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Did you know?....

The book Master's of the Far East is a fictional tale?
Did you know BrotherHood of the Third Degree was not true?
Did you know? that there were DIRECT teachings from the book Gods of Eden in relation to the light beings and light review?
Did you know she reads (the book first) , then an "important event" is called?
( and the HE claims, he 'inspired' said book.)
Did you know, that there was and 'Advanced Weekend Teaching" that came directly from the book : Morning of the Magicians?
Did you know of NLP programming?
or of hypnosis?
did you know, she told very close(male) friends of hers (while in Ramtha mode )to "bang" a self-proclaimed/doubting-because-of-the-teachings- gay woman? (and this was not me.)
Did you know, that certain "go to the Light teachings" came from other sources?
Did you know, that the gray men teachings came from a novel by Taylor Caldwell??
How much longer, are we going to allow this indvidual to CHARGE exhorbitant prices for plagiarised spirituality?

Re: Did you know?....

Tree writes:''''did you know, she told very close(male) friends of hers (while in Ramtha mode )to "bang" a self-proclaimed/doubting-because-of-the-teachings- gay woman? (and this was not me.)
Did you know, that certain "go to the Light teachings" came from other sources?
Did you know, that the gray men teachings came from a novel by Taylor Caldwell??
How much longer, are we going to allow this indvidual to CHARGE exhorbitant prices for plagiarised spirituality?
wth?..... ''''

She, as her Ramtha persona, said what? All the while she as Ramtha proclaiming,at least in the first teachings I read, that the greatest travesty in humankind was the subjugation of women.

It seems that there are several statements made by her Ramtha alter ego which are relevant in her own life. For example,at last July's beginning event she gave a talk on victimization. She stated when anyone is traumatized, they stop emotional growth at that age. Did she, herself,stop growing in her youth due to her own traumatic molestation? Some people develop multiple personality disorder as a defense mechanism in coping with trauma. Several things said by her as Ramtha seem to be directly related to her own life. For example, Prozac. During her victimization talk last July she said she was on Prozac for two years and loved it. I don't know if she still is taking it. However, Ramtha, years ago discusses the benefit of taking Prozac. Then she has married many times, and she as Ramtha stated onstage 'my daughter felt if she was going to sleep with them then she might as well marry them.' This also goes with the teaching that students don't have to stay married in the school(I do not advocate staying with someone you cannot live with, but it does again apply to her own personal life so I included it.) In addition is the 'materialism' aspect with the 'me me me' and lack of compassion for others taught by her as Ramtha. She had a very poor life early on, and materialism is obviously important to her. So she, as Ramtha, justifies it as okay to not help others in the way of compassion. I'm not saying we should not be materialistic at all, but balance is always better in my opinion. The night she presented her talk on victimization, she was somewhat disorganized saying she had not done her walk. She really did seem out of it initially, certainly not the same person who taught earlier in the week. It's almost as though I saw three different personalities while I was there.

Instructing people to 'bang' doubters tears me up. This all sounds like sociopathic behavior. What did she as Ramtha say? 'One God cannot own another.'
Maybe this explains why she awakens at 3 am. It would be difficult to sleep with all this on one's mind, unless one is indeed sociopathic which then would imply lack of conscience.

I am so sorry you had to hear that sort of thing, Tree. It is heinous.

It would be helpful to compile a bibliography of the books she uses as 'JR' teachings, and notify the publishers!

Re: Did you know?....

Taken from the 1996 RSE website via The Wayback Machine..... http://web.archive.org.

BAIRD SPALDING (844 PAGES TOTAL) The author embarks on an amazing journey where he meets the Masters, including Jesus, and participates in some extraordinary feats generally reserved for the Masters themselves. Ramtha says, "We were speaking of the five books of the Masters of the Far East. What you are being taught, entity, simple as it is, is the same truth that allowed those Masters to be what they are. The character called Spalding, he did exist. And that which he experienced, he did experience. How could he have written with the clarity, emotion, and beauty if he had not experienced these things? All the events are true. They are wondrous books."

According to a paper written by Joe Sz. Spalding did not even visit the east until he had written the third book.

Re: Did you know?....

Just another small "I-can't-believe-this-is-still-happening" tirade of a post by moi Thank you for the research information.
It is sometimes hard to digest the vastness of this whole issue and the degree to which people's minds are being
twisted by such attrocities, all in the name of "God."

Re: Did you know?....

Exactly, Tree.

Your general point that people will find this website IN THEIR OWN TIME and move on IN THEIR OWN TIME, is just that; very personal.

Interestingly enough, Whatever posted on the Ahimsa thread that THIS forum is yet another cult and that people should have already moved on by now. Since they haven't, they are victims who enjoy the bad news that can be learned about.

It just makes me smile when others are so judgmental and/or opinionated about holding THEIR STANDARD of what others should or shouldn't do, and why, and then passing judgment when they don't do so.

Folks will be discovering this site in the future and making their own determination about the content within. IN THEIR OWN TIME and based on their own path in life.

For those of us who choose to hang around and offer support, that's our business. I can speak for myself and say that I am nobody's victim. Anyone else's opinion of me as being one, is not my business.

I look forward to your future posts, because I know they will be informative and add yet another dimension to what we've already learned.

Re: Did you know?....

Well, heres a wierd story.
Going to the last retreat I attended in 94, I brought along one of Castenedas books to read during "free time".
So as IM reading these different parts in the book, the info is co inciding with what the teachings were about either before or after I read it. Right on topic to the point where I was imagining that I ... ME ... I... was "so in tune" with the here /now, that my choice of reading material, was like in response to what some part of me KNEW would be the theme of the week.
So, as I imagined thats why it was all so alligned, I had even more reason to justify my decision to not return to the school. Like, I could trust myself to get the info I needed, in some other, even EASIER way.
But now im wondering if I awsnt being spied upon and seeing the book there Ram decided to whip up a Castenada dialogue..

Re: Did you know?....


She has to get her material from somewhere...

Want to understand how it is done? PSYCHIC MAFIA by Lamar Keene tells how he made tons of money as a fake psychic. www.skepsis.nl/mafia.html

Re: Did you know?....

that quote from 'ramtha' re the masters of the far east was precious---preciously dumb.

Gerald Bryan, a former I AM (Ballard cult) seeker wrote a series of exposes on the I AM that he published as book in 1940; "Psychic Dictatorship in America." It was reissued by an ex-CUT member K Paolini ( KP and his wife authored "400 Years of Imaginary Friends" book in 2000) around 5 years ago, but is available online as a freebook:

The Ballards knew and comisserated with Baird Spalding around 1929---you know what 'they' say of birdsofafeather?
from chaper 14:
"In Baird T. Spalding's series of books, Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East --we likewise find many similarities. There is much about the "I AM," the "Ascension," messages from great "Masters," dazzling "Light Rays," precipitated meals--and even gold coins snapped right out of the atmosphere!

Edna Ballard, at some of her very early private classes in Chicago--a few years before the publication of Unveiled Mysteries --read frequently from Spalding books. Spalding himself spent some weeks as a guest at the Ballard home."