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Q & A with "Ramtha"

During my seven years of attending RSE there were only two Q & A sessions I remember..
The first was in response to a horrible murder of an RSE student, the advice that Judith offered was for everyone to buy a firearm and get a Rottweiler dog to protect themselves, and to place any gold coins stashed in their houses into a bank for safekeeping.
The local police chief was in attendance to ask for information to help track down the murderer. The evening was bizarre beyond belief as only a few years before “Ramtha” had told everybody the banking system was in imminent collapse and to store away gold coins for the days to come. They never did catch the murderer… I guess the police chief didn't realise he only had to ask “Ramtha” who the murderer was?
The other Q & A session I remember was again called by Judith.. it was an emergency event.. all RSE students were requested to attend, I thought perhaps the reptilians had landed in the Bald Hills,
but no it was far more dramatic…”Ramtha’s” school of enlightenment was in imminent danger of being shut down, Judith was in tears when she explained that the “grey men” had found a way to shut RSE down through the IRS, she claimed the IRS was falsely accusing her of owing millions of dollars in back taxes and she needed to raise millions of $$$$$$$ immediately to save OUR school, students were in tears.. I sat there dumbfounded as I had given up my life in New Zealand to attend RSE and was baffled as to where “Ramtha” fitted into this madness, anyway.. to cut my story short, Millions of dollars were given to Judith by the students, and our beloved school was saved….?
I think this happen around 1993-94?
Judith confessed a few years ago that she made the whole story up..
she had gotten behind in her IRS payment's due……?
The point is SHE LIED personally to me and everyone at that attended that RSE event, she even cried fake tears to take money from students that could barely a afford to feed themselves or their families.

I was told she did pay the money back to the more wealthy RSE students?.

So back to the topic thread Q & A with “Ramtha”?

This has been my observation..

1. Judi/Ram will selectively single out her supporters in the audience to ask their question.

If a hard question does slip through Judi/Ramtha will respond in several ways..
by firing a question in reply, often to question the motive of the person to put them on the defensive, this will sideline Judi/Ram from answering the question.

You can be sure the video cameras will be rolling this will add to the fear of speaking out a challenging question.

The other point to think about is this, if there is fear to ask “Ramtha’ a question..
this is the silence of the “canary in the coal mine” and a warning.............

The last time I spoke with Greg Simmons was at our LARSE gathering last September,
he offered to pass on my “ complaints” or questions I would put in writing to JZ Knight.
This I declined, explaining to him and Michelle H that I would much prefer a videotaped Q & A session with JZ Knight/Ramtha, with no editing, no script,
and no rehearsal, we will both keep copy.. to do with what we may.
Some people have expressed to me who the hell do I think I am?
I agree I am no one special. just a folkie that would like some direct questions answered by JZ Knight and “Ramtha” the Enlightened One?
My request still stands,

Perhaps someone will be so kind to remind JZ Knight/ Ramtha of my request?



Here are some observations to consider
from Joe Szimhart

Most experienced cult leaders allow "questions" but not questioning or debate. In other words, they will most always answer a question with a "final" answer. The devotee is supposed to accept that--if they do not understand then they are "not enlightened enough" to understand.

Also, questions are generally ones that fit the accepted milieu, the same one that the leader controls. Devotees, by definition, do not think outside of the box. Difficult questions not easily answered are generally displaced with clever maneuvering: "Oh, you have asked a very good question...shows you are thinking. Why don't we explore this for everyone's benefit." the leader can thus delay the time it takes to answer until something suitable comes to mind."

Joe Szimhart.

Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"

Questioning any channel or an entity requires knowing your position and perception well. How do you see JZ/Ramtha? I see 4 possibilities:

1. Ramtha is an autonomous complex (an independent entity) who truly speaks through JZ's body.

2. JZ is not a pure channel and sometimes gets in the way of Ramtha, but Ram is still independent. You have to choose when it is JZ. Some former students thnik tha the "real" Ram left around 1987.

3. Ramtha is not real but a part of JZ's subconscious, like an alter for people with a dissociative identity disorder. JZ floats between being aware of acting and not being aware of acting as Ramtha.

4. JZ controls her altered state, at will emerging as Ramtha and capable of self suggection in deep trance. In other words, she's an actor who is capable of "losing herself" in her role.

Most of you know that I opt for #4.

When you question a channel, it helps to be clear about your perspective.


Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"

No David. You are special.

Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"

In the pre RSE days - about '86 - I think about the time of the first 'days to come' phase - someone asked a question of Ramtha -- "what did I have for breakfast" - Ramtha got angry, reamed out the audience for asking such a stupid irrelevant question and sent everyone away for the day. Considering the foul mouth that Ramtha has developed, my guess is that if someone asks a question which would get to the fact of Ramtha's 'reality', Ramtha will get angry, curse everyone out, and end the audience. Guess it depends on how much of a hangover Judy has, or how much wine and green tea/tequilla cocktails she's had.... After all, the point is getting the money for the event, not actually having an event.

Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"

David forgot to mention the 'special' meeting during which Judy denounced money making pyramid schemes -- in that same era - '91/'92 --- and a few years later Omega was promoted from/through/by Ramtha. Judy also confessed at this meeting re the Arabian horse fiasco and how she'd paid everyone back -- except she hadn't.

Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"

I have always found it interesting how the RSE students can speak of themselves as revolutionaries, on the cutting edge of science, expanding their "unlimited ness" in the face of all adversity.

Likening themselves and the teachings to Copernicus, Leonardo Di Vinci, Einstein, Nicolas Tesla,and a whole lot more persons who have had the courage, and/or passion to question the status quo and continue despite interference from the church, peers, oppressive governments,etc.

Democracies are born out of oppression, repression, and totalitarianism. RSE is Not a democracy. It is an authoritarian, totalitarian regime. In regimes such as this the questions and answers must always be initiated and controlled by those in power. No different in RSE. There is no way for the students to initiate a question and answer event.

The moment of truth for one of my relatives was after 911 and the anthrax scare where students were being coached in their fears, told to wear rubber gloves etc.;

At one such event, Greg Simmons was there and it was told that everyone should throw out all of their canned fruit from over 3 years ago because it probably came from Florida and might be tainted with anthrax spores.

My relative stood up and asked "But if the cans from 3 years ago had anthrax in them, wouldn't people have been dying already??" To this Greg responded immediately and forcefully;

"We do not question Ramtha, nobody questions Ramtha!"

Exit stage left for my relative.......

It seems that the big dude has an allergy to making the unknown known when it does not fit his/hers/its agenda.

Any current students reading this know that they will not get answers to provocative, probing, controversial (within RSE) questions which truly might have an effect on the nature of reality put forth via RSE.

They have seen what happens to others when they have attempted it. They have witnessed them be demeaned, chided, made fun of, insulted, and stepped on emotionally and on occasion physically.

They have seen the creature, "appointed teachers", JZ act like drill sergeants or abusive teachers and threaten and/or punish the entire group for one person’s bravery and courage.

This is all done in the name of control and meant to instill conformity in the group so that the RSE leaders can surf the perfect wave they have created through manipulation (because THEY are the ones with the real fear of stepping into the unknown).

The big mind control is that the students have been patterned to think they are the surfers when in fact they are the wave; at the beck and call of the leaders.

Any reading this who believe I am mistaken, try climbing up on the board, even if you don't get to stand up and take your own ride.

Ask the questions you fear. Not that you should expect to get an answer. Your answer will come from the non-answer. Then you will be making the unknown known.

Have a nice ride!!! Let us know how it was.

Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"

I have seen a note in Steve Kline's blog that Ramtha is answering questions this coming weekend in Yelm. There is also an article on every body donating $5.00 to his "Master's Fund". A question I would like answered is, "Why couldn't $5.00 from everyone's school fees be donated to the "masters fund" And does any one know what happens to this monies collected for this fund?

Here is what Kline said,
A. "One – On – One Questions & Answers with Ramtha" in Yelm, WA.
April 5th & 6th evenings and all day Saturday, April 7th.
$600 for all current students, usual discounts apply.
Don't misst his landmark event: link here

B. Master's Fund
"I have asked for them [Fred and Sherrie Loertscher] to evolve that which is termed a trust account. I have asked and will ask for every master to contribute to that which is termed five of your dollars to this account. And it is the account of the masters. And it is to help illiteracy and hunger and catastrophic disease of those people that you love. And to those who cannot, there will be a reserve made for them."
-- Ramtha

Fred and Sherrie Loertscher are the masters who were asked by Ramtha to over see this Trust Fund. The Master's Fund is a nonprofit organization and your contributions are tax deductible.
Send tax-deductible contributions to:
The Master's Fund
P.O. Box 1217
Tenino, WA 98589
(360) 264-6650
link here

I noticed something else - the bulk of Kline's blog is a list of other people's research and links to news media, etc but at the bottom he says that his blog is copywrited, What is he copywriting - the order that he presents other peoples thoughts in, perhaps???

Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"

Hi David,

In your March 20 post you said:
"Judith confessed a few years ago that she made the whole story up..
she had gotten behind in her IRS payment's due……?"

Was this confession at an event and if so, do you remember the date or, at least, what kind of event was it and for which group--such as, a required event, a last-minute evening event, etc.? Does anyone have this on tape and if so, could a transcript of JZ's exact words be printed on this site?

Evidence that can be backed up with dates and direct quotes may be hard to come by, but they will always be the best way to hold JZ/RSE accountable!

Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"


The person that told me was a current student who was defending Judith’s integrity
and courage in coming forward and telling the truth?
Go figure..
This I believe happened during the height of the wine ceremony confessionals.

Perhaps someone here will come forward and clarify the events.


Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"

It was not a required event. Never heard it on a tape.

Re: Q & A with "Ramtha"

In the early years of RSE they used to turn all audio equipment off when they presented topics of a sensitive nature.......such as how the polar ice caps were going to melt and buy your real estate in Antarctica now.