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Google has a toolbar that you can download that has a facility for translating words into your own language. It may be useful for those unable to read English very well.

Perhaps if those from non English speaking countries are reading this they could translate this information for others in their countries that cannot speak the language?

Re: Translator

Now that RSE is seeking new business in far away places translation is essential. What is your thought on that, David? I noticed that Factnet has onsite translation.

Re: Translator

I'm not David, but I doubt he would mind my saying this. Going to a new level with all of this is up for consideration/planning/implementation.

Being able to use a translator function is one of a number of good plans for the drawing board !

Party on !

Re: Translator


Including a translator is a great idea..
We are looking to upgrade the forum software ASAP.
If anyone can recommend a great software…?
contact the EMF moderators at the above link..

with a hearty thank you…. To one and all..