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Getting A Refund On A Pre Paid Event

Had the urge to share this

As I have said before, I have been gone 9 years

But around 6 years ago I had the urge to go again

And I paid for a retreat with a credit card. It was

Months before the event. I then decided not to go.

Of course I left alot of messages saying I wanted to

Cancel, but I was ignored. Never got called back.

I disputed it with my

Credit card company and got my refund, YEAH!!!!!!!

Just thought this might help someone.

Re: Getting A Refund On A Pre Paid Event

I'd hope so. I'm not an attorney, but my understanding is that it's illegal to charge for services NOT rendered. Giving advance notice you can't attend an event sure qualifies imo.

I also know there are others who had their request (they did not contest with their charge card company) for a refund, denied.