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JZK is STILL sending in spies to other folks work.

Well, i read very briefly here that a JZ sent in spies to another organization in the 90's. Well, this is still going on. In fact, she sent in a spy less than one year ago to an organization. I wont make outright statements as to what has come from that, but it is not a past thing. It is something which does still go on, and is still happening regularly and is very heartbreaking to people who believe so highly of JZ. Anyone who is a spiritual teacher or supports folks in living their dreams seems to get "run outa town" to some extent. And I've heard many folks say that the teachings of others always end up in RSE's teachings eventually. (Mind you, that is what i have heard, i dont know enough to say for fact or certain, myself.)

I was a student of RSE starting in 05, but have been a part of the "other" organizations work for many many years, closer to 25 years, and was very disapointed by the warlike "seek and destroy" methodology of RSE. I haven't been back to the Ranch since then.

Anyhow, just figured i'd mention it.


Re: JZK is STILL sending in spies to other folks work.

Bliss, can you reveal the names of the organizations you are referring to?

I remember that Ram used to say that we would all become teachers one day. Today, it seems that other teachers even within RSE are seen as a threat. It is very sad.

Re: JZK is STILL sending in spies to other folks work.

To address the issue of information flowing out of RSE to other organizations:

I remember accepting the copyright idea as being needed to prevent a misrepresentation of the teachings by people who really only understood the teachings from their own limited filter. I still think that idea has validity.

However, it seems as though today it is just being used as an excuse for one persons need for power and total control. The intent behind it seems to be more about insecurity than keeping the teachings pure.

Re: JZK is STILL sending in spies to other folks work.

Hi Folks,

Art Of Life Coaching - a company who's main desire is to help folks attain their dreams. Its very relationship oriented - setting up tools to help people. So, for example, you have a really hard time passing tests and you now panic every time you take a test. You can call your coach, set up a studying practice, do hypnotherapy and have daily check ins with some one who has allied with you on passing your tests an doing well. Just an example, it could be ANYTHING. The fact is it is about making your dreams come true and you have the power to do that. But its a COACHING company to teach people. Its is very relational - anyhow. Kinda like therapy on steroids without all the self-hating shoving people into boxes or calling people sick. It also has a HUGE success rate - people come, get support and learn, and when they're ready they go on with their lives better for it. Its a neat company.

Anyhow, comparing RSE and ALC are to me liek comparing apples and oranges. The only person that felt it was similar was the spy (not the other 30 previous RSE students who felt it was completely different.) who was paid to find something amiss and was sent in by Mike.

RSE has been on the war path for ALC since. So i'm gonna leave it at this. I can say this last thing. The founder of the work never had attended any RSE events till 05. She has books of her word predating the RSE School period. Video of her teaching (she's very ill now, and cant really work anymore so she just offers her support to ALC) but basically, RSE only came onto the radar in the past two years and they have been doing thwir work for about 20 years. So I just am not real concerned with what the outcome will be because there is mountains of proof no one stole anything from RSE. At least in this case.

The funny thing is that even the current students come up and give condolences, apologize to them and say "Well, this is just how JZ is. We love the work, but everyone is pretty sick of the attacking style of JZ." Current students are fed up - they have lost more students this year, according to my understanding, then in the past five years combined.

I operate out of the outlook that everything is a learning experience. SO i say I love RSE, JZK etc and i know this is a learning experience, an initiation - and no one is a victim in this circumstance.

Anyhow, that’s all I have to say for now. Do any of you guys know anyone else who’s gone through this type of thing with JZK it could be helpful to know their names.

Thanks, :)