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Can We Question...... GOD?

Cna we truly QUESTION.... GOD?

like really, look at that question.

For me, as I have gone through my healing process from these types (Ramtha and Mafu) of very crazy programming... one of my own qustions that has stopped me in the EARLY Dsys when I saw things I could not resolve and I questioned....

Within me, as a studed, I would fall back on ... But this Teacher is an Illuminated LORD... who am I to quetsion the teaching... as I am just a mear human mortal.... with ego and many problems.

This prevented me for a very long time, from walking away or openly QUESTIONING the behavior.... or events that I saw happen... or contridictions in the teachings.

It is like you are really in BIG TROUBLE if you question the BIG GUY.... GOD... DOG... GOD...smile.

I am sure many who are currently in these groups or who have recently left, still battle within self about this.

The mental programming for anyone who has invested both money and time, has been deeply ingraded within us all that we are such scum on the earth, if we DO NOT surcum to these LORDS... we are basically doomed... the feeling is THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE... YOU BETTER GET IT!!!

The issue of our personal mortality is great... as well as within us all, we do have a desire for IMMORTaLITY and the POWER that is poetically spoken about over the years.

The only problem is, we have never had any proof from any of these groups that the VISION is true.

It could all be just Poetry or Fantisy Words.

There are many many wonderful fantisy stories .... Superman.... The Matrix ect... and in those stories we want so much for it to be true... but we ultimately know, in this world, it is only an interesting story... NO PROOF.

What if the VISIONS and teachings of many of these NEW AGE Gurus Ramtha Mafu and others... is nothing more than a fantisy story?

Combined with the FACT... that each of us.... including everyone who reads anything on these board have had our own personal MOMENTS that UN-EXPLAINABLE events JuST HAPPEN.... long before Ramtha, I am sure many here have had SUPER-NORMAL events that have happened UNPLANNED.

IT is most likely becuase of this, that we all WANT to KNOW how these moments happen.. HOW to harnase THE POWER... HOW to BE ... ALL... WE CAN BE!!! Smile.

What if, these things JUST HAPPEN... when Ramtha and Mafu came to town, they both simply OPENED A DOOR for us all to PAY ATTENTION and NOTICE what was naturally happening in our life.

As we each began to NOTICE.... we realized, hey, there is something to all this stuff.

I have certanily had my share of Miracles in my life both BEFORE and AFTER these groups.

I would NEVER STAND and ANNOUNCE that "I"... my human ego DID IT.... those things JUST HAPPENED... and I had NO CONTROL over them.

The VISION from Mafu and Ramtha was.... POWER... on the COMMAND of it.... WOW that is a wonderful idea. Yea, I want a little of that!!!... so we all join the New Age Club. Manifest your dreams now... have more and more... be special.... be EXTRANORADANARY! Be Super Normal.

In ALL the woopla.... here I am .. I am still just me. I strike no CLAIM OF FAME or being any different or more special than anone else...

The difference that I see is, these types of groups actually SEPERATE and FEED the HUMAN EGO "I".

I have been around so many New Agers with EXTREMELY BIG Egos.... and seems to that is the only FRUIT other than POVERITY that the GREAT WORKS produce.

Just My 2 Cents.

Re: Can We Question...... GOD?

Can we question? YES... It is we who put the title on "God". Anyone can say they are almighty, mental hospitals are full of people who say they are Jesus! It is we who buy into another's story or not.

I am in a state of questioning... everything... and that is why I call myself discernment NOW... I am developing the quality of discernment.

How do we know anything is true? Isn't a great deal of our lives based upon our agreements with beliefs? What is proof? People can do much to show proof that is really smoke and mirrors.

On "Where Angel's fear to Tread", Ram spoke about how so many are suffering because we know, "no one outside of us has the answer". I believe that to be true. The external world can trick us... The message in that video was all about how corporations and religions are programming us to think that we "need their product" whether that product is a cell phone, a make-up, a car, or a God, or a teacher of enlightenment... the "following", the loyalty comes from finding a need in the human spirit and filling it. That is how companies get our loyalty, how religions get our loyalty, how people and lovers get our loyalty... simply by finding our weakness, our need and filling it.

Corporations, religions, cults have done studies on the human emotional needs, and use it to their advantage... The obvious unobvious.... We all have needs to be understood, to feel that we belong, to feel special, to feel we have some control in our lives and to feel we are living up to our potential.

This is how the companies sell you "things" and how religion sells you "god" and how any club/cult sells you on "membership".

Ask yourself how your human emotional needs are fulfilled. I am asking myself! just think of it.. even here... we are seeking to be understood, to feel "someone out there understands and I do belong, I can control myself and get out of this... " Going into RSE we thought the same thing... Wow... "I have had these thoughts, and so have you?... you understand me?... I belong here... these teachings are helping me to control my destiny...and I am becoming a better, wiser, healthier person! ..

Today, I am focussing on God Alone. No more messengers.

Do I know what or who God is? I am asking questions, Asking God to reveal him/herself, and focussing on my love within, I trust.

Have you heard of the work of Byron Katie? All she offers is questions... and a turn around...
Is it true? How do I know it is true? How do I feel when I think this way? Who would I be if I gave up this thought?

Remember the teachings on the Plane of Bliss? Ram asked us, What is your alterior motive? He said seeing our alterior motives will make us all fall to our knees in the Life/Light Review.

What are the alterior motives of others? (anywone... RSE? Coca Cola? your realtor? your doctor? your friends? Everyone has an agenda for us... what we do with our money, our time, how we think! How can we trust others, when everyone is looking out for themselves? As I type these words I can hear Ram's words on the Where Angel's fear to tread video... He said, "Everyone is always looking out for themselves and the bottom line, Smiling faces, they do lie." All of this is true.

Question God? Yes. Question everything!

No one is God unless we make them our God... And everyone is God.

There is a difference between seeing the divinity in all, honoring the Divine Life in every atom, every Adam... loving your neighbor as yourself... and making one entity more powerful than you, giving them the power and responsibility for your enlightnment.

I don't know about you... but I have noticed, whenever I follow someone else' suggestion, I don't care how small... even choosing what to eat on a menu... if I end up not liking it... I can blame the person who told me to make that selection... Whenever we follow another's leadership, blame is the end result. Better to make my own selections and learn from my choices.

What do I know now? I am humbled. My observation is...which is only my truth... is Groups that teach enlightenment through wisdom often have an air of superiority. Groups that teach enlightenment through love, and service, often have an air of humility.

My choice is to be loving, and wise. And question everything.

May you all find your guiding light of love within.

Re: Can We Question...... GOD?

More thoughts...

You asked... Can we question God? this is an illumined Lord! ... The question for us to ask is... IS this an illumined lord? How do I know?

Yes, there is fear, what if I am wrong? Will God be angry at me for questioning HIS/HER authority?

I know what you mean though... when I first heard about Dr. Joe's departure... and the manner in which it occurred... I was split... I loved what I learned from him... but I did not want to even have a thought against the words of the Ram... I did not want to lose my Great find, I did not want my teacher to be wrong... AND I was afraid for he knows our thoughts, right? DOES he? How do we know that? What a great way to keep people in line... and control behavior... I suddenly hear... You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why...

javascript:%20void(0); Gotta put some humor in here!

So, I just told myself that personalities are personalities... and I am not going to let anyone's personality come between me and my evolution. And I marched on...
And the questions continued... Who is Ram?
And how do we know when it is Ram... or when the channel's personality slips in? How do we know? We don't. If Ram is real, how do we know who He really is? How do we know? could another entity have slipped in and call himself Ram? How do we know?

That fear of being wrong is our old programming about a Tyrant God who punishes... The true God loves us, even in our fumblings... True God loves when we question... for when we question, He is in our minds. God doesn't need our approval...

What a paradox... this is what the Ram told us... yet this is what we see as a contradiction.

This is such a tangled web... Think on this...
We are taught about the power of our attention... we give our energy to what we think about... then even this site gives energy to RSE... because it is in our minds. Better to put our focus on what we Choose to empower... So focus on Empowerment, focus on truth...

The challenge I experience is the ping pong of remembering all the wonderful things I learned, which I do believe are true and the opposing things being demonstrated. And the feelings of loss... the joy of finding a True Teacher, and the pain of separation. There goes that human need for belonging again.

This is an endless exercise in confusion. Which by the way, I read once that is the pattern of abusive relationships... They start out wonderful... then slowly the abuse comes in... and just when the abused partner begins to leave, the abuser does something nice again... rekindling the memories of the good times...and the abused partner stays... and gets more beat up... then a little nice is given- just enough to keep them on the hook, keep them questioning themselves, because they keep saying, this nice one is who HE/SHE really is.

Re: Can We Question...... GOD?

Great posts, discernment now!

I agree with alot of what you have said - an abusive relationship is also one as the hostage relationship -
I, too, question everything now and discern - sometimes I feel great, sometimes a little lost but I will only listen to what my soul has to say to me - and sometimes it says nothing - And even though I liked some of the ideas that Ramtha talked about I now want nothing to do with any of it - if I need to know my soul/spirit/ what ever you want to call it will guide me and I will trust and learn from that. I want all those beliefs to out of my system and to start clean.

I was thinking the other day that all the books written about they way we should be are a lot of crook - Living compassionatly with everyone and everything is I believe the way to be - we are not broken - who says we are????? but it is made to believe that we are - what if the most important thing to achieve in life is to love everything around us - that simple!

I don't have the answers - can't we just be kind, gentle, compassionate human beings that love each other and our earth and all the animals that live on it - why is that so difficult for humans to do. Why??

Re: Can We Question...... GOD?


Yes, I agree. Through introspection this weekend, I observed myself before RSE and after RSE. I have not been in for long, just over 2 years. But I could see, before RSE, and BC- I used to give more to others, donate to charity, focus on developing spiritual attributes. During my time in the school, I see I became more selfish, I had a bigger sense of I and Mine. I did not become a "bad person", I was just self focussed. We were taught not to be "servants" anymore, and yet I remember some of my happiest moments have been when I forgot myself and was serving others. It really is simple, to apply the golden rule. What would happen if we focussed on kindness the way we focus on a card on the field for a temporal pleasure? Take the same ferver and apply it to developing an attitude of Kindness and forgiveness?

Re: Can We Question...... GOD?

Ok, but ultimately who are you SERVING.

Ultimately, what you give or do for others you are give to your self.

and belive me, if you are WITHHOLDING... when it is your time to RECEIVE, it will be with held from you.

The BIGGER issue about this subject is the LACK OF MONEY in these groups.

Case in POINT... BILL GATES and the his wife... they have plenty and at that level have given to help humanity.

Being Selfish is only apparent when we live in LACK... and that big old ego does not have the EYES to see SELF within the ALL of the world.... and OuT OF LACK.. we do not give to others.

So, coming from a place of lack... we generally will SAVE EVERYTHiNG for self... and do this in the name of BEING a MASTER or call giving the FRUIT of your lie as being a SERVANT to other. ... renaming it as being a SERVANT to others.

The frut true is not a SERVANT... the natural expression of life around us is our natural ability to GIVE.

Why would Ramtha come back here.... to eiter GIVE FRUIT or Be WORSHIPPED? you answer that aquestion.

You are only playing a word game with yourself.. and at differenct places... the NAME SERVANT or HUANITARIAN seems to be connected to your level of wealth.

Question, does JZ give any part of her millions to HUMANITY for cure AIDS or Small Pox in Africa like the gates?


Re: Can We Question...... GOD?

Sorry for the typos... I just got up...

I was talking a the FRUIT TREES... and the BLOOMB of the ROSES.... and the Vegetables....

Almonds, peaches, beans, corn, ect.

They become your very life... they are GIVERS of LIFE FORCE.

If they decided to no longer GIVE... their fruit..

what do you eat?

I supose you could become a breatharian.. but hey... AIR is GIVING LIFE....

Look around you... ALL OF LIFE is GIVING Not withholding in this world.


Re: Can We Question...... GOD?

My viewpoint on some of the issues addressed in these thougtful, insightful posts...

Several methods of what is really an aspect of SEPARATION are brought up. If we don't really "get" that the omniscience/presence of God is what we are bathed in, part of, and one with, then we will look outside of ourselves for Something, Someone, to fill the role of leading us to the goal.

As far as us empowering whatever we put our energy on....
I believe that our intent is important. We can view RSE with all manner of intent. Giving RSE "empowerment" because we keep it in our thoughts via interaction on this website, IMO, does not "empower" them at all.

It empowers the INTENT behind the interaction. That intent is stated and we all know the site is here to bring forth the FULL picture of RSE. That is empowering each individual who chooses to speak out now that they have the place they can do so if they wish.

Question God ? Absolutely.
God cannot (in my mind) be so insecure that his "children" cannot question. I also believe that as adults, we may raise children a certain way so they become happy, well-balanced adults, that it's also kicked up a notch.
When we are ready by the terms of those in spirit (God) whom would recognize the evolution of a human/spirit/God merging, that it is facilitated (for want of another word) on ALL levels from material to spiritual.

With regard to what I will generalize as the Wrongdoings at RSE, I wonder about "Ramtha's" role (assuming he is real for this point) is having awareness of these things. If he is who he says he is, he has the data.
Then the questions may become, "Is he allowing it ? Or is he orchestrating his intent for its fall, and the proper timeframe, we'll see it ?

Re: Can We Question...... GOD?

Great Post Watchamacallit..
I always enjoyed you words.... and in this cause you might be right...

If I dare question.... but seems to me it is CRAZY that we... the LIVING BREATHING Aspects in Human Form DO NOT KNOW ALL the truth..

Yea Yea Yea.... I know the many stories that has been spoken by these channels about the Jehova and the splitting of the Brain and why we are CLOSED.

But really, perhaps we were not as BRILLIANT or ILLUMINATED to create ourself as BEINGS (us) in this world... that are ignorant and must DEPEND on someone or something OUTSIDE OF SELF... to REVEAL or CONFIRM the truth... aboug who we are and the information of the past.

Perhaps the human was not well thought out before it's creation.