y2K. I was concerned about that and did stock up on certain supplies.

But, speaking of emails being forwarded, I recall that just a few years ago, for New Year's Eve, the big kahuna told the audience doom and gloom was just around the corner. Well, an email went out that listed the first 100 items that will disappear (so you better have them !), if disaster strikes.

It never did. Yes, isolated tragedies like Katrina and the tsunami. But remember the hypocrisy in all of this. Ramtha and JZ both said that those people deserved their deaths because they were too unevolved to "know" that those acts of God were going to occur.

So, why bother telling folks to store a gazillion years worth of food....ten years for each member of the family, to be exact.

We're here to LIVE LIFE, not to run away from it and hoard items so we can sit back and be fat n' happy while other people suffer. Cuz, they deserve it and we don't.

(insert sarcasm)

Re: coming earth changes in europe

I see, so European students are permitted to 'know' and we idiots in the states aren't? What is it about JR/RJ which has everyone so afraid of death, which is a normal part of life with the Buddha, Krishna and other greats taking that path. What is it with Ramsters and their tremendous and unshaking fear of death that is just life in a different body? It's how we lost our freedoms after 911. People willing to give up liberties because of their fear of death. Love thyself and thy neighbor, I think, with the attitude that nothing you wish to not pass will NOT pass. YOU are the big boss of your mind. Get out and live, Ramsters. Smell the flowers such as the 'gentle' JR told you to do so. Why live in such a state of fear?

Man, those beginner's groups sure pull the wool over your eyes.

Re: coming earth changes in europe

''''Ramtha and JZ both said that those people deserved their deaths because they were too unevolved to "know" that those acts of God were going to occur.''''

JR as herself said this? Cold, imo. She wants to help Darfur? Uh, yeah sure. Unevolved? Who is she to make THAT JUDGMENT? Another inconsistency. The tsumani occurred during a vacation time for people from many places including the dark Scandinavian area. People needed a tad of sunshine. This makes them unevolved? A thread for beginners with information on the floweriness of the beginner groups could be in order. I have no time now but later. I ask again, JZ, do you believe you wanted to be molested as a four year old child? imo I don't think you did. If you carry this through to conclusion you see this is an adaptation of the Hindu system of karma. Bakwas. Bakwas.

Re: coming earth changes in europe


I heard with my own ears, "Ramtha" and "JZ", presenting as the two different personas, state that those people who were, as you said, vacationing during the tsunami, deserved their deaths.

Men, women, pregnant women, children, babies, all deserved to die, because they did not have the knowningness that would have told them it was coming so that they wouldn't be in harm's way. They referenced the animals who lived because they knew it was coming and they got outta Dodge.

Well, the truth is, some animals did also die. (inconsistent and untruth)

Hope that answers your question.

Also, I think you have a great idea with regard to starting a thread such as you mentioned in your last post.

Re: coming earth changes in europe

you will find this international European Forum (from the European coordinators) on www.geniusmaster.net. You have to login and then you will find a button "forum" and there is a forum in your native language and an international part, where they talk in english and Mike posted his statement in this part.
The friend of mine who still has access says that Mike is somtimes spying in the forum, to see what people are talking about (you can see who is loged in because you have to give your real name)

Re: coming earth changes in europe

I believe Michael Scallion and Edgar Cayce talked about the earth changes - all those years ago - so nothing new and why would a so called ascended being put fear into people???? sounds like a way to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of people who do fear for their lives - life is about living not worrying about dying- the school should be renamed "The School of dollars"

Re: coming earth changes in europe

'''' life is about living not worrying about dying- the school should be renamed "The School of dollars''''

brava or bravo and good for you.
have to admit the 'fabulous wealth' 3 day event last summer was a brilliant marketing idea open to the public. People came in who never would have otherwise. They get the 'sugary' version and go home feeling great.I learned some people never get to attend anything more than two beginners events because of their inability to 'manifest' the $$$. I don't know if they're considered 'current' or not but I have indeed talked with them at different locations. They asked how I manifested so many events but that is something that occurred long long before me at rse. Rse drains $$$.It doesn't add to your undermattress stash.

Re: coming earth changes in europe

Another contradiction:

Ramtha said (I believe it was the early 90's), that when Mt Etna started to errupt it would be the beginning of the days to come. Italy would sink and Europe was one of the most dangerous places to be. I don't have any tapes of this maybe someone that was there at the time could clarify.

I was watching the news the other day and lava is flowing down Mt Etna and RSE is moving to Europe.

Re: coming earth changes in europe

''''I was watching the news the other day and lava is flowing down Mt Etna and RSE is moving to Europe. ''''

To Italy, no less. I'm hearing the melody of 'just my imagination once again'

Re: coming earth changes in europe

one inconsitency i would ask you older students.how is this with mt rainier was it supposed to blow up in former years?anyone?