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A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

What these scrolls also reveal is that the Sons and Daughters of Light win the second set of three battles. And, they also win the last and seventh battle, but only after a long and arduous struggle! This is what the future annals of history state, and it is from this perspective that I choose now to move forward and reveal to you the insights that we predict will make this so.

Earth presently is situated on a cosmic rift in the universe that has not healed since the last days of Atlantis. This rift is slowly healing, due to the efforts of the Light Workers on Earth today, who selflessly journey forward to complete their missions for the Creator. Although the cosmic rift is healing, it still possesses a wide gap, which looks like an open wound from our perspective. This gap in time/space can and does attract many frequencies that parallel the former days of Atlantis just before the third and final cataclysm occurred.

Herein lies Earth’s vulnerability. Herein lies the advantage that many forces use in their pursuit of destroying, rather than in creation activities. Because of this vulnerability, Earth’s atmosphere holds many lower frequencies that, through the Law of Attraction, bring chaos and destruction to the land, through the minds and hearts of some. It is this frequency that must be transmuted in the Light in the years to come, so that the Christ Consciousness Grid can be connected to the higher consciousness of humans everywhere. This is where the power and force of the Light Workers will come into play, for it is written that in the years to come, all these lower forces that challenge the souls of humanity will, indeed, either be indoctrinated into the higher curricula of the Light or shall be bound, hand and foot, and carried to another place for rest.

While this is truth on the higher planes of existence, and we know that this will occur, we do not say that it will happen overnight. Because humanity’s mass consciousness (in general) is what opposes the consciousness of the Brigade of Light Workers, there is still an imbalance in power. Most of humanity still succumbs to the energies of despair, judgment, frustration, anger, jealousy, etc. and because this is so, this mass consciousness is a force yet to be reckoned with.

The children of Light are building the Seventh Golden Age, brick by brick, stone by stone. One by one the individuals comprising the masses are awakening to the call of Spirit and the Divine. Although it presently takes a lot less time to move through the steps of the spiritual initiation process than it did even a decade ago. Nevertheless, it does take time for each individual to raise his or her frequencies to a point that assists the Light Workers to stabilize their positions. As each spiritual warrior holds the Light and shines it all around, little by little, the vibrational frequencies of others are affected, changed, and then transmuted in the Light. This process takes time, but this process will eventually take over the vibrational frequency of the world and set it on a higher note. When it does, the Earth will catapult into the Fifth Dimension and hold that position firmly for the next two thousand years, plus. Earth is already across the threshold of this higher world, but it does not yet permanently reside there. In a few years, in spite of the many challenges that are yet to come to pass, it is foreseen that the critical mass will be reached and the Earth will sail and settle into the higher world that waits.

The Spiritual Team representing the Order of Melchizedek is likened to be the turtle in the race between the turtle and the hare. The membership has patience, understands due diligence, and is aligned with the power of Spirit flowing within. When a group commands these traits, it makes no difference if the membership experiences victory quickly. What this group has going for it is the Law of Vibration that states: higher vibrations transform and consume lower vibrations. Since this is law, time does not even enter into the equation of how this will occur. What is known by all on the higher realms, is that IT WILL OCCUR, because it is the law. All the Light Workers need to do is to hold the Light and their positions at all times in the years to come, and victory is assured.

What could momentarily deflect the victory is the lack of detachment present within each individual who commands a position of power. This is the first thing that we observe. This is also a very serious thing to note. In addition, it is also our observation that two things stand in the way of immediate success for this population and that these two things often facilitate self-sabotaging behaviors. If you do not mind us being so blunt, we will state the second now.

From our perspective, we see an imbalance within many Light Workers’ souls in that many are not consciously giving enough thanks and gratitude. We do, however, see great improvements in this arena over the last decade. But for the work that still needs to be accomplished we tell you today that this trait, in many, is still out of balance and not developed enough.

Therefore, the lack of detachment and the lack of gratitude need to be consciously restored and practiced in one’s everyday life. The reason that we highlight these here now is because these two traits comprise the heart and soul of evolution and the ascension process. Detachment is the key to everything. Gratitude restores the DNA to embrace compassion – the necessary ingredient to life everlasting, and one’s power to create and transmute everything in one’s path.

To detach is to resist nothing. From this day forward, let all things pass through your essence and let all things be witnessed from the position of the silent observer. Cast away all judgments and even opinions. See with the eyes of the Divine, the radiance within each soul. Hold no council on any soul, and spend all your precious energy on the co-creation process. Let your emotions, Dear Ones, drive your dreams, and stay in the state of bliss so that your creations become the products of the force that flows through you. Commanding this state of mind will assure that you will control your emotional and you mental bodies, a necessary task to assure one’s ascension.

When a soul on the road to mastery can command this state of mind, he or she can also control the energies as they flow through the lower eight bodies. This state of consciousness provides the foundation for greatness to start manifesting in one’s life, in all its forms. Sadly, though, most souls on Earth have not mastered the Buddic path of detachment, and, therefore, few will ever experience nirvana in this lifetime. In addition, fewer will ever know the joy of controlling the electron with the power of one’s mind and heart.

The faster a significant number of souls can reach this permanent state of being, the more quickly the Light Workers will be able to position the Earth on a higher vibrational platform. If this population of world servers had reached critical mass as of this day in 2004, we would be able to tell you (with assurances) that fewer struggles and acts of chaos will come to pass.

All on Earth is but a dance of energies and a test of wills. Speaking of wills, this is another area that must be strengthened before the Light Workers’ population can become even more formidable in the years to come. Strengthening determination and one’s will is one of the strongest areas of the existing, opposing forces. In order to effectively move from a planet of duality to a planet of oneness and transmute all lower vibrations in the Light, the collective will of the Children of Light must resonate to a stronger intensity.

How do you accomplish such a feat, one might ask? It is easy – ask daily for Master El Morya’s assistance, merge with his essence, and command that your will be developed to the state of mastery that you will need to fulfill the work that you have come to Earth to complete. Ask for assistance on a more regular basis, and always remember to add to that equation, more grace, silence, and gratitude. In the remembering comes the power of Spirit flowing through your essences. In the power comes the fulfillment of the dream to bring the Seventh Golden Age to Earth.

Another way in which one develops a stronger will is by “resisting nothing.” A Master must be able to stand in the midst of any adversity and calmly control his or her thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. Melchizedek notes that the way in which many practice calmness and centeredness is by avoiding all conflict and denying that it even exists. This approach does work for the interim period, but if a soul is tested under duress or an extreme situation, these are the first souls who appear to momentarily fall from grace. It is because the reason souls panic is because they are not prepared. Thus, a better way in which to become strong in spirit and in will is to call forth all controversy and stand in the midst of the words, actions, and wills. Then (and only then) will the person understand just how strong he or she really is. The more one embraces everything, and resists nothing, gathering data along the way, the stronger that soul becomes, because it positions itself to NEVER BE CAUGHT OFF ITS GUARD!

The Hierarchy cannot stress enough how important this approach is for the future and the upcoming world events that are destined to befall upon humankind. Training, diligence, and focus are what is needed to strengthen the Light within each individual who graces the land with the promise of bringing the Light to the beautiful Terra. Then, a determination to excel, to become even stronger in your faith and Light, must also accompany this approach.

Would it shake you to hear that what could befall the world in the years to come, would instantly, take out in a flash, 40% of the present population of Light Workers who are in embodiment today? Would it upset you to know that daily the Light Brigade loses a minimum of 100 souls who are overtaken by lower emotions, thoughts, and feelings that prevent them from reaching their highest potential? If you have ANY REACTION ON A FEELING LEVEL TO THIS INFORMATION, then I submit to you that you are not strong enough in the Light, detached, and/or ready to meet the strength of force that is potentially destined to come your way. Any reaction comes from the lower ego, and can take the form of denial, fear, avoidance, or just the feeling that information (of any kind) disrupts that what you already command and, therefore, interferes with your change process.

Always remember, that what one resists, persists. RESIST NOTHING. In fact, start practicing embracing everything. Until one can embrace the ALL, he or she will never totally understand God.

Those who neither fear nor deny anything in the years to come will be those who will stand, in the end, by the Most Radiant One and comprise membership in the community called the 144,000. This numerical frequency adds up to a nine and represents completion – the completion that embraces everything and holds all things sacred in the Light of the Most High. It makes no difference what the actual number of souls will be who will journey to the symbolic end. What is important is that the sacred geometry contained within this number will be realized. The Twelve Tribes of Israel will be re-united; the twelve houses of the zodiac will find their harmony in oneness; the twelve chakras of power will be self-realized in the Light; and the twelve rays of Akhnaton will be restored to humanity’s consciousness. What is also symbolically represented in this scenario is the potential for a group of souls to ascend, and permanently reside within the collective consciousness of the Adam Kadmon. Humanity’s Christed Selves are destined to reign supreme, and it will be this group who will balance the energies on the Earth and finally bring peace to the world.

Thus, the future of Earth rests in the vision and the reality of this group moving forward in the Light and embracing the higher training that is destined to be completed for their soul’s paths. How quickly this group can discipline themselves into higher mastery and control will determine the fate of the world. This is truth, Dear Commanders from the Stars. This is the way of the Command.

Discipline must rule in the months and years to come. Placing God’s Divine Plan first must be foremost in everyone’s minds. Detaching from all things is essential. Giving thanks on a daily basis must be ingrained in the hearts of all. And, learning to focus one’s will, must be mastered, in order for the Adam Kadmon to even recognize the energy field that it will inhabit.

The Celestial Hierarchy’s plea to the Light Workers at this time is to commit to becoming stronger in the Light. Let nothing penetrate your emotional and mental bodies that you do not want to be there. Learn detachment and when you do, NOTHING WILL HAVE POWER OVER YOU IN THE LIGHT! Until detachment is mastered, anything can breach your defenses – and this is truth.

Hold strong positions over the days and months in the future. Let nothing touch the lower aspects of your souls. Use all of life’s experiences as your personal readings to determine just how aligned you are with your higher mission. Always remember, Dear Commanders from Afar, that:


You will graduate when you are self-realized in this command and when you radiate all that is in the Divine Plan of Creation.

If you find yourselves in familiar arenas, then know that that is the sign that you need the practice and exercises that support acquiring higher states of mind. Be grateful for the discomfort and for the attention that you must pay to the details required that will make you become great. Remember to ask for assistance more and learn of the vast legion of Light Beings who are here at your disposal. Pallas Athena and the Sisterhood of the Shields is presently strategizing Earth’s release from the grips of despair. El Morya holds the keys to Mastery for all, but few even remember his essence on a daily basis. Sananda releases the precious elixir in his heart to all who ask for his Light, yet most go for days without even remembering that he is the reason for their being embodied on Earth. Buddha holds wisdom that will free the soul from all Earthly ties, and only a handful remember to ask for his assistance to set their own souls free. Kwan Yin holds each individual’s destiny in her hands, yet few on Earth even remember to ask for dispensations. And finally, Mother Mary and I stand waiting for all who need our strength, guidance, and Light, so that humanity’s path can be set free from the snares of the illusion all around. And, yet, even we are underemployed.

The veil between our two worlds is getting thinner. Therefore, it is time for a greater team effort to be realized. This team must now be created between Beings of both of our worlds, and it must include constant and on-going communications that will assist humanity to evolve at a faster pace. Earth’s fate rests in the hands of the 144,000 who will forge a new Atlantis into the hearts and minds of humanity’s consciousness. This group will free the world through the Light, and, at the same time, free its own collective oversoul to evolve.

Hurry, Oh Warriors of Olde, and become self-realized in the Light. Become your destinies in a twinkling of an eye and assist the Earth to move more quickly into the Seventh Golden Age. Be the Light! Become the Light! Let the Light Set You Free! Move at record speed, so that chaos will not befall the beautiful Terra again.

In the Age of Aquarius there is no room for chaos. When the Earth is finally, and permanently, positioned in this glorious age, you will find that chaos will be a thought from the past. Make it happen sooner than later. Gather your strength and courage to embrace your destinies now, and let the Light shine through you to show the way!

Adonai in the Light of the Most Radiant One. On behalf of Metatron, Melchizedek, and the entire Celestial Hierarchy in the Light, I remain your humble servant, Kuthumi. Go in Peace.

Re: Another healing message - God channeling

HEAVEN #2329 God’s Love April 12, 2007

God said:

Extend your vision. Look into the horizon. Look up at the sky. Look even higher.

And also look directly before you. Just don’t be hemmed in by any present picture. When your immediate life is beautiful, enjoy it and let it work its magic. When your immediate life seems unwieldy, surely, it is not to set you back. What happens in life is not meant to be the determiner of you. You are far more than the life you live at any one moment. So, enjoy what you enjoy and don’t take to heart that which seems to squeeze your heart and wring it dry. Don’t worry, not even a dry heart is permanent. Not even a hardened heart can turn to stone. You do not need to be stoic, nor do you have to beat life at its own game. What you do have to do is to move your thoughts on as quick as lightening. Reach another plateau.

When you feel wounded in life, do as you would do with a cut on your hand. You might blow on it to cool it for a minute, and then you would quickly wash it, put something on it, perhaps, and then go on about your life. The cut wouldn’t hold you back. It is only a nick. You might even kiss it. You would not relive how you got the cut a dozen times and how you didn’t deserve it or how you foolishly caused it. An accident happened. All accidents are foolishly caused. And now you leave the scene.

One thing you do know for sure is that the cut will heal. You do not feel that this wound will follow you all the days of your life. Why then be so obdurate about the emotional cuts you take such offense to? They won’t last either. You can’t even remember now what your last flurry was all about. You will not remember this one either.

Move on in life quickly. Do not react quickly. Just pick yourself up and go along your way.

Beloveds, you do not really know that it is an ill-wind that blows. Even so, ill winds clear the air. Whatever dust and debris that have steeped in your heart, the winds of change will blow them away.

Nothing is final. Do not think that anything is final. Your hurt is not final. Your relationships are not final. They also move and reassemble themselves. As with a kaleidoscope, a new picture is forming. Right before your very eyes, it is.

Whether it is a real tempest or one in a teapot, it is the same. You leave it. You do not stay there and mull it over. You go past it. Whatever amends you or the other can make, that is good, but in any case, you move past it.

You are in a moving van of life. Life does not stay still. Life forges ahead.

Beneath the churning ocean lies a stillness, yet surface waves lap. Sometimes the waves go high, and sometimes they go low and then the waves are little ripples. You cannot predict. You cannot stem. You cannot depend on the waves to do as you bid. You can know that there is the constant depth and stillness of the Ocean that the waves ride on.

When a hurricane rages, you do not take it personally. You may not like it, but you weather it. All storms blow over. You can count on change in life. You can count on that it is ever-moving, and so must you move along as well, knowing full well that you always, always have My love.

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Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Ahhhhhhh the AGENDA..... to PROMOTE your latest works. The Truth is out there if you look.

It is always BEST to write in YOUR OWN WORDS... Bodhi...or TAKE CREATE for it...

Don't be in shame.

So Now ANOTHER Illuminated Channel.

Thank You so much....

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Neither of those are my channelings - just some nice wisdom for healing for those who want to contemplate the wisdom of those channelings.

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Bodhi, what you have GIVEN is Powerless VOMITED wisdom of someone else.

If you are LIVING PROOF of Mafu's Wisdom... you would GIVE YOUR OWN WORDS.

When you give your own words... you TRANSFER the POWER and the PRSENCE of self with them.

It is something to think about.

So many New Agers can only VOMIT like a Pariot information that they simply do not own.

Do you OWN EVERY WORD of that Web Site.... are you giving us a GIFT from YOU that IS YOURS TO GIVE?

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Another Channel.
no cult or channel or group hopping for me.
I now have my own wisdom, thank you.

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

I already gave you my wisdom in another post. Everyone has wisdom to share. It's only spiritual arrogance that makes us think we are the only ones who have any higher wisdom.
There is much to learn from everyone and everything around us.

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

You obviously did not study with Mafu very long.

His MESAGE Was.... STOP READING the BOOKS of others... and STAND ON OUR OWN.

KNOW Yourself.... you will be much more impressed with your own wisdom than the distortions of others.


Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Bodhi, I think the problem here is you are trying to provide hope, healing, a solution. This will not be well received at this site. The site is all about glorifying victimization and unhappiness.

Another thing you may have already noticed, is that there are really only about 5-7 posters on this "forum" using multiple names/handles having conversations with themselves, patting themselves on the back, disagreeing with anybody that doesn't support their viewpoint. So your theory about most students just learning and moving on is right on target. There are very few people even visiting this site.

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

I agree with you fake_poster1. There are many fake posters on this site trying to make their viewpoint seem credible.

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Ok ... I'm busted Smile.

Jackie - Joe - Smile and ???

But is Bodhi a REAL NAME.... NO

So, What. From NOW On... I will be Whatever that is a good name.

But, I STAND BY EACH WORD... that are MY WORDS... the message is the same.

It is NOT VOMITED from a BOOK or posted on someone else's WEb Site....

My words belong to me.


Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

My posts of today are my first posts on this site and only with the name Bodhi. I would never use another name here.
Why be afraid to post your truth using one name, even if it is just an Internet handle.
People on boards such as these should be shown the respect of knowing who they're responding to without playing these ego games of using many handles. It bespeaks a lot of lack of integrity and an aim to manipulate -- not the highest of actions for ones who say they are on a spiritual path.

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Is BODHI On your BITH Certificate?

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

"I already gave you my wisdom in another post"

um, maybe I am mistaken but did we ASK for another's wisdom?
Their EXPERIENCE maybe.
And maybe their wisdom when ASKED.
But not unsolicited.
Mixed agenda I would surmise....

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Knowing someone requires more than just reading their words.

I have in the past given all my information too.

But really, who cares about the NAME... we all live in other cities and since I do NOT live in the Washington area... what would be the point.

Even MAFU said that MAFU was not his REAL Name... Bodhi.. and later Isa Mafu REVEALED to a small group who he was.

Are you saying MAFU was in FEAR to REVEAL his name too..???


Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

I don't care if Ramtha or Mafu are their real names nor if any names here are real or not. You did not understand my post. It about using one name here and not many.
There are probably valid reasons for channeled beings to not use their true identity. I would guess that at a certain level they are not known by names but rather by their light, their vibration.
There are also valid privancy, anti spam, etc. reasons to choose pseudonyms on computers.
When one chooses many aliases on message boards, it can only be either out of fear to be known as they truly are, out of ego to protect a personality image they want to project,or out of the need to manipulate.

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Bodhi...."It bespeaks a lot of lack of integrity and an aim to manipulate -- not the highest of actions for ones who say they are on a spiritual path.

Are you saying that Mafu also DECEIVED YOU???

After all, he has already spoken that the NAME MAFU is NOT his name?

You were deceived...

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

"names but rather by their light, their vibration"

Boy this is a buch of double talk Bodhi...


Whatever floats your boat.

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Whatever, you are just not getting the message. As you say, So be it!

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

"There are very few people even visiting this site."

In fact anyone can get an idea of the number of visitors by reading the column labeled: number of VIEWS. The Board reads cookies and only counts 1 view/computer/thread. No matter how many times you view a thread you will only be counted once. Try it and see for yourself.

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Do we need to hear more so called channelings? I think I am going to puke!!!! sounds like spiriutal superior complex to me - did anyone ask for a "better way to heal'? and who the ***??* is Kuthumi?? some mystical being we are suppose to listen to?? PLEAZZE

Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

The language from the heavenletter (post by "Bodhi") purportedly from "Kuthumi" is a stylistic ripoff from an earlier cult channeling, my old cult, Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT). Madame Blavatsky introduced the spiritualist/channeling world to a "master" she called Koot Hoomi in the 1880s--Koot Hoomi has no historical reference as a person before Blavatsky's writings [see "Mahatma Letters" to AP Sinnett for the "original" Koot Hoomi]. The I AM Activity cult later picked up on Koot Hoomi as a master also in the 1930s and later, CUT's founder, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet created their own I AM sect while changing some of the masters names slighty: Morya became El Morya and Koot Hoomi became Kuthumi. Whomever 'Gloria Wendroff' the channeler of the Heavenletters is, she has a recognizable CUT inspiration in her language and thought structure.

Since Elizabeth Prophet fell vicitm to dementia in 1996-8, she has not been able to channel anyone---what does that tell you about the brain and the "Master"? Many new channeling sects have spun off of CUT--perhaps dozens, but few are successful.

imo, Bodhi's post is nothing more that another spiderweb for unwary seekers. You may feel comforted, warm and fuzzy after being wrapped up in Kuthumi's cocoon, but will you be aware of what wrapped you up?


Re: A better way to heal, I think - Channeled Kuthumi message

Likewise Marching on Within. I would never listen to a channeled being ever again. Who knows ? Someone could be channeling that brainless Cocker Spaniel next door. There is no evidence that it is not the case.