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The RSE Conditions of Participation Document.

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment
A division of JZK, Inc.
14507YeIm Highway SE
PO Box 1210
Ye1m. WA 98597
360-458-5201 ext. 10

Student Registration Form - Please print clearly

Name (same as on Student ID card) Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy)
Mailing address Area Code and phone number
Mailing address line 2 Email address
City and State Postal Code and Country


Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, a division of JZK, Inc. (the "School") is pleased to have you participate in the teachings of Ramtha so long as you make a solemn covenant to abide by these conditions of participation. These conditions apply to students, teachers and other participants in the School. Therefore, as a condition to your participation you must agree to the following:
1. The information and techniques taught here are for your knowledge only. You are licensed to use this information and techniques for your personal use only. You are not authorized to teach or otherwise disseminate through speeches, books, articles, media interviews, or other forms of mass or group distribution (collectively, to "Teach or Disseminate") any information that you learn or teach at the School. By signing these Conditions of Participation you agree not to, directly or indirectly, Teach or Disseminate to others the information and/or techniques that you teach or learn here without the prior written consent of the School, nor shall you assist or facilitate other persons in their dea1ing or dissemination of these matters to others without the prior written consent of the School.
Initials: ______

2. The materials provided to you at the School have been copyrighted. You are not authorized to copy, reproduce, prepare adaptations, publicly distribute, publicly perform, or publicly display any of those materials without the prior written consent of the School. All School events are routinely recorded on audiotapes and archived under the registered trademark RAMTHA DIALOGUES®. RAMTHA DIALOGUES® serves as a historica1 record of the teachings of Ramtha. Portions of those recorded teachings have also been reproduced in various print and other media with the express permission of JZ Knight and a1so form a part of the historical record. By signing these Conditions of Participation. you agree that you will not attribute to Ramtha any statement that is not part of that record. You further agree not to Teach or Disseminate anything you BELIEVE you received from Ramtha in a dream, a vision or discipline, or any other source.
Initials: _____

3. At all its events, the School seeks to maintain a relaxed and dignified atmosphere, free from commercial and other distractions; therefore you agree not to make commercial or private/ personal solicitations of any kind at School events. This includes solicitations for any business in which you may be invo1ved outside of the School and so1icitatious for payment of your tuition at the School. Any student violating this condition will be asked to leave the event immediately without refund of tuition paid to the School for that event.

4. Ramtha employs interactive methods of teaching that carry a risk of injury to participants. While the School strives to provide a safe environment that will encourage the mastery of Ramtha's teachings by students. students assume the risk of injury involved with Fieldwork™, the Tank® [a.k.a. the Labyrinth) and any other activity at the School. By signing these Conditions of Participation, you acknowledge that these activities may require physical agi1ity, stamina, and coordination. Further, tbe participants involved in Fieldwork™ and the Tank® are often blindfolded. Accidents can occur because you and others arc blindfolded or simply because of the interaction with others or the strenuous activity. To induce the School to allow you to participate in Fieldwork™ and the Tank®, you represent that you are physically capable of performing both. Although participation in Fieldwork™ and the Tank® is encouraged, it is not required. If you do participate in Fieldwork™ and the Tank®, you agree to exercise reasonable caution and prudence while taking part in these activities. Participation in other events and activities also involve interaction with others, and accidents can occur because of the neg1igence of you, the other participants, or even the leaders. In any case, for all of the activities at the School or any School-sponsored event you hereby release JZK, lnc. and its employees and Agents of all liability for damages and injuries you incur while participating at such events, except for
JZK, lnc.’s gross negligence.

5. Events and their participants are regularly photographed. and videotaped by the School staff. These images, whether videotaped or captured by still photography, may be used by JZK, Inc. in literature, sales products (videos), press releases, Internet postings or School promotions.
Any image photographed of you while at the School or a School-sponsored event may ¬be used at a later time without notice to you or consent by you. You understand and agree that JZK, Inc. will not be required to give you prior notice before such an image is released or used.

6. The School/JZK, Inc. has the right to refuse any person admission or enrollment, except as may be prohibited by law. All events are nonrefundable unless the event is cancelled by JZK., Inc.

7. These Conditions of Participation will remain in effect and enforceable for the life of JZ Knight, plus 21 years. Inasmuch as a
violation of these conditions would cause damage to the School in an amount that is difficult or impossible to estimate, you agree that these conditions may be enforced by equitable proceedings, including court injunction. Further, you agree that all income you receive from activities in violation of these Conditions of Participation will be paid to JZK, Inc. as compensation for the damages that JZK, Inc. incurs because of such breach (whether JZK, Inc. can establish the amount of such damages), unless JZK, Inc. can establish that its damages are greater than this amount. Initials:____

If you are unable to agree with these conditions and you have already paid your admission fee. JZK, Inc. will refund your payment.

I hereby agree to be bound by the foregoing Conditions of Participation, as witnessed by my signature below.

Print your full legal name

Physical address
Today's date
City and State
Postal Code and Country
Received By
Parent/Legal Guardian Form

If you are a parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of eighteen years who will be a participant in the School, please complete the following:
I hereby grant permission for each of my below-named children/wards to participate in the School and agree that each shall also be bound by the above stated conditions of participation. I affirm that I have the legal authority to grant such permission for my children/wards. I further agree that if the release of liability contained in section 4 is not enforceable against a child or ward. or if the child or ward violates any of the other Conditions of Participation, then the undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify and hold the School and JZK, Inc. harmless for any claims and liabilities (including attorney fees) in connection with claims made by such child or ward against the School or JZK, Inc., and for the damages that the School or JZK, Inc. incurs because of the failure of the child or ward to comply with the Conditions of Participation. The names, relationships to me, and dates of birth of my children/wards who will be participating are:

Date of birth
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature

Re: The RSE Conditions of Participation Document.

For legal reviews and comments on this document,