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The Early Years of RSE - Personal Stories

Ramtha used to say he was not above or below ANYTHING to get us "home." He frequently repeated it and also said he knew what it took to get us there.

In hindsight it was an effective way to get students to accept whatever he told them without question.

The attitude of obedience to whatever he presents has infused the organization to this day.

Re: The Early Years of RSE - Personal Stories

Now seeing a different perspective, I always wondered why "Ramtha" admitted to lying to us. First he would say one thing, then the total opposite, to be followed up with: "I will tell you ANYTHING to get you home."
Wow. What a farce
It was there the whole time, yet I never saw until now.
Thankfully, I ripped my own blinders off and have some super people as support.

Re: The Early Years of RSE - Personal Stories

"He" would also say, after positing two opposed potentials, "You decide."

Once again, just putting the responsibility on the students, while accepting none "himself" for WHAT HE CHOSE TO SAY.

We only need ourselves.