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Captive Minds Hypnosis and Beyond… Google Video Link

Produced by the National film board of Canada 1983

video link...

Thank you Joe.

Re: Captive Minds Hypnosis and Beyond… Google Video Link

This is a very informative video produced in 1983! Shows different hypnosis techniques and clips from the Marines, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the Moonies, religious monks.

Bhagwan's eyes reminded me of "Ramtha" and his comments were very "Ramtha-like."

The book "Bhagwan The God That Failed" by Hugh Milne also has some "Ramtha" parallels.

Re: Captive Minds Hypnosis and Beyond… Google Video Link

Exit counselors have used this film as an educational tool. The subtitle 'Hypnosis and Beyond' suggests that various powerful communication techniques can undermine critical thinking and free choice, especially when the effects of the technique makes the client or group member say: "Wow, that's the best experience I ever had!" or "I learned more about myself in the past two days than I have in my whole life!" or something to that effect.

There are many segements in the film from stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis to group conversion using altered states. It covers influence techniques that occur both intentionally (as in military boot camp or at a 'Moonie' camp or in a Catholic monastery) and unintentionally (as in non-directive psychotherapy).

When showing the film, my colleagues and I generally pause it many times to make appropriate comments and to stimulate discussion. Passively watching it is helpful, but the exercise of discursive speech (that old "monkey mind" all New Age cults like to vilify so much) increases comprehension and helps the client with insight that applies to a personal experience.