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Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

What do you think the chances are that someone in the RSE administration is reading this website?

What do you think the chances are that someone in the administration had read the long thread that has had over 4000 viewings?

In any normal educational facility (universities, colleges) or corporation any allegation that a staff member of such raped a student would initiate an immediate thorough investigation.

Does it happen at RSE? Of course not. The administration of RSE has a very long track record of never listening to anyone unless it fits with their agenda.

They never exhibit a common respect for other people. They never investigate the allegations as if they are not even worthy of investigating.

They never apologize for their appalling behaviour such as lying to others about their reasons for attending the LARSE gathering. It was not for people that were happy at RSE. This was made plain.

They are the rudest, nastiest organization that I have personally encountered. They live on the accolade they get from the seduction without taking off those spectacles and getting REAL.

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

In addition the alleged offender, namely the Head Red Guard, unbelievably is STILL IN HIS OCCUPATION.

The attitude is as if the person who was raped was guilty of the criminal offense and the Head Red Guard is merely "creating his reality."

RSE offers education in enlightenment and this is the amount of respect they give to others.

Every educational institution would conduct a thorough investigation but RSE thinks it is beyond the law.

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

RSE offers education in endarkenment.

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

Endarkenment and enlacktenment.

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

Who is the head of the red guards?

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

Thank you, he is not a nice person, one time he screamed at me and shortly after that I left the school. He screamed at me because it was a beginning event and the current students were invited and I shared a seat with a beginner and he begin screaming at me telling me that I could not share a seat with a beginner that I knew. Well we both left shortly after that, she was fighten and just did not feel that the school was for her.

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

Why can't a current student share a seat with a Beginner that they know?

Control, control, control. BUT WHAT IS THE REASON??

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

Honestly, I don't know, except control, control..Steve is really strange, I would see him at the store and like many other people at the school, he would never say hello, after I would say hi.

I don't understand the people at RSE, all that I know is that i am so happy I don't go to RSE and I no longer live in Yelm...

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

In the legal interest of the EMF forum we have removed the post by Judy of Apr 21st, 2007 - 6:32 PM .

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Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

It is beyond all reason when those that favour RSE continue to do so after being made aware of all of the abuses that occur within the organization....the worst substantiated abuse being the rape of an individual. It demonstrates a total loss of reasoning ability.

What is the likelihood of beautiful teachings, that genuinely work, being given by someone that uses an abusive organization to deliver the message?

A lot of people confuse controlling other people with objective assessment.

Objective assessment is truthful information that can be substantiated.

Manipulators, or controllers, lie to others to influence their opinion and want everyone to see their way in order to alleviate their insecurity and when they do it they cannot validate what they are saying.

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

"Total loss of reasoning ability" is a symptom of mind control.

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

An observable product of the RSE education system is a student who mercilessly inflicts their viewpoint onto other people with a very venomous, self righteous tongue.

They cannot prove the benefit of the teachings in their own lives by observable demonstration and yet they tell others that their way is the RIGHT way. They have a vested interest in being RIGHT.

Accusing others instead of honestly stating their own viewpoint is symptomatic of someone who serves the RSE organization and the presentation of the teacher.

Instead of getting on with their lives and living it according to a vision of personal happiness they must preside over others as an authority if those others happen to disagree with them.

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

Here is a reminder of the words of Mr. Douglas Kaukl, a lawyer employed by JZK Inc. It is relevant after Tree's exposure of being raped at a wine ceremony.

(Taken from a response given by Mr. Kaukl to the Attorney General)

(5) Wine ceremonies are held. They result in drunken bacchanalia. ( This is a summary of what I wrote)

Children are exposed to wine and tobacco. There have been incidents of pedophile assaults. Wine ceremonies have been a part of events. Indeed, wine ceremonies form a core activity of most Christian liturgical activities. Children are not allowed to attend events without a parent or guardian. The School does not sanction providing alcohol to minors in a manner contrary to State law. This policy was thoroughly researched and is scrupulously enforced. Similarly, the School does not sanction overindulgence. Obviously inebriated persons are not admitted to, or allowed to remain at, events. Ms. Knight maintains a full-time security staff for the protection of event attendees, in the arena and elsewhere on the grounds. The only incident of pedophilia of which I am aware involved a former employee and an underage female student ward of the employee, and it occurred at his private residence, not at the ranch. When Ms. Knight became aware of the incident from another student, she directed me to inform the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's office of the identity of the witness and to advise the authorities that she would do everything in her power to assist in prosecuting the offender. She banned the former employee from attending any further events. As the victim of childhood abuse herself, Ms. Knight is highly
motivated to prevent any such conduct on her premises and the suggestion that she tolerates or encourages it is irredeemably preposterous.

As I understand it the person who assaulted Tree is still employed.

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

A quote from Christel, "As I understand it the person who assaulted Tree is still employed."

I wonder what "Ramtha" would say in response to a "One on One Question With Ramtha" request for an explanation ???????

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

I am sure along these lines:
"It was for the evolvement of all entities. (you DO remember my 'virile man'?)
Is it not all a learning? And do we not create our own reality?
There are no victims here.
This is classic Ancient School of Wisdom 101.
Next question, please? Master......."

Re: Beyond All Reason and Beyond the Law

Tree I agree that is about the "line" one would get for an answer.

Wonder why "Ramtha" created a school where women would be raped. What is his "need" to manifest ?

Oh, we could have that question, as then we might need to have ACCOUNTABILITY. And exposure of hypocrisy, since "he" has said that his students are protected, and how he holds women in such high esteem as they've been the real subjects of prejudice.

(just being sarcastic - not really asking any questions)