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How many others...?

How many others have been attacked by JZK (and who, if anyone knows names) and how many folks have had their lifes work used by RSE and JZK?

I'm curious to know. I have heard alot of folks mention that RSE is sort of like the Spiritual worlds "Borg" from Star Trek, that other peoples work and teaching inevitably show up as "new teachings" in the RSE community from Ramtha or JZ or even other teachers.

Any information like would be much apreciated. I'd love to personally contact or speak to other teachers who have had this sort of experiences.

Thanks, folks.


Re: How many others...?

I'll try to post some information on this in the next few days.

Re: How many others...?

Bliss - read this message board, and factnet. You'll find lots of info. Just please let people again that you are supporting a similar phenomena to Judy's.

Re: How many others...?


This is very important to me. The quicker i can get this information, the better - i'd really VERY much appreciate any information in this line of discussion from everyone who may have info for me.

Thanks :)


Re: How many others...?

just be patient and wait for those to come.
You have made some, how do I say, some naive posts or controversial posts as to the nature of your knowledge, so you are not endearing yourself to more people coming out to you.
There is alot out there.

Re: How many others...?


Look, i'm sorry if you feel i was niave in my manner or words to you. I make no claims to know everything about JZK or Ramtha or anything else. I'm just trying to support a friend who's "under attack" so to speak. The more info the better, and since i'm under time restraints, that is what i meant by as soon as possible would be best.

Again, i dont quite understand what it is you take issue with in my dialogs, I simply spoke my personal experience, knowledge and opinions. If you take issues with something i say, i could offer to you that you may find me quite available to dialog if you just told me what you took issue with and gave me your response to it. Instead of assuming i'm an awful person, treat me like some one who is open minded, kind and genuine. Thats the heart of where i come from, Tree.

If i'm ignorant - educate me. I am not so ego-bound that i can not learn new things. :smiles: