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Absence of Malice

Dear Friends of the WWW..

I just wanted to mention that as I read the many post here as well as Fact Net and Rick Ross... the level of communication is very civil.... and JUST COMMUNICATION..

I think it points HIGHLY to the level of the people who have left the organization.

I want to say, as I read the many words here, I notice that ALL the writers seem to truly write from a place with the Absence of Malice.

Perhaps it is our compassion that wishes to warn others to WATCH the DITCH of Mud they are fixing to step into .... smile.

This is great that we can actually DISCUSS this very unconfortable topic with a level of dignity and simple communicaion... one to another.

I have blessed to be a part of the many on this board... and see that each person is able to hold their self in HIGHT REGARD and the LEVEL of Self Love is very apparent in the many posting here.

Again,there is an Absence of Malice... to harm someone... Just as an ADULT would pave the way for a child and guide a child from harm... there are many mon's and dad's of the New Age... who have BEEN THERE ... and DONE THAT.... and NOW... have the WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE to be a guiding light.

Blessings to you all.

Re: Absence of Malice

Definition of Malice...

A desire to harm others or to see others suffer; extreme ill will or spite.

The Law - The intent, without just cause or reason, to commit a wrongful act that will result in harm to another.

Re: Absence of Malice

I would have to agree with you here, Yea, to about 95 % of the posts.
As far as the definition that was given in regards to Malice: 'extreme ill will or spite' I do find the other 5% fitting this category.
Overall, people are here to communicate and educate.
Pretty much upon walking up to a rotten egg I see it, then chuck it into the woods for the parasites to consume.

Re: Absence of Malice

No malice... yeah right.

Re: Absence of Malice


How mad would you be if you wasted years on a fraud?

Re: Absence of Malice

Fakeposter_2 'No malice... yeah right.'

Right indeed. I speak from my heart and my own god. No anger, just noting the inconsistencies that my own higher self has shown me and to which I could find no answers. People here are sharing. Isn't that beautiful? Rising above pettiness in so many cases to get to the meat of the matter. So go forth and find yourself in at least my blessings. If you are in joy where you are and have no unanswered questions at least I am joyous for you. If and when you find yourself at another juncture then know that is evolution of you into your god and live it without fear of question. My god led me onto and off of the field. I know this is my evolution. Know that we are all divine. Each of us here and everywhere. No malice whatsoever. Another step in our evolution.

Re: Absence of Malice

Anyone who is angry is entitled to be. RSE does not allow anger (another control technique.)

Re: Absence of Malice

fake_poster2 stated: "No malice... yeah right. "

Why the sarcastic tone ?

The teachings would say that we should not judge anything anyone else is experiencing. So, if the "victims" (NOT) who birthed this website "created this experience for their soul's evolution", why would YOU label it "malice" in a sarcastic tone ?

Why aren't you SUPPORTING us by saying that this is what we need, to let the Void bring it on ?

Doesn't seem to all balance out in the final equation of what really is, "You create your own reality, with the following exceptions: You may not speak out in any way, real or perceived (including your dreams hahahah) against the School; you may only have your reality if you stay within the guidelines of The Program."

Need I say more ?

Re: Absence of Malice

Would you be willing to take the high road and help us victims out? I know we don't deserve it but as you are apparently such a well trained and successful God you might be willing to.

1.) How is 200 years looking? Are you going to make it? Body not aging at all? Please let the rest of us know what you are doing to achieve that.

2.) How is your manifestation ability? Fabulous wealth? Got more than enough? Willing to share some? Have you been paying the 10% "Ramtha" said all students should give back to the school?

Your opportunity to be a "light to the world" is right here and right now on EMF. Please dazzle us with your truths...

Re: Absence of Malice

hey cowboy - saw your last post and thought you would want to know - - the new 'gold standard' of longevity is now 250 YEARS - not 200 anymore. This update was mentioned at Blu U this year. So, don't date yourself during any of those all important red wine toasts!

Re: Absence of Malice

Cowboy posted: “2.) How is your manifestation ability? Fabulous wealth? Got more than enough? Willing to share some? Have you been paying the 10% "Ramtha" said all students should give back to the school?”

I was in an audience when this was mentioned. This is what I recall Ramtha THREATENING students to do: He said that when we receive our FABULOUS WEALTH we need to make sure we donate 10% back to RSE since it is because of RSE that we will obtain any fabulous wealth. If do not do that, the Big Bully himself said he will Bring Us Down.

………. Yawn …..

Re: Absence of Malice

Perhaps Ramtha is employed by the Vatican?