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Does anyone know which church Judy was so active in as a child? Was she a Jehova's Witness?

Re: Jehova

Hi Discerment!

Nice to see some "new" names here ;-) Don't know the answer to your question but I am curious to know the answer.

Re: Jehova

you mean " jehovah as in whitnessess
ooh,k.....i dought it,
i for meany years as a child grew up as a jehovah
whitness and there beliefs are as domme
as it gets

Re: Jehova

I had a unique experience recently with a co-worker. He asked me what I was saving money for, what my goal was. I said I wanted to live a simple life, grow my own garden and live off the land, he got very interested. He asked me questions about my concept of spirituality. He shared his thoughts about living off the land, in harmony with nature, being care takers of the earth and animals, finding peace within our own hearts, as he pointed to his fourth seal, specifically stating it is not a heart with a pump, (much the same language I have heard the Ram say). He continued to talk about the corruption of governments, the president is a puppet controlled by a select few who rule through control of money, the mind control of television, corporations selling us stuff in order for us to be good enough, the problems with earth changes, he reccommended Al Gore's movie, Inconvenient Truth, he talked about the days to come, and a huge war that would take place in the heavens, which would bring back the days of Eden on Earth, when a new humanity would be free of illness, free of hatred, a safe, loving, kind, peaceful life restored on earth. He talked of the true teachings of Christ.

I thought to myself, this sounds strangely familiar. Ram said at New Years that the time is coming when a great war will take place in the sky and he (RAM) would fight Jehova and put an end to his darkness, (words are not exact, but meaning is there).

So I asked the co-worker, are there others who believe like you do? And he said yes. I am a Jehova's Witness.

I gulped.

How is it that the same story we are told at RSE is the same story the JW's tell to bring people in to study with them?

How is it that the JWs believe Jehovah will come and fight the dark side and bring peace to the earth forever, and Ramtha says he will come and fight Jehovah and put an end to his tyrany. It is the SAME STORY with the names of the valiant warrior/savior reversed.

I do not know about the JW's. Perhaps they do have some strange beliefs, but the introduction is the same. RSE does not start out Beginnners with telling them about Reptilian ET's taking over the planet either.

Does anyone have any insight to this? Any ideas?

Re: Jehova

re similarity of jehovah witness to others, I'm going to wing this quickly:

Endtimes murmurings rose to a high pitch in the mid 19th century in American religion with the advent (pun intended) of the Millerites whose leader William Miller using the Bible predicted the endoftheworld twice in 1844. After the second failed prophecy his group disbanded and some recycled as the Seventh Day Adventists under teenage seer Ellen White and others under Charles Taze Russell as the Jehovah Witnesses. Freemasonry influenced these movements (William Miller was a Mason) and C T Russell was into pyramidology (his gravestone is a pyramid) which he said the dimensions aided him in predicting the end. Masons use the pyramid as a basic symbol of their "craft." Also, Joe Smith, LDS/Mormon founder incorporated endtimes prophecy and Masonic elements into his new religion--the "secret" Mormon Temple rites are modelled after Masonry.

As I said before, New Agism was influenced by elements of Freemasonry and that grew out of the early Rosicrucians 400 years ago and other beliefs. Rosi-cross-ism influenced Madame Blavatsky heavily esp through the writings of Sir Ed Bulwer-Lytton (Zanoni). Blavatsky most influenced the channeling phenomenon as later practiced by the I AM cult as a "performance art" on a stage. The I AM leadersd were actually the first to use the stage in this manner that so many mimicked including JZ.

If you see similarities it is because so many of these groups tap the same historical sources for their inspiration.


Re: Jehova

to continue:
by mentioning Masonry as so prominent in the "New Age" and millenarian groups that appear in the past 150 years or so I do not mean to impugn the Masons. I've lectured about cults to Mason groups.
Most Masons do not subscribe to the quirky and quacky elements and sects that use their philosophy, just as most Catholics and Buddhists and Hindus do not theirs.

But if you look at the roots of Freemasonry (aka Masons founded around 1717) in the Rosicrucian order, you can see why the idea of a "hidden brotherhood" or "Lodge" appeared in Theosophy. Most scholars agree that 'Christian Rosencreutz" the purported founder of the Rosy Cross as an occulted organization was not a person but a mythic name for an idea the true founders wanted to use to best describe their agenda.

The idea of the Ascended Masters and by extension " JZ's Ramtha" is a direct descendent of the fictional or mythic Adepts behind the first Rosicrucian movement, early 17th century Europe.

I have reissues of their first pamphlets. Interesting reading especially "The Fama" that made such a stir with intellectuals and seekers in Europe at the time:
"In the 17th century, three Rosicrucian manifestos were anonymously published: Fama Fraternitatis in 1614, Confessio Fraternitatis in 1615 and the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz in 1616."


Re: Jehova

Thank you Joe.