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deprogram through humor!

HI all-
I missed you last night while the message board had techincal difficulties.

I found some great videos on youtube to share...

Derren Brown is a master of manipulation using hypnosis and NLP. these videos are amazing, and quite honestly, I feel they are therapy for me, to see how easily people can be controlled. knowledge is power!

These are some of my favorites, there are tons I have not seen yet, hours of "entertainment" to help us de-program!

Go to Youtube

Derren Brown NLP
Derren brown voodoo
derren brown the secret of hannibal lecter
derren brown messiah psychic clip
derren brown subliminal advertising
derren brown russian scam
russian scam explained

I coud go on and on...

Re: deprogram through humor!


Amazing... the one above link has a FLAVOR of the BIBLE CODE...

Makes you wonder if the BIBLE is a MIND CONTROL TOOL from ancient tiem to PLANT the seeds of the outcome of the future of humanity.

It is truly AMAZING stuff.

How deep does this stuff go in our daily lives.... VERY DEEP!!!!

Re: deprogram through humor!

discernmentNOW you've tapped a good resource. D Brown has been popular in the UK for many years with his exposes--he is very good at demonstrating how vulnerable the average person is to planned manipulations and direct and indirect suggestion, what Robert Jay Lifton called "mystical manipulation" or "planned spontaneity". What the seeker believes is a spontaneous or "mystical" reaction or occurance really is engineered from "above" or by managers perfectly aware that if you place a person or crowd under a particular set of influences, certain results are predictable. Perhaps not precisely for each individual, but enough seekers in the crowd will "experience" or produce the "miraculous" to convince others that it is possible. In the New Age world, personal experience is after all like "God", so why question it? But, as I mentioned before, The believer is happy, the doubter is wise. Brown will teach you why you should question it.
If you attend a Tony Robbins workshop or any of the large group transformational trainings, you will see this principle in action...happy customers!!
Derren Brown is one master of the art who exposes how the mechanism works...enjoy.

Re: deprogram through humor!

Thank you! I appreciate your remarks, It gives me pleasure to share and contribute to OUR HEALING!

Check out "Instant Conversion" There is a part 1 and a part 2 and then another "clip" of someone explaining how it was done- as a "hypnosis show".

Looking at the previous one I mentioned, Russian Scam, and Russian Scam explained, I revisited my times at the ranch and witnessed the whole "mirror and match" teqhnique to get people to follow-

R always began with the hands together and we all bowed, in UNISON. Mirror and match begins.

Many teachings I have on tape and cd the R says, "Don't Go to Sleep". Perhaps this is actually a hidden command. Don't think of a black cat - What do you think of? A black Cat. Don't go to sleep, perhaps translates into Go To Sleep.

I am just shocked at all of this, and how many times did R say, the obvious unobvious, hidden in plane sight.

Just as Derren Brown in some of these clips is actually telling his "subject" what he is doing, the person thinks they are alert and not following, they actually DO follow.

WOW again. So again I ask, what is true?

Oh, and I also remembered a recent movie which came out, "the Illusionist". I was told R said it was "true". The end left the viewer to decide- So perhaps when R said it was true, his arrow was pointing in the direction to question. In the movie the illusionist even yelled to the masses, "what I have done is all a trick, an illusion" but the followers were too invested in it, they still believed.

You hit it head on, "The believer is happy, the doubter is wise"

There is pleasure in believing, and sorrow in the loss of believing. To quote R again, "you can look at it now, or you can look at it later, which do you prefer?"

I choose discernment NOW.

Re: deprogram through humor!

i had to smile when I read the last statrement.
'I choose discernment NOW"

It has been years since I was with the Ram I was out there in the late 80's so I must chuckle when I read this.

For me personally, It makes me questions eveery thing.... and why I laugh is when you say... Discernment NOW... what does that really mean... smile.

Everything the human mind thinks that creates a feeling has been programmed from the beginning.

After I left all of thest groups... and just sat alone with myself... in those moments when I was out of the look of that energy, for me, only then, could I begin to see more clearly and discern or sort out all of the crazy stuff.

I belive there is no quick fix.. I would say I tool 6 years to unravell and move beyond the programming.. and that was with a willingness to let it all go and be real with me. And STILL... I have moments that I questions deeply everyting.

Perhaps I ask too many quetsions about everything.. but it leaves me as a non-believer of anything any more.

For me personally, when I here the word discernment I smile becuase, again for me, discernment can be evaluated and changed according to my current set of RULES I am whithin in any moment.

I truly enjoyed these videos.. I watched every one of them. Thank you so much for posting the informaiton.

We are the Greatest Illusionist.


Re: deprogram through humor!

"Don't go to sleep" is a hypnotic command meaning "Go to sleep."

Well done! One of the techniques of hypnosis is to reverse the suggestion in order to confuse the conscious mind.

And "Go to sleep" means go deeper into trance, a more suggestible state.

Basically Judy/ramtha is programming "students" to do her bidding. An example is Steve Klein who ran for mayor of Yelm because "Ramtha" told him to.

Re: deprogram through humor!

"Basically Judy/ramtha is programming "students" to do her bidding. An example is Steve Klein who ran for mayor of Yelm because "Ramtha" told him to. "

Yes, and Ramtha ALSO told Klein he would WIN the election. No way will the citizens of Yelm have that occur. I doubt they want RSE consciousness controlling the town.


Please tell me how Ramtha could be so WRONG ?

Re: deprogram through humor!

So, let's see...would Ramtha say that Klein did not win the election because he didn't focus hard enough? Would Ramtha tell him that he has to try harder? That if only Steve will work harder all of those quantum particles will line up and do what Steve wants?

Re: deprogram through humor!


I vote for All Of The Above for reasons .

Actually, .... are you sitting down ? .... Ramtha told him after the election that it just wasn't the right timeline and it's still waiting to manifest.

If it weren't so disgusting, it would be laughable.

Re: deprogram through humor!

In the meanwhile JZ has cleverly made him a "Green Lead," one of the administrators.

Re: deprogram through humor!

I found the Derren Brown and the voodoo
to be especially applicable.
Thank you for the site