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The Extraordinary and the Impossible

"SOUL MYSTIQUE Like a dream where nothing is impossible, & everything unexpected should be expected…"

I saw this on TV last night on a show called Australia's Got Talent. It is a show with some outstanding conventional acts and many very unusual acts.

This couple won last night's semi final and are in the grand final next week. Sunday, Channel 9, 6.30 pm for any who have access.
On of the judges claimed he knew how they did it.

They stopped time........ They do not revesal how They do it to anyone.
It is one of the most extraordinary things I have ever seen.

Magic? or soul mystique?


Having captivated, mesmerized, and flabbergasted audiences all over the globe with their astounding Dance & Quick Change act - they are known today as, Soul Mystique - the world’s most unique magical dance act.

Re: The Extraordinary and the Impossible

A bit of addtional info.

The art of quick change costume transformation is a very specialised branch of magic that dates back as far as the 15th century. Also known as proteanism, or meta-morphing – it is the art of changing costumes at lighting speed in front of an audience within seconds – leaving no trace of how, when, and where each set of clothes disappear each time. Due to it’s rareness, complexity & lengthy time in preparation for a quick change show, it is one of the most exclusive and impressive illusion there is in theatre

Re: The Extraordinary and the Impossible

There used to be a show on tv called "Mind Freak" - did anyone by any chance ever watch it?? - the dude walked on water, drove throughout LA blindfolded, walked through glass (the area was covered in paper) etc. - when I watched it I thought maybe he is in RSE - Tricks are all they were and are!!! It was a great show nevertheless. Fool most of the people most of the time but can't fool all of the people all of the time!!!!

Re: The Extraordinary and the Impossible

In the early years of RSE Ramtha stated many times that he often appeared as a beggar in the marketplace.

It was presented by Ramtha that he did this in order to educate students to get beyond their judgement and open their purses and give the beggar some money instead of looking down upon him/her. Other times he just commented that he attended various gatherings as a beggar and "nearly did not get in."

I think there were quite a few happy beggars around who got unexpected handouts.

In the days when we were learning the pagan dance he also told the audience that the initiates of old could transform themselves into animals. This meant LITERALLY. the theory is presented in Harrry Potter movies.

They would raise the frequency of the body and alter the information formulating the atomic structure of the cell, the DNA and the resulting body.

If this is the capacity of an ascended being, meaning a being who is master of all of the material realm, then theoretically it quite possible to duplicate a body as it is just a replicate of a data stream.

Ramtha also used to say, "The angels walk amongst you and you know them not." I concluded that this referred to the same thing. In science fiction it is called "shape shifting."

I have never seen any substantiation of this concept that was presented.

I have not heard this concept presented recently. If former students do not speak up then the new entrees to RSE will have no idea of what has occurred prior.

Anyone seen any suspicious looking owls flying around Yelm???????