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I'ts All About JZ

What was supposed to be an interview with a CSE child who won a contest, turned out to be a JZ Knight special. Why was JZ there anyway? Wouldn't the principal of the school, the teacher or even the founder herself, Marjorie Layden be a better choice? Must JZ always be the center of attention?

See for yourselves,


One caller got through with a question for JZ; I don't think it went over too well.

Re: I'ts All About JZ

The caller ask, why does she charge money for her wisdom when Jesus did not?

She states she is not a non-profit.

She is not a religion.

She said Jesus charged for his sermons

Ok, this is intersting.

then blah blah blah about Creating Your Day.

Re: I'ts All About JZ

what a turn.i remember when the ram stated that cse is not his concern .when parents and teacher ask how to handel the lookdown after 9 11.i wonder how the legal things are handelt.dident the teachers sign their shut up and dont tell agreement.how can they possibly have any kids outside the ramstercircle.do they seperate them from the rest when they make diciplins.are suddenly people allowed to bent the ruls if jz gets on the radio...and she must have lost all her current pictures or did she get 10 eh 30years younger?i havent seen her since a while but no add or comercial shows her like i saw her 8 years ago only much younger.

Re: I'ts All About JZ

"She states she is not a non-profit."
maybe look at her spending habits, then see who is REALLY profiting

"She is not a religion."
It first started as "Church I Am"
Then suddenly it is a "Gnostic School"
now it is incorporated (JZK, Inc).
Which one it?

"She said Jesus charged for his sermons."
Where is THAT written?
Who was there to verify THAT?
what? she "saw" that while channeling Jesus?

Re: I'ts All About JZ

Something doesn't add up with the non-profit comment. She's filed the business as a for profit CORPORATION in the state of Washington. Anyone can look it up and read it for themselves. JZK, Inc.

Re: I'ts All About JZ

Of possible interest.......

November 10, 1998
Once the record on appeal is complete, the Clerk's Office attempts to identify the facts and issues each case presents in summary form. Those summaries appear below. Please note that the Judges have not reviewed or approved the summaries, and there can b e no guarantee that the court's opinions will address the precise issues noted.
Please Note: The Court's docket changes frequently and these pages may not reflect those changes. Interested parties should contact the Clerk's Office ((253) 593-2970) to see if the schedule for a particular case has changed.
David Ponzoha,
Court Clerk
10:00 AM
No. 22361-9, JZK, INC. v. JOSEPH GLANDON
Nature of Case:
Appeal of trial court's finding that a publication written by the respondent neither amounted to libel nor violated Washington State's anti-dilution statute.
The appellant operates Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, which teaches its members about the spiritual beliefs of Ramtha; purportedly a male spiritual entity who lived 35,000 years ago. Ramtha's comments are channeled today by Judy Z. Knight. Joseph Glandon attended Ramtha's School of Enlightenment from 1990 to 1993.
"Ramtha" is a trademark of J Z Knight registered in Washington State and in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. "Ramtha Dialogues" is also a trademark owned by J Z Knight and registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The teachings of Ramtha have been recorded on audio and video cassettes and sold world-wide by the Ramtha School of Enlightenment.
In November, 1994, Glandon distributed and advertised a publication describing the secret sexual practices implied by the teachings of Ramtha. The document was advertised in The Olympian newspaper. The appellant alleges that the respondent's publication misrepresented Ramtha's beliefs, and that the assertions injure the Ramtha's School of Enlightenment's business success and reputation. Further the appellant argues that Glandon's publication tarnished and diluted the value of J Z Knight's trademarks.
Glandon notes that any representations he made about Ramtha came directly from communications he had with Ramtha through dreams and other mind communications.
The trial court was unable to determine whether Glandon's opinions are false. But, it ruled that the publication amounts to a nonactionable opinion. It also stated that the appellant failed to prove that its business was damaged by Glandon's writings.
1. Whether the trial court erred in finding that the respondent's publication did not amount to libel.
2. Whether the trial court erred in concluding that Washington State's anti-dilution statute does not apply, because the appellant failed to prove it was damaged.

Re: I'ts All About JZ


more info on that same case.....

Re: I'ts All About JZ

"Our next girl, a 15-year-old who was home-schooled and grew up with goats but without electricity, wanted to be an actress and singer. When the singing lessons provided by Wayne Allen Geis and his common-law wife escalated from singing and kissing to oral sex and intercourse, the girl balked, so Geis warned her that she had hurt her voice and would be better only with continued special coaching and sex.
After this, the teenager wrote a letter to entrepreneur J.Z. Knight, the 'channeler' of 'Ramtha', a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit. Knight invited the couple and the girl's family to attend a retreat at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, where she interrogated the couple for over an hour in front of a crowd of 800. (The confession isn't considered privileged because it was public and the 'school' (I'm running out of inverted commas in this item) isn't considered a religious organisation.)
The defence may call Knight as a witness in an attempt to divert attention to the credibility of Ramtha's manifestations in the medium's trances and as a display of purple light seen by Knight.
About the only credible person is the prosecutor, who said, 'This is one of the most egregious allegations of long-term systematic grooming and manipulation of this girl's belief system I have ever seen'."

12 October 2000


Re: I'ts All About JZ

this was actualy during a wineceremony.do you know what happen to this guy.jr told him that he will go to prisson with his wife for this.later i heard that the confession on tape was not permitted in court.did he get away with it?

Re: I'ts All About JZ

i don't know what became of it all. i would assume that the girl would have to decide if she would prosecute or not. perhaps someone here knows the outcome ?

Re: I'ts All About JZ

Because of lack of evidence and legal wrangling.. the case was eventually dismissed against Wayne Allen Geis and his partner, Ruth Beverly Martin.

The girl had written to JZ Knight a 15-page handwritten letter asking for help and guidance,
JZ claims she never received the letter...
that “Ramtha” had exposed the perpetrators in his audience… ?????

Ramtha RSE Wayne Geis Rape case



Re: I'ts All About JZ

''''She said Jesus charged for his sermons."
Where is THAT written?
Who was there to verify THAT?
what? she "saw" that while channeling Jesus?
Email: hobbithouse1313@yahoo.com''''

Jesus charged an admission fee for the Sermon on the Mount, from the approximate 5000 attendees? Excuse my profanity, but bull. This is in direct contract to Micael's lecture wherein he states very clearly Jesus' problem in India wherein he believed ALL should have access to hearing the sacred texts, when the brahmins allowed only certain castes, and some not at all.

Maybe it's a different timeline.