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UFO's and the Star of Bethlehem ?

A few weeks prior to Christmas of 2005 I saw an object in the sky (Southern Hemisphere) that was stunningly bright. It was far brighter than any heavenly body I have ever seen and looked just like the Star of Bethlehem as depicted in Christmas cards.

I have never seen anything like it. The rays extending from the star in Christmas cards are very clearly visible. The rays on a normal large star are not all that visible, nor elongated. The rays on this object were brilliant and far longer than normal......just like the pictures of Star of Bethlehem.

This object looked like a star but was significantly larger than any other star, or planet.

My mother actually saw it first. She does not normally notice things out of the ordinary unless they are so obvious you cannot miss it. Apparently on the news they said it had something to do with satellites. Hardly likely.

Man made technology to my knowledge does not even come close to having the ability to illuminate an object to the radiance of this "star". Perhaps the star had a warp core????????

I do not know if it was visible from the Northern Hemisphere.

Re: UFO's and the Star of Bethlehem ?

Perhaps this thread could be used for observations of anomalies and the unknown. (NOT the known RSE propaganda.)

Perhaps others have noticed that "Ramtha' appears in the movie called "City of Angels" with Nicolas Cage.

There are numerous scenes on the beach with the collective of "Angels". In about the third such scene there is a profile of "Ramtha" as he appears to students on the name field namely he has a black cloak on and a single braid for a hairdo.
Someone told me Ramtha said to an audence that he decided to appear in a motion picture.

Perhaps someone knows if JZ took a part as an extra? I consider there is no mistake that the image on the beach in the movie looks exactly like Ramtha.

Interestingly enough there is always a committe of angels that are sticking their nose into other people's business. They always appear at just the right moment when they are not wanted. They are mostly a judgemental, critical lot.

I have questioned since my beginning in RSE just who is responsible for what in the administration of RSE. Many others have had the same question.

Ramtha has said it is "his" school and then it appears that many decisions are made by JZ. Ramtha says that he is part of a committee that is determining the future of humanity.

If "overlords" exist then perhaps it is the majority vote that is responsible for the RSE "education" and likewise the Mafu "education" and every other spiritual scam on the planet. Maybe neither Ramtha, nor JZ Knight are actually in charge of RSE at all.

Maybe just like in the movie they are always poking their noses in where it is not wanted and are a very judgemental, hypocrtical lot. Who knows the mindset of an overlord. Perhaps they have got bored with eternity and need to dominate humanity instead.

Think it couldn't happen? Where did the idea of Darth Vader, in Star Wars and Voldermort of Harry Potter? Perhaps those that used to use "the force" for righteous purposes have lost the plot.