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The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Just yesterday, the word went out by email: The day after tomorrow, JZ's followers (current students only) will pay $100...yes, $100, for the privilege of watching a 2-hour recording of a recent "Days to Come" presentation from April 14, without the question-and-answer segment.

How many will attend out of fear that they might miss hearing something that will be critical to their survival?

How many will not be able to come up with $100 on such short notice, although they desperately want to be in that audience?

Another "days to come" event has been a sure-fire way, over the decades, for JZ to shake things up a little and take in more money in one night than many of her followers make in 1 year...

Ah well, "everything old is new again."

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

As a service to anyone who can't come up with the $100.00, here is what she/"he" said,


"YELM IS THE ONLY SAFE PLACE!" (This confuses me because Yelm has plenty of wicked weather and power outages...why doesn't "he" do something about that????)

The rest you can fill in for yourself as it has never changed over the years.

Spend all of your money on an underground (a fall-out shelter.) You are my "special" people! You were in my army and I came back to save you. (Did Jehovah say that, too? Perhaps it is already copywritten?
Have we been led around the "pride of the prairie" for the last 30 years?)

Store 10 years worth of food (this used to be 2.)


Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...


There is really no need to rush to the video because at the infamous Primary Retreat 2006 "Ramtha" worked herself up into a frenzy describing the "days to come." When she had reached fever pitch she screamed to the audience,


So there you have it.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Horror movies are big business... perhaps this is her version?

It is stomach churning to look at how much money has been charged- just in the past MONTH based upon fear... and the desire to be "saved"

First there was a 3 day event of Q & A at the ranch
I forget the price on that event- I think around $700
To get it on webstream, that was a chunk too- I think around $250-300?

Apparently there was not the "in person" turn out desired -perhaps 300 or so, so ANOTHER Q & A Saturday session scheduled- specifically DAYS TO COME
I think it was $250 in person, $150 for webstream???

NOW HERE IS THE KICK IN THE PANTS- there was a BLOCK OUT for webstream for anyone local, forcing those who live in WA to come in person or be "left behind" (my reference here is to the christian left behind series) AND there was an announcement made for those watching from home to be impeccable- and that EVERYONE watching the webstream should PAY FOR THE VIEWING SEPARATELY- no chipping in and watching it together! javascript:%20void(0);
Now there is the $100 viewing of the video- Can you imagine paying $100 to go to the movies?

AND SHE IS TAKING THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD- Just announced, there will be a special "earth changes, preparedness and wealth 1:1 with RAMTHA in MIAMI- seats are $400 when paid way in advance- $500 if you wait to purchase your seat 1 week in advance.

When I take the step back and look at this, I want to puke! javascript:%20void(0);

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

last spring the ramsters said its 2012.they got realy relaxed because there is so much time.that wasent enough presure on the group.all this years not 1 prediction got true.is it true that ramtha told in earlyer times about mt rainier blowing up? opposit to not as long i am here. anybody who found not one card on the ranch?compared to not one right prediction in 30 years.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

oh imight just got it.a rapecase dosent look so important compared to a war eh days to come[movie:wag the tail]that keeps the group look the other way.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

The Days to Come is also called Cult 101.

1.) All cult leaders want to generate fear in their followers in order to create a compulsive state which keeps them hooked. "These are dangerous times and I am here to show you the way!"

2.) All cult leaders want to keep their followers in close proximity (a form of control.) "Yelm is the only safe place."

3.) All cult leaders want to keep their followers busy and preoccupied so that there is little time for independent activities, thinking or socializing with people outside of the group. "You MUST build an underground. It is the ONLY thing which will keep you safe! Even if you have to dig it with your hands. You must store 10 years of food. You must grow your own food because the food in the marketplace is tainted. You must be completely sovereign, able to do everything for yourself."

And don't forget to do your disciplines, the thought stopping techniques.

The unwitting cult member is afraid and busy, busy, busy all in the name of enlightenment. So Be It.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Let this thread be a runner to those reading who are contemplating spending the money for information that is already out there 100 fOLD
And if you have Learned the disciplines, STAY HOME AND USE your focus to RECIEVE the info. It really works. When I stopped attending in person I found I could take a nap with intent, and get the info i needed.
DISEMPOWER anyhting that takes advantage of you by just NOT PARTICIPATING!!!!!!!!
ANd if you are AFRAID youll miss something...FACE YOUR FEAR and DONT GO, and see what happens.
I dont think youll regret it


Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

FYI... The "days to come" stuff started back in 1986; undergrounds were added about 1990; 9/11 became excuse for the great revival of the old material; and Al Gore added fuel to the current rants...

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Great post and very good advice seeallsides.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

My take on the "days to come" was that it may or may not be true and so preparedness is good advice. What really got me angry was it being used to generate fear and motivation in the students.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

re: Questions and answers (one on one with r/JZ in Miami)

A quick look at the promo peice shows a Woman/thing? on center stage, the background (which she/it convienently stands directly in front of) gives the appearence of a GOLDEN aura similar to those religious depictions of Jesus, saints etc, she it has been showered with flowers, there is a GOLDEN chair (throne?) and a GOLDEN podium (which there appears to be a book on).

All this from a person/thing who claims she/it does not want to be put on a pedestal, or idolized in any way.

If one did have the guts to ask the question of "Why is this so?" More then likely they would get a reply similar to " This is to teach you not to put me on a pedestal or idolize me".

Yet, if one followed that logic, it would make sense if she/it was giving a lecture on "fabulous wealth" that she /it appear as a pauper/homeless person in order to teach not to be poor or homeless.

Not going to happen.

This thing also appears to have photoshoped all of its features out of the promo. Take a look at the man sitting all the way over on the right and you can make out some of his features even though he is in much less light. Maybe this is so we will not want to have a face like hers/its......


Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

One thing that has always bothered me is the underground shelters. Hardly anyone can afford one and I am sure they cannot be hidden from the government and if it is known that food is down there, others will want it.

I remember 86 or 87 is when practically everyone moved to Washington after the Yucca Valley Retreats and the teachings about the mark of the beast etc..
He used to say several states were safe. It became Yelm several years later.

This is the last remnant of the teachings that I am trying to sort out, we have lost some freedoms here in the US and there are truths from alot of sources that point to the possible truths of grey men, The One World Order, pollution really is in our oceans, we have all seen earth changes. It would be great to find some ideas from OTHER REPUTABLE sources rhat would give us some ideas of what to do and a healthy way to prepare. There are alot of sites on the REAL NEWS, conspiracy theories, but no on is saying what we can do about it. I doubt I am alone in this.Anyone?

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...


"I doubt I am alone in this.Anyone?"

I hear what you are saying, and it can be difficult in a world which at times seems to offer so many challanges towards ones survival, freedom, and self interests. I have found that it is not an easy thing to come to terms with. I have also realized that I may not and do not necessarily HAVE to come to terms with it. I need to continue on without having all the answers. I may find that very uncomfortable at times but I need to find ways to continue without allowing all those things bog me down.

This is not to say that I still do not have values which refect some of those things that I would like to see changed. I am skeptical of all types of movements these days, I do not like the throng of the crowd. I find it disturbing. At the moment I am still of the feeling that one grand world conciousness regardless of how altruistic it might be may not be the most benificial thing for our evolvement.

There are so many things on this planet and in our universe that are frightening; Asteroids that might (and have in the past) hit the planet, earthquakes (I live in southern CA), floods, hurricanes, allsorts of natural disaster, and now with 911 man made disasters brought to our door.

However, I find it helpful to look at things in a historical context, this @#%$ has been going on for eons. if I spent my time thinking about just that, I could literally have no other time left for myself and my own growth (which is why JZ uses the fear so much).

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that one needs to look at the world through rose colored glasses, only that when one finds a sort of balance the co-existing with some of these "truisms" of the world and the ambiguity they pose does not put the brakes on one so to speak.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...


I hope that it doesn't involve kool-aid. I'm not trying to be sarcastic. I think there are students in that school (one told me she would do WHATEVER "Ramtha" told her to), who might just drink it.....codes.....yeah, right.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

My current position: Went to an RSE event in Belgium in 2006. Had a good time, was willing and ready to attend more events, but then I read The Impersonal Life, found this site, and decided, naaaah, I better keep to my-Self, after all, it’s probably better to tread your own path, however humbly, than that of another, however successfully.

What I find interesting, is RSE's take on "global warming", or, as it is now called "climate change" - they had to change the brand name because the overall temperature of the earth is actually cooling according to the Russian scientists – but I’m not nailed to that idea. I recommend you visit http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=106 for a more thorough analysis on my statement. Actually I recommend everyone here check out BreakForNews.com. I don’t have any ties with the Journalist, only that he’s Irish like myself. :) He also runs MyLongLife.com and TreeIncarnation.com. Loads of high quality audio interviews on a wide range of topics. As you know, there’s a lot mis-information, dis-information, and sh*t-information out there, so it’s good to get “no corporate candy-floss news and no political spin” now and again.

Now RSE has taken to "global warming" like a duck takes to water, naturally of course, since it goes with the "days to come". Furthermore they recommend Al Gores video for a better insight into the situation. However, they failed to research Al Gore’s history. You see, the big news in the investor world these days is Carbon Credit Futures. It was created by Maurice Strong, or at least he's the one who got it going since the whole thing rides on the Kyoto Protocols. Now get this, Mr. Strong is best buddies with Al Gore and Mr. Gore is heavily invested in this new business. He even has his own company called Generation Investment Management LLP, "an independent, private, owner-managed partnership established in 2004 with offices in London and Washington, D.C." of which he is both chairman and founding partner - with Strong as silent partner.

Now, China and India are exempt from the Kyoto Protocols...but it seems Al Gore is also is exempt, judging by his utilities consumption. Taken from the following post http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2262&highlight=gore, we get see something quite astounding.

Gore's mansion, located in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Nashville Electric Service (NES).

In his documentary, the former Vice President calls on Americans to conserve energy by reducing electricity consumption at home.

The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWh--more than 20 times the national average.

Last August alone, Gore burned through 22,619 kWh--guzzling more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. As a result of his energy consumption, Gore's average monthly electric bill topped $1,359.

Gore's extravagant energy use does not stop at his electric bill. Natural gas bills for Gore's mansion and guest house averaged $1,080 per month last year.

So it seems, the world is jam packed with "appearances". Mirrors and smoke screens everywhere. RSE teachers on BTO are always quick to quote Big Media stories on the latest "global warming" issue, but that's the last source you should trust. Never ever trust Big Media. You know as I do, that Journalists these days are under extreme pressure to produce “shock and awe” stories. It sells, and it’s now the new religion. Those that don’t join the scam, get burned at the stake so to speak. Big Media is own by a few, so they’re not really interested in telling you the whole story.

Finally, have you every heard of the Club of Rome? It's a globalist think tank. They published a report in 1991 titled "The First Global Revolution". The following quote will be of interest to you.

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.... All these dangers are caused by human intervention... The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."

Al Gore was a member of Club of Rome in 1991 with Maurice Strong who authored Kyoto Protocols one year after this CoR report was published. Gore represented the US at the Kyoto Protocols conference in Kyoto in 1992.

So, the world is really full of “appearances” and you need to start cultivating a keen eye for this sh*t. It takes some training, and the masters behind this are the best in the business.

I am very grateful for everyone who sincerely posted their experiences and insights into the school. This sharing of information should have started a long time ago. But, better late that ever, eh?

Keep up the good work. Keep posting. Let it all out. When you’re done, you’ll never look back. If any RSE student starts grumbling on this site, so what. The mind hates having to start all over again, so it’s only natural they are determined to do what it takes to keep the internal model conflict free.This place is going to get very very popular. It’s gives you a different point of view. And that’s important especially when we perceive in a 3-dimensional world right?

PS – For those who have to start again and this time on their own, I humbly suggest "No attachments, no aversions" by Lester Levenson, "The Ultimate Truth" by Lester Levenson, greatpath.org and The Impersonal Life.

All the best

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Thank you Johnny- for a very thoughtful and informative post!

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

I'm enjoying this whole thread, but especially wanted to welcome/thank Johnny for posting.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

How do, Johnny-

What else do you know?

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Thanks discernmentNOW, whatchamacallit, and Cowboy. You know, I wasn't going to make any posts because I felt it wouldn't be my place to do so. I have only been to one RSE event, so I don't have much experience to share.

But then, certain threads like this one got me thinking, and I felt I should share some of my research into "global warming" and the AL Gore connection. The video/books that RSE recommend are sometimes a worthwhile read. But when I saw "An Inconvenient Truth" on JZ Knight's #1 Recommended List, I had to question her judgement. But then again she probably doesn't know Al Gore that well. Most people don't.

If you want to learn more, a long time researcher on the BreakForNews.com forum has complied Al Gore's "Inconvenient Biography". :)

I don't mean to reference breakfornews.com all the time, but the info and analysis there is very good. It's free, no commercials, and no spin.

Before I sign off, some of you might be interested to know more about this Carbon Credit Futures business. Here in Europe it's been growing steadily. The banks have been busy bees, setting up trading platforms and developing the software to run the whole thing. It's going to be huge. Billions are going to be made off this. Other financial instruments such as options will be developed around it, creating another crazy money making machine. That's why Al Gore is busy going around America selling his presentation. He's got vested interests in "global warming" and he's going to become very wealthy from it since he got into it a long ago. He knew it was coming (remember, he was part of that elite group the Club of Rome, who came up with the idea of "global warming" in the first place).

Let me give you an allegory so you can understand this Carbon Credit Future game a bit better.

Lets say a farmer decided to plant some rows of trees on his western property that was clear felled 100 years ago. He figures it will stop the wind blowing away his topsoil, lower the salt table and give his sheep shelter.

A carbon trader arrives and tells him that his trees are worth $40/hectare and gives him a certificate for the value of the carbon - I'm not sure how they calculate the value. The trader takes 40%.

The trader then goes on to sell the certificate to a coal burning power station for example, and probably takes another 40%. The power company passes it's cost onto it's customers.

The trader does very nicely thank you. Very Happy.

However, what's happening now is that certain investment companies are buying up run down farms and planting rows and rows of monoculture trees. No wildlife lives there, just rows of trees and an environmental blight on the landscape.

These plantations are created by investment companies to sell to the carbon trade and the value increases as the trees grow. When the trees are tall enough they will cut them down and sell the timber. It also gives the politicians figures that says they are planting lots of trees to stave off the greenies.

It's all bullsh*t really. Just another excuse for companies to produce more carbon without getting heavily fined (they just buy more carbon credit remember), governments get to demand more taxes on the people (because we the people are the problem, not the corporations themselves), and increase consumer prices.

One more thing. You know how everyone is talking about CO2 been in the atmosphere and causing this great Ozone hole in the sky. What they fail to mention is that CO2 is heavier that oxygen. Therefore, once it looses its upward velocity it begins to fall downward. And sure enough the plants on the ground have their leaves turned upward facing the sky, because they know that the carbon particles are making there way back down again. Nature isn't stupid. But this observation has conveniently been left out.

You can find more about this scam by listening to Fintan Dunne interview a fascinating guest, Ken Ring - "a "Weatherman" who forecasts weather months on advance whilst other Meteorologists claim that the weather patterns cannot be forecasted more than 5 days in advance. Forecasts are based on the likely pattern of atmospheric-tidal movements, winds and wind changes plus high and low pressure zones based on correlations of past, and future lunar orbits and phases. Ken also debunks Global Warming and the alleged depleting Ozone layer." MP3 File: http://www.breakfornews.com/audio/InsideTrackNews060308.mp3

You can take a deep breath now. :)

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Considering what we are learning and understanding about manipulation and mind control the possibility of Al Gore being a fraud could make sense. Perhaps the "election" was a set-up in order to generate sympathy? When it comes to Carbon Credits the Carbon King George Bush is probably not missing the boat so he and Gore may have orchestrated the "election" working together. Perhaps Gore is doing exactly what JZ does except on a bigger scale. No wonder she admires him enough to push his book. Perhaps she even tried to get him to talk at RSE so she can meet him. (Ah, 2 manipulating titans squaring off - that would be a sight to behold!)

Have to wonder about the excessive energy consumption. A supercomputer in the basement?

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Personally, I agree with your viewpoint about Gore, etc.
Otherwise, I can just say that throughout the years, RSE has used many global events, national events, and even area local events, to support its "Doomsday" teachings. A few years ago, we were forced to watch (we paid for this? ugggg), film clips from the Seattle news, where reporters addressed the Bird Flu topic. The intent was to scare the xxxx out of the students cuz most of the world was going to croak from the bird flu (NOT). We were then instructed by The Ram (through an earpiece to the staff, via JZ), to go out to the field and Do the Walk, chanting that we would live to see the other side of this and make it for at least another fifteen years. It was all that I could do, not to leave. If one studies the history (political motivations) and some medical background, about the chances of mass bird flu epidemic, one might easily see that it's just that - hype.

That was yet another red flag. The Big Dude from The Ship didn't know bird flu is hype and that we were going to live. Maybe he needs to practice remote view, cuz I know I will be here and so will many of the folks in the arena that day - despite the attempt to program us to fear otherwise.

We were even asked, "Are you feeling FEAR?"

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

In response to Beautiful Mind's question concerning making sense of the world we find ourselves in (and what to do about it) there is a children's book which puts chaos in perspective.

THE GIVER by Lois Lowry won the Newberry medal for the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.

It is a short read filled with meaning and addresses the question of "What to do..."

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Let me start with your reply EyesWideOpen. Mind control and manipulation is a mature science and is every present in political, social, economical, medical and environmental networks. The more we know about it and how’s it’s carried out, the better and wiser we will become.

I would agree with you that George Bush, and especially the Bush family has close ties with Gore, and also with the Clintons for that matter. They would certainly be taking their share of the Carbon Credit pie. Everyone in that sort of circle wants a share. You never know, JZ might even have a big stake in a Carbon Credit hedge fund. Inviting the Carbon Master Al Gore to RSE would certainly give her a deeper insight into the business if they got to know it each other well after the event – I’m not kidding.

Thanks for sharing your experience whatchamacallit about the “Doomsday” stuff. That’s what I came on this forum for – the facts. The bird flu pandemic is a red herring, pure, 24-carat bullsh*t. Dr. Mercola @ mercola.com has already written a New York Times bestseller titled “The Bird Flu Hoax”. It’s a New World Order production. If anyone wants to learn more, check out the following link for a more detailed analysis. http://breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9&highlight=bird+flu

It is unfortunate you and other students had to pay to watch the hype. Why did they do that? Why promote fear? What is it going to achieve? I thought the message of the school was to cultivate fearlessness. How can students keep their minds quite when they are distracted with unnecessary media hype? They must know that Big Media makes money hyping stories and telling half truths. I know they don’t consider the Pope seriously, so why do they insist that Big Media is trust worthy and honest? They’re not. Many journalists are forced to produce stories without checking the facts nowadays. I know some journalists are pis*ed off because they’re not given enough time to research and investigate the mountain of material that lands on their desks everyday.

Did they really say to you, "Are you feeling FEAR?" Because if they did, that sounds like some sort of feedback, to really know or find out how the fear induced presentation went and how well it was assimilated into the minds of the students. What else can you remember about that event? Do you think JZ was trying find out how far she could go in terms of keeping students for the long term and testing the effect that fear has on the mind? To gain first hand knowledge of the power that fear has on a person and their reactions?

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

JOHNNY- RE: your statement Mind control and manipulation is a mature science and is every present in political, social, economical, medical and environmental networks. The more we know about it and how’s it’s carried out, the better and wiser we will become.

A mature science indeed, and quite a big business. Is there anything out there exposing NLP in the medical world? People "trust" doctors, they are experts. and when going to see a doctor, the patient is already in a weakened condition, looking for help. Using mind control and manipulation is playing so dirty.

any ideas for how this crap can be exposed? Can this be shown in a court? Do the victims just end up looking like paranoid freaks? One who has this kind of control can manipulate not only patients, but review boards too.

Thank you for all of your great info!

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Your could start here...


Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Yes, we were asked about the fear, Johnny. Why, we don't know for sure. I think it was multi-faceted, myself. To see the overall reaction of the majority, (which was fear), and to gauge "effectiveness" within the RSE experiment. That's what I consider that "school" to be; an experiment of unknowing test subjects.

I agree with your comments about Dr. Mercola. I learned of his work years ago.

Yes, it is quite the irony that the school teaches the whole doomsday thing, bashes religions, bashes much of the government and media as all pushing their own agenda - yet - they used that very mainstream media in the arena, to push the bird flu bullxxxx. Like I said, for me, it was a red flag. I'm sure I wasn't alone in that sentiment, but the majority of gameplayers (current believers), are what gains the attention, which is fine by me.

It all gives a new meaning to the term, "Wake up." It's not what one thinks it is !

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Hi Johnny,

...and like you I've been listening to Fintan for some time. I and Kathy (I'm sure you know who she is) have talked (IM) for some time and, I've been using her wonderful and awesome neem-care, which you may be aware of also.

Like you, I've attended one retreat last year. During JZ telecast from Belguim, she made a statement that made me stop and go; "mmmmmmm."

Well, JZ said, (from her telecast from belgium) that Aids is real and she's seen it herself. Then I pondered and thought to myself; "I thought she (of all people) would be well up-to-date on the myth and fraud of the Aids machine, and I thought that she would be well enlighten about the fraud of hiv.

Listening to 'breakfornews,' maybe -- Johnny -- you've heard his interview with 'Christine Maggiore' http://aliveandwell.org/ about so-call hiv not really being the culprit of Aids, and that the whole theory is one big world manipulation, for pharma companies to gain profit.

While listening to JZ make such a statement, I then tried to rationalize what she said by thinking to myself: "JZ has gotten some misleading dis-information from those claiming hiv=Aids, considering she's not heard of the leading professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley -- Peter Duesberg, has been trying to alert the world that hiv is a harmless retrovirus and not what we've been lead to believe, and, aids is not what we've been told also."

You can listen to their interviews (for free) here:
Scroll down until you reach the window with the guest names, and on the right of that window, is another area where you scroll through the interviews for your listening knowledge.

I was rather taken back, if JZ/Ram is suppose to be up on what's really going on and, can see the manipulation that big-pharma has over people by prompting that aids (as we've been told) is really real, when in fact, it's nothing but the same old dis-eases that have been around for countless centuries and has now become, more manipulation to scare and control people globally.

Enjoy the interviews because they will give you better insight, of this 'aids machine' we've been lead to believe. Also, it brings to mind that her ex-husband (that was suppose to have died from aids), may have past away from a mis-leading diagnosis, that lead to him taking toxic chemo-aids drugs, which sooner, did the damage.

Also Christine Maggiore mentioned some of the factors that are known to cause an hiv-pos result, based on test that are not intended to test for hiv, but are said to be an hiv-test. These factors which can cause a false positive reading (based on the tests that are not a global standard) are:

Why this is important is because we've been lead to believe that 'sex' is bad, and bad things will happen, if you're not control by others telling you what to do.


Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Hey IUB. Thanks for the links. I will definitely follow them up. Glad to hear you get your global news from BreakForNews.com. I use the neem shampoo by the way. It's good stuff. Thanks for sharing your observations about JZ'S comments. I'm well aware of the AIDS/HIV façade. It's not uncommmon for JZ and appointed teachers to give out information of which they have no real clue about. They would be better off keeping quite on certain topics, because telling half-truths gets you into trouble and reduces ones credibility.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

In the world of mind control the appointed teachers at RSE are known as mind control slaves. They do not realize that they are telling half truths because their capacity for independent thought has been trained out of them. They simply repeat whatever Ramtha says because they have been programmed to "believe" whatever Ramtha says.

Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...


Maybe you are not aware that JZ'S ex husband died of Aids after their divorce.

Did you ever hear of The Strecker Memorandum? It tells quite a different story of Aids and that it is man made


Re: The Days to Come: Here we go again, only pricier...

Welcome Johnny and all others regarding the "Aids Myth"

Dr. Duesberg's theory has been around for a while. There is plenty of info out there about it.

I am posting a link which has quite a bit of information that opposes the view of Dr. Duesberg from credible sources. Just thought you might benefit from getting well rounded information on the subject prior to casting in stone your opinions.


It is not that Dr. Duesberg is not well respected in his field (cancer), but that on this issue he appears to be very wrong.

Have a look at the excerpt from Scientific America from this year which published an article by him about Cancer. Take the time to read through the material, no need to do it all at once, some of it is fairly complicated.

PS, By the way, one of the books referenced there Dr. Robert Parks "Voodoo Science" is a great read and easily read and has much relevant material with regards to how science was taught in RSE. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering extreme, or, controversial scientific theories who is not a scientist.