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Timelines and Mental Illness

I am starting a new thread, to pick up on the comment by Dorothy, when she stated, "How often did "Ramtha" say, "You need your brains washed!!!!" And now there is a lot of brainwashing to undue..."

Yes, "Ramtha" has stated that students need their brains washed, with a note of humor. However, students were endeavoring to change their brains - to "change their minds" to new "timelines".

By the way, Edgar Cayce discussed changing timelines, long before JZ Knight ever did. There is even a small paperback book with the word Timelines in the title, I believe. I own the book and have read it.

In any case, I was at an event wherein we watched a movie, The Three Faces of Eve. This was shown to students in a light that supported "changing timelines" in one's brain, such that one could exemplify these assorted personalities. In my opinion, it was promoting mental illness. Students were encouraged to be "so oily" (flexible) in their minds, that they could shift from one "timeline" to another. In my opinion, it got pretty weird.

Where is the science to back this "theory" of consciousness up ? Is it necessary that one become schizophrenic to attain enlightenment and immortality? Why isn't JZ immortal ? Why has her attorney referenced her inevitable death in the "gag order" ?

I could go on, but I don't want this post to get too lengthy. Enough said.

These teachings have been ongoing in the last several years or so, and they are not anything that I remember from many, many years ago, as being promoted.

Re: Timelines and Mental Illness

The Three Faces of Eve?

I was at that event but did not understand changing timelines to be the reason for showing the movie. By then JZ was changing the direction of the school, away from Ramtha and toward herself. I figured she was showing us the movie to let us know that Ramtha had been one of her faces. Maybe you are right, Whatcha, because our timelines did change but it was not our own doing!

On the topic of multiple personality, the book WHEN RABBIT HOWLS by Truddi Chase is a true story which puts a new light on the condition. Extremely interesting reading for any RSE student.

Re: Timelines and Mental Illness

I wasn't saying it was THE reason for showing the movie. It was discussed, though, that as easily as Eve switched from one "personality" (neighborhood in the brain), so could we. To be that fluid, that easily.

Fortunately for Eve, she finally integrated her personalities into one. But not without strife in her family, due to her instability.

While I certainly have compassion for anyone who is coping with a mental illness, I believe it was inappropriate to insinuate that having the ability to hop neighborhoods (personalities), in a way that "normalized" if not uplifted it.

Being in various "neighborhoods" means different timelines, as they are different parts of the brain, or so the theory goes. Or doesn't go, as the case may be !

Re: Timelines and Mental Illness

I see as far as mental illness is concerned, changing neighborhoods is not conscious.
But, it terms of the physical, there would have to be proof before and AFTER.
JZ had an MRI BEFORE her lung scare(empahsema).
She never declared in any glossy piece, an MRI AFTER she declared she changed neighborhoods" in regards to her lungs. just the Chronic Fatigue. And if she did, why does she not allow Ram, who is a "higher being" be able to smoke and drink, and clear her body? as he as stated: if there were a higher being in your body, it would heal you of all ills. So,why does she not allow Ram to smoke in her body? are they one in the same? or is she just scared?
print out a new medically documented glossy, please.

Re: Timelines and Mental Illness

Ramtha could heal her body of anything - or rather, even prevent any illness from starting in the first place.

Ramtha claims to have healed certain people; not others. For his own reasons of determination.

No time to post more now...

Re: Timelines and Mental Illness

Even Jesus only healed those that were ready to be healed.

What exactly does that mean?

Perhaps you can ONLY BE HEALED if it is your destiny... becuase if a CHRIST WALKS you would think EVERYONE would be healed in their presence... so the story goes... but .. many were not healed or changed by Jesus.... remember, they murdered him... so says the Bible.

Ramtha is a Lord of the Wind... beyond Christ Consciousness and is billed to be Lord of the Universe... and look how many people have DIED in his group.... even Jeffery of Aids.

So much for Christ Healing the World.

Perhaps ONLY YOU can actually heal yourself.

Dare I question these great ones... smile.