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Days To Come

The addition of a new voice is cause for celebration. Many more will be heard in The Days to Come (NEW meaning!) My words today join a chorus of Truth spoken freely and hopefully, gently. My moniker: AGAPE – divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. Another definition well-suited to EMF: "an intentional response to promote well-being when responding to that which has generated ill-being.” (Wikipedia)

So out of cyberspace, into this place of refuge and contemplation. I thank David for the inner journey & stamina it took to get us here. To all – writers as well as viewers holding energy for a sense of what is true, renewed well-being - KNOW you are making a difference. I have been a viewer of the message board since its inception in January, benefiting greatly.

Can pure intent promote well-being to others? The intelligence, knowledge, and humor on this site is incredible. I view sometimes just to take in brilliant mind and/or get a dose of hilarity. Of late, the tone in some threads has changed a bit. How do we give to others? Can the full range of the octave to be sung here?

Words are the ‘swords’ by which ALL were brought here to this cyber hotspot. Some are healed, some still healing, others still oozing from the wounds a bit. Whether seeking health, wealth & wisdom; or, understanding, courage & support, our words reflect character. I don’t think ill-being ever begets anything more than the same.

I do prefer the gentle words, like G2G NOMORE’s. It is SO what I have missed of late. His truth presented without rancor or judgment is what spurred me to write. As ‘Bleep’ got me into school, my experience is recent & intense. Extrication is the same process however – the betrayal, loss, self flagellation, past exp. triggered. Questions began early, but I suspended my disbelief due to great hopes & challenges. The wine ceremonies in ‘06 did awaken my Truth. The abusive verbal lashings out, the debauchery – contrived as enlightenment? Once the wall cracked, my observation was keener. Other stuff happened, but disbelief could not be quelled. The clubby arrogance, $$ escalation, unabashed use of fear hook’ems.

Juxtaposed: the lifelong programmed hamsters. (thats what happens w/spell check:) ONE world: LACK: 1) compassion, 2) finances and 3) no Life w/o Big R. It was on EMF threads that made me realize that some could still have an original thought. Rick Ross helped a lot. It all shocked me to the core that this should have happened to me.

A wellspring of information now exists, with action its own evolution. With the planet reacting to men and women gone wild in their desire for control, power, money - the cost is increasing violence. (BTW, rape is a crime of violence, NOT lack of inhibition.) In many ways, said school leads people to violence, creating a potential reality of impending doom - fear that then becomes THE core concept, all things revolve around it. Survival neuronets are built via disciplines under extreme circumstances – cold, wet, hungry, ill, guards yelling at you, untouchable authority figures. Do not doubt (you will not succeed) do not question (you will be punished). So don’t you actually CREATE the Days to Come for yourself, others, (the planet?) by focusing on it? I would like to hear opinions on this.

Assume DTC is happening & the big guy is coming in for a gig. Wouldn’t you think an ascended master would want the info shared w/ALL people and monies would be preserved for preparations? But hey - April 15 is upon us & Judy’s taxes are pretty steep. Only about 3 million was pulled down in event registrations (plus book revenue, esp. Greg's ) …then all those pesky property taxes due soon. What the heck – let’s have a few more verbal boxing matches!! And oh yea, you have to show up in person ’cause we are going to black it out locally, like a football game… But hey – it’s a chance to use that V.I.P seat you bought. See and be seen…

Re: Days To Come

How do, Agape. A pleasure reading your words.

To address your query, from where I find myself in the rabbit hole it looks like the whole concept of "you create your own reality" is a hook, the secular version of original sin.

It's just another mental program to convince humans that they just can't get anything right. The result is feeling unworthy.

And then there is the flip side, feeling guilty about all the things you "created" but don't understand how because they are things you never would have chosen. The result is confusion.

Mind Games.

Re: Days To Come

thank you Agape and Cowboy.
May I please room next to you, and not by
Anne. She needs the next wing over.

Re: Days To Come

"Of late, the tone in some threads has changed a bit."

Agreed. Could it be the result of RSE staff "working" under cover?

Re: Days To Come

Yes, that is only one persons... but in general there truly is An ABSENCE of Malice.

It is interesting who there can be BEAUTY ALL around us... and CHOSE to focus on the ONE DEAD Mule in the forest.

This is what needs to be MASTERED.... SIMPLY DO NOT GIVE ATTENTION... to those old Dead Mules.

Leave those Dead Mules behind... and LIVE IN JOY... and Beauty.

Soon, The Dead Mule will be consumed by the parisites and all that will be left is the bones of the past.

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy
Down in my heart (Where?)
Down in my heart (Where?)
Down in my heart
I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy
Down in my heart (Where?)
Down in my heart to stay


Re: Days To Come

Concerning the verbal abuse presented at wine ceremonies - that is the hallmark of an alcoholic.

Re: Days To Come

The Days to Come event yesterday at RSE for $250.00. I can't believe they are back to fear and doom again and they would charge $250.00 for a couple of hours to hear this story again. How many times is Ramtha going to put fear in people with the Days to Come. There has been video tapes and books he has recorded on this subject since the beginning, that is how he got some many people in the beginning to move to Yelm because the world was coming to a end. He really needs to go back to wherever he has come from. His stories are really getting old....

Re: Days To Come

Violence sells.

Re: Days To Come

I heard a few years ago that Ramtha had updated the recommendation from storing a two year food supply per person (in the mid 80's to early 90's) to recommending storing a 10 year supply. How insane can it get?

Re: Days To Come

In response to the following post: ""Of late, the tone in some threads has changed a bit."

Agreed. Could it be the result of RSE staff "working" under cover? "

It wouldn't surprise me that either "happy" RSE students, and/or intentionally designed attempts at "infiltrating" this website's Message Board would happen.

It's only 3 - 4 months old, and has already achieved it's purpose; to be a place where folks to question the validity of it all (channeling/RSE/and the issues that are posted throughout the site).

People are posting who can speak their experiences, though in a way that has never been available to them before (that we're aware of).

More and more, people are posting. The moderators get feedback of a thankful nature, along with some Unkind Messages.

The recent instances of "walking the edge" by postings from authors that should not have been posted, have been allowed, in most cases. At least for now.

They're being watched. It's really great that those of you, who are putting these people in their places, are doing just that ! It's nice to see that it's not the moderators having to make those posts. Then, we bypass the attacks against us that we are controlling the posts too harshly. VERY few posts have ever been deleted - and it's becoming clearer and clearer that the same sorts of things that don't belong here, are being supported by Other Than The Moderators. We're not "into" deleting; but we ARE into followin' the rules that HAVE BEEN CLEARLY POSTED IN ADVANCE.

How NOBLE is any entity (as "Ramtha" would say), who would not honor that just because they don't like the content of this website ? (a rhetorical question)

Anne needs to STOP. (Thank you, Anne)
Torsion was stopped.

Re: Days To Come

I was in an audience when "Ramtha" said that. I figured JZ had bought stock in food production. It is always convenient to have the "Big Guy" tell the students what to do...

Re: Days To Come

so they had a DTC event the weekend prior to the 15th. At the last minute (on Friday) they decided to allow people to come just for the one day ( on Saturday) for a discounted price.
Apparently it was a hit because another event was called for Saturday, April 14th for the same price.
uh, is tax day the 15th? or 16th? hmmmm

Re: Days To Come

Re: 'How many times is Ramtha going to put fear in people with the Days to Come...that is how he got some many people in the beginning to move to Yelm because the world was coming to a end.'

Well, it's happening again. The word is going out: Europe is the 'new North Pole' - the 'wobble' is happpening NOW!

Only 4 places safe on earth..Yelm of course, the 'destination-of-JZRchoice.' The great European exodus - Italians, Spainyards, Belgians - time to buy land in Ramsterland. So, start saving those those EUROs. Maybe somebody will start a new 'dating service' for matchmaking (re: green card marriages), Velcome Vagon services, and more. An economic bonanza for Yelm is about to happen!!

So...property prices may go a bit higher, to accommodate all of them. How will Europeans afford their precious cigarettes? Will they have to stop smoking after each discipline? Will the 'italian' style of fieldwork (cheating) be adopted, to make sure everyone feel at home?

Does this put a kabosh on a school for Europa? How will the Magdalene story be adapted, if not in France where the holy blood line vanished?

so much 'new' news..

Re: Days To Come

Thanks Agape & Cowboy for those words of kindness & wisdom. Cowboy you hit the nail on the head. That "you create your own reality" stuff did exactly just that with me. Anne needs to be kicked off this website for not honoring the intent of it. We've heard all that garbage she's selling already (we already bought that bill of goods from RSE & were fleeced). It's so easy to make everything sound as if the individual is to blame -- that's the RSE way, without being accountable for their own actions & words. What I've come to see is that in a relationship, all are accountable for their participation. Thanks everybody for your kind support. I do mean support. I finally realized how mentally/emotionally ill I've been & am getting professional help. I'm still swinging between anger & depression, also called bipolar disorder. I finally realized I can't do it by myself. That's another fallacy of RSE that causes "divide & conquer". I'll be moving back to Texas in latter May to live with my sister & her family while I continue to heal. I will continue to post. I thank those who have spoken with kindness & compassion & understanding for that has a greater healing capacity than putting people down. (That's the way of RSE). M.

Re: Days To Come

Regarding the mass exodus from Europe: It is just too bad for those who have been deported and cannot return to the US.

I loaned my car to someone from France when I returned to Australia. the person took it over the Canadian border with another student from Germany.

The authorities would not let either of them back in as they were living on a shoe string in Yelm.... you know the leaky trailer, no toilets and minimal running water type arrangement available for refugees from foreign countries a la RSE. They were both deported from Vancouver as they could not prove sufficient funding to re enter the United States.

I heard some years later that the French student tried to return to the USA via New York and the authorities still would not let her in.

I believe the conditions of deportation last about 10 years.

I have heard of others being deported. Just too bad if they cannot get back to the WORLD SANCTUARY for those preservable.

Re: Days To Come

But why didn't "Ramtha" help them? They want to come to his school, he is their teacher and he claims he can do anything. Surely a great being can handle a border crossing?

Re: Days To Come

At the time there was no World Tour so the person was unable to attend RSE at all.

In the early days of RSE Ramtha claimed that RSE would continue even if he had only one student left (it was soooo hard). He stated that those who did not make it to their requireds were "weeded out" as he wanted a unified consciousness amongst the members of a certain group.

Re: Days To Come

re: MM ..getting professional help. ...swinging between anger & depression, also called bipolar disorder.

I have been in a 'swing of emotions' more in the last year than any other time in my life, truly. In reflecting, I found myself getting worked up inside, really angry about some little thing, of an intensity that I was not used to. I would even say to myself - this isn't like you....? whats going on?

But, because I do love myself, and have practiced kindness to others for many years, I would be kind to myself....let the anger be, simmer it, sleep on it or whatever. Invariably, it would dissapate, and show up some days later focused on some OTHER minutae, grinding me. Again, not my style..

Not knowing your situation and not wanting to give advice, I would just caution: #1, Don't let professionals just give you a clinical label (e.g., bipolar) that allows them to #2, put you on powerful pharmaceuticals, that can be powerful, some kinda toxic. It can be another wild ride...getting the right med, at the right dose, etc.

DO get support that targets an understanding of the patterns of anger & depression. Emotions are VALID, just sometimes out of balance, like habits..

The 'best' med is the one you create yourself - dopamine - when you remember that you do indeed love yourself; have joy & laughter; & accept the nature that is you.

The dig-out-of-this-hole is a challenge for even a mental triathalon. Take care not to jump from the pot into the frying pan of the mental health system with its propensity to just (over)medicate a problem. Meant with loving kindness