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JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality

Tree, you mentioned that JZ loves her children and grandchildren very much.
Are they involved in the School? Are they doing the disciplines? Are her two sons financially dependend from JZ?

I ask these questions because if you are truly believing that you are doing something wonderful wouldn't you want your children and grandchildren to participate in it? But as I gathered from other threads they don't seem to be students?

Some information from the German "pro" Ramtha forum: He/She seems to be talking lately about great danger for Europa especially northern Europa, it starts 2009 and will end 2011 (with disaster?) So there is some discussion as to what can be done and if Ramtha said the European school should be in Italy, if this is then a safe place etc.

And some things to thing about: The most important statement from JZ/Ramtha is "you create your own reality" Why then do believe Ramtha students simultaneously that Ramtha can do things to them, for example send them Runners or punish them etc. If you truly believe the first statement, there cannot be an outside source doing something to you, it doesn't matter if its a so called master teacher or the "stars" in astrology.

Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality

her children nor grandchildren are not in school.
One would think if it is so grandiose, then ones children and grandchildren would participate.
And I whole heartedly agree with you about "you create your Reality...then why would one put more power into Ramtha (copyrighted) and his runners."
Mixed agenda there.

I cannot say how her children gained their affluent independant status; one can only surmise how they may have had a nice platform.

Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality

Hello Ivan,
Do you have the address of the German forum? Know of any others? Danke

Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality

Brandy (JZ's son) used to look after the soft drink (or pop and candy machines as the Americans say), at the ranch although this was a long time ago. Not sure if he made his fabulous wealth that way!!! Ha, ha, ha...

He was berated at the ranch by J/R at an event for being a perpetual stoner, which is why he did not return. I know this as a friend of mine was sitting next to him at the event that it happened. The stories that could be told about drug use at the ranch and amongst students of RSE, it really deserves a new thread as it hasn't really been touched upon on this site.

I used to see Brandy driving around Yelm in a BMW, one Halloween he even doned his batman costume. It coodrinated with the car, 10 points for imagination. Bless! Funny J/R promotes manifesting Toyota trucks on the field, when the family dives luxury European vehichles. To be honest I'd prefer an Aston Martin myself.

Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality

Here is the adress from the German site, but if you are not a current student and registered, you don`t have access to most of the site and you also don't have access to the forum.

I do know this things, because a friend of mine is still current (but it will probably expire this year) and she sends me the information.

Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality

Bits and pieces - mostly as told to me by friends.
One of Judy's children was working the sound equipment in the Honolulu video - back in the 80's - that was the last I saw him involved.
Judy fired her bookkeeper when the bookkeeper refused to give a Judy son more money because he had already overspent - as she had been instructed by Judy. She was an absolutely loyal Ramster and Judster - she was fired on the spot.
A woman who dated one of Judy's sons in high school told me how he'd laugh at all the suckers paying money to his mother-as he drove around in his very expensive,especially for a teenager, car. She spoke of sitting at Judy's table (in Judy's home) and how the family laughed at all the money being made from all the suckers.
Although Judy knows how to appear nice, and even has done some generous acts of kindness, a very close friend of mine once attended a Christmas party at Judy's - and reported the chilling hard coldness of the 'real' Judy.
A truly kind compassionate enlightened christed being does not fire loyal employees at a whim with the consistency that Judy has.

Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality

I can share something here, although it is second hand. I can still name the source if it were legally required.

A man told me that he lunched with one of Judith's adult sons. I don't recall which one, although I likely have it written down. In any case, the bottom line is that the man asked Judith's son if Ramtha was real or not. Son burst into laughter and said that it was not real.

If the person who told me this recognizes himself, and is reading this website, perhaps he will post additional details.

Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality


Who is the head of the red guards, I don't think I know. Is it the guy that is married and was gay before? Or is it the guy that help with the music?

Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality


Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality

Maybe I missed this elsewhere on the site, but why are posters avoiding giving the name of the head of the red guards? Why is it apparently ok to use the real name of Judy, Joe Dispenza and others, but not this "mystery" person? Why not even list all the staff's names and their positions? It's not as if these people are undercover CIA agents???

Re: JZ and her children /grandchildren and you create your own reality

Concerning the "guy who is married who was gay before"- that was another "teaching" of Judy/ramtha.
LIVE YOUR PLUMBING! was the official line.

Control, control, control.