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Wine Cermonies

I decided to start another thread in response to the post of Tree.....her post is under the heading "To all prospective/current students of RSE."

Thankyou for having the courage to post your story Tree. It would be great if more former staff members had the courage to speak up. If people like you do not speak up then multitudes do not know what really goes on behind the glossy fascade.

What a horrific story.

I have heard from a reliable source that pedophile acts occurred at wine ceremonies. In light of your story and other observations I find it is quite likely.

Involvement in RSE can have long lasting detrimental impact and some lives never recover from financial ruin, illness and traumatic emotional impact.

The perpetrator is presumably still a well paid member of the RSE administration. At RSE they might call it "dropping the veil."

In a court of law they would call it a criminal offense.

Re: Wine Cermonies

I also know of a young lady that was raped in a wine cermony and when she came to, she begin hitting the man trying to get him off and she too became pregnant and her choice of lover was the female gender. She did keep the child, but she has no support from the person. She left the school.

Re: Wine Cermonies

That is appalling. I have heard that people have been copulating at wine ceremonies....in the bushes, in their cars. I have also heard of people getting pregnant though I do not know anyone in this position personally. I have never before heard of women being raped and falling pregnant.

I have never personally had the misfortune to be present at an event that had a wine ceremony included however the degeneration of consciousness as a product of it has been my observation amongst students who have.

If I knew this I would never have returned to RSE in 2005.

It is quite evident that the secrecy around the teachings is covering up criminal acts and if anyone opens their mouth they are likely to be confronted with "you create your reality."

The mindset of the RSE fraternity is negating a system of JUSTICE that quite obviously evolved to deal with abusers. It is quite evident that the orgnization is negligent in its administration.