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verbage of groups

I have found this topic quite interesting as I have noted that within each "group"
it seems to be they invent their own language.

for instance est or Landmark (The Forum):
"what is so for me"
"current context holding"

NXIVM (pronounced Nexium, Albany, New York)
"primitive patterning"
"ethical systems"
"rational inquiry"

RSE (Yelm):
"frequency specific"
"changing time-lines"

So does this mean one cannot communicate with a specific language so that all can understand what the communicator is endeavoring to communicate?
or, if you are not savvy with the vernacular, then it means that the one communicating would be 'casting pearls before swine' because one is not hip with the colloquialisms within said group?

Re: verbage of groups

also the verbiage within RSE has changed over the years. Why weren't things 'frequency specific' in 1984 - perhaps the book from which she stole the concept didn't come out til recently? same with 'neuronets' and 'time-lines' --- if these concepts are so central to understanding, why weren't they taught from the beginning of RSE.?

Re: verbage of groups

Maybe the great Ramgod started without a plan of action in 1977 in Judy's kitchen, poorly developed mission plan, and only discovered pranayama (C&E)around 1987 several thousand years after it was introduced by "his" culture in India as a yogic technique. Perhaps he was asleep for 35,000 years? I mean, what do those guys really do after they ascend anyway?


Re: verbage of groups

Oh, Joe !

You just don't understand (tongue in cheek).

Ramtha created C&E in his lifetime, so pranayama came afterward.
He had to use a breathing technique when he sat on the rock, sick and ailing, after he was run through with this sword by his betrayer. It helped him to cope with the pain and to keep him awake.

Just thought you'd want to know that.

He also claims that he taught Jesus.

Re: verbage of groups

and what about THIS double talk.
listen closely.


Re: verbage of groups

Wow, Aries is a sweetheart. "From the mouth of babes..." Dave Ross was holding a paper clip and little Aries focused and guessed it correctly.

No - I am not pro-JZ, or pro-RSE, or pro-Ramtha. I am pro-me and my own potential.

What? You gotta a problem with that? You wanna piece a me? LOL

Re: verbage of groups

''''What? You gotta a problem with that? You wanna piece a me? LOL ''''

Naaa. I think I have enough of all I want of me (physically speaking)

Re: verbage of groups

yes, little children who remain untainted in their original form perfrom many "miracles". Aries is a sweetie.
My little one could perform many remote views and manifestations, but at least he saw the light (for himself) at age 13 when he elected not to continue on with RSE.
He saw the human mind and its' potential, he just saw all the double speak at RSE as bunch of bull.

Re: verbage of groups

If you look at some of the booksellers who have books for children and developing intution, there are some fun games to do together.
I've played some of those games with my kids over the years, and it's amazing to see the results. Sometimes, we'll be out and about and I'll be THINKING (not saying a word), about what to make for dinner. Then, one of the kids will blurt out just what I'm thinking. I've wondered which came first - my thought - or theirs ???