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Questions... After RSE

I was just wondering, What is or has been your next for you many students who have left RSE.

What is you life like?

Do you work a normal job? or do you own a business?

Where do you stand now that you have left RSE?

Are you with your same spouse/

Have you retruned to some form of Religion?

Do you still do some form of C & E ?

What is your doctrine to live by now that you have left RSE?

Re: Questions... After RSE

How do you define Inspiration?

As I look back over my life... inspiration seems to be those moments that when my life was turned up side down... and I picked up a book or remember a poem or inspirational quote... it had the POWER to feed me for a moment so I could get up and move beyond that terrible time.

Is Inspiraiton but a BAND-AID.... to cover a hurt while in the process of healing?

There are many inspirational thoughs and quotes... but really, most of them have no real use other than a mental game we play with our self for our emotional trauma... the value of inspiraiton seem to me a DISTRACTION from the pain for a moment.... that carries a HOPE for a better more bright future.

What words has inspired you along the way.. and what was the situation??????????????????????????

I can think of one that my father told me many times as a child... he said...... "my name..... YOU CAN ALWAYS Go ANY WHERE AND MAKE MONEY"... I became the fullment of those words over and over again... perhaps it was his words of POWER that helped me pick up the pieces after RSE and other teachers.

My father was always self-employed those few words with the POWER of hearing him say them to me, has help me over many bumps in my life... to SEE a better future... his inspiraiton was that of HOPE for a better tomorrw.... but more than that... it was that HE BELIEVED IN ME.

But as I lived by his words... what I found was my own self WALKING and making better choices in my life.... Myself doing the work.

I truly do not know if it was HIS WORDS... of the fact that the THOUGHT of it... THAT HE from his grave.... BELIEVED IN ME.. that kept me going for a very long time.

One of the things I did not enjoy after RSE and MAFU was people would use their WORDS in constant conversations.... Ramtha said this or that.... for a while, it was as if everyone has lost their own brain to these Ramtha or Mafu Quotes.

It does take a very long time to clean thse things out of your head.... and become quiet in mind.

What words has inspired you along the way.. and what was the situation??????????????????????????

Do you still QUOTE Ramtha?

Re: Questions... After RSE

very good questions and I have just a moment to write.
I have seen many students in various phases leaving RSE somewhat disoriented, broke, and lost; esp the foreigners.
Others have been able to pick up the pieces and move on.
Many , Many families and relationships have been destroyed.
A few have been very lucky with a spouse who stuck in out with the one particpating in such groups ( if for a short time); many are not so fortunate.
People's entire way of thinking changes, so it is difficult to stay with one who swings so harshly in such a short time.
C & E is just a version of hyperventilating creating a perceived bioligical state of euphoria. Shared with a spiritual group makes them feel connected and bonded with the group, hence the isolation to people outside the group as a whole.
I know some who never take on another form of religion, and some return to their roots
of spiritual origin for community and spiritual grounding.

Re: Questions... After RSE


Several of my closest friends attended RSE in the 80s and early 90s and are still living near Yelm or in the Puget Sound area. What I say about myself is pretty similar to their experience.

I originally moved here from the Midwest as an adult (didn't leave a spouse, just moved away from parents and siblings), stayed here, paid off my house and land, have had a combination of part-time employment and self-employment, and have continued to work on personal growth and follow inner guidance. I don't consult channels but do feel the Conversations with God books are helpful. C & E never "did it" for me. I left organized religion many years ago and would rather talk to my own inner teacher than follow any organized religion based on what fallible human transcriptionists wrote down centuries ago.

I was never scared by the "Mother Nature" part of the days to come teachings, as I'd already learned from an Alaskan friend about the wisdom of being prepared for seasonal changes and natural disruptions. I store a reasonable amount of food, water, equipment, etc. in case of power outages, earthquakes, disruptions to the economy or my income, etc. I also maintain good relationships with neighbors, and we help one another all the time. This just makes common sense--I didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater on the preparedness issue. (FYI, I know the Y2K thing wasn't all a hoax because my own brother was Y2K project manager for one of the huge corporations that process credit card transactions, and without hard work by many people like him all over this country, big disruptions WOULD have occurred.)

I have several close friends who are still working (self employed) or retired, formerly in RSE. None do C&E or run to channels, but they too have continued to let their inner teacher guide them to books, programs, etc. that focus on personal and spiritual growth. None left spouses or young children to move here. One couple left the snowy Midwest after I did, and her adult daughter followed them a few years later--the daughter never followed any "New Age" path but liked this area.

I think we all feel we got some real value from our attendance at the early retreats, especially those in Yucca Valley, because those events focused on helping us walk out of our own individual "boxes" or limiting belief systems--whether Ramtha was really Ramtha or not.

Today, 18 years after my last event, I look at my friends who stayed in RSE all those years and know I haven't missed anything. Hearing inner guidance is where it's at for me, and now that I'm not constantly listening to Ramtha tapes, I can hear my own inner voice more clearly.

Good question, Jennifer.