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Hustlers and Con Men

Hustlers and Con Men by Jay Robert Nash
c. 1976


The following are true stories, read all about-

Madame Zingara Fleeces the Future (in 1888, Worcester, MA)

A Hypnotic Hype (in 1902, Union Hill, NJ)

Working the Witchcraft Game (in 1900, Carlisle, PA)

The Fraud That Was Divine (1920s, New York City)

The Clairvoyant Con Woman (1920s, New York State)

The Pattens: Cash and Carry Evangelism (1944, Oakland, CA)

Baltimore's Mystical Dr. White (1940s, Baltimore, MD)
"White offered a unique school for the benefit of the world. The 'Correspondence College of Science' offered charms, incantations, secret prayers and talismans. The mystic mail order house sold courses to those answering the many ads placed in magazines."

Re: Hustlers and Con Men

A bit long but this is an absolute TELL ALL about thest Spiritualist Fakes and Frauds...

1 Million a Season Business.... Watch out.

A bit lengthy but well wroth the read...

ALL THE SECRETS of the Spiritualist REVEALED...
Originally published by Dell Publishing Co.
Copyright 1976 by M. Lamar Keene

Undercover among the spirits: Investigating Camp Chesterfield - Investigative Files
Skeptical Inquirer, March, 2002 by Joe Nickell

Camp Chesterfield is a notorious spiritualist enclave of Chesterfield, Indiana. Dubbed "the Coney Island of spiritualism," it has been the target of many exposes, notably a book by a confessed fraudulent medium published in 1976. A quarter century later I decided to see if the old deceptions were still being practiced at the camp; naturally my visit was both unannounced and undercover.