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A Drunk Ramtha

Since I left Judy's arena in '93 I didn't experience the wine ceremony era. I've heard Dr. Joe's and Micel Ledwith's rationalizations of the value of wine for the brain and learning. What I don't understand is what the line of thinking was/is that accepts drunken, slurring, cursing, tripping, vomiting behavior from an enlightened ascended master who is purportedly greater than Jesus (and I assume Buddha and Mohammed etc.). If Judy is, as stated by her Ramtha, a person with an expanded consciousness and brain power, and a Christ; and Ramtha is of an expanded consciousness beyond our meager capacity to fathom - then how come Judy's body has to get drunk? Doesn't it already have the expanded brain and consciousness channeling an expanded ascended fathomless consciousness? I sincerely don't understand how a drunk Ramtha makes sense. Can anyone explain?

Re: A Drunk Ramtha

I will take a shot at explaing but let me warn you.
EX RAMSTERS won't like it. Bby the way. I don't consider myself a Ramster or an ex Ramster. I am not a student in that school but I must admit that I am a product of it in some way.Same could be true for all that post here and who have put time,effort,thought,focus and money into RSE at some point in time. Judy/Ram may have duped us but what we have experienced ourselves can never be denied. And what we experienced was connected to our own awareness before we ever came to RSE.

First. I don't know positively what Ramtha is. BUT if we go by the premise that Ram is what he says he is, which is, a individual who understood himself, "totally", and then "did" what individuals do when they have accomplished total understanding of all of self, and then came back to help show us how he came to understand all of self by getting us to begin to ask, and then go about changing those things in us that block greater understanding from becoming realized in all ourself. PERSONAL. PERIOD.

Ram got stinking drunk, sometimes, not all times. I was there for most of it all so I know. I got stinking drunk, sometimes, not all times also.

The question we have to ask ourselves, or at least I had to ask myself is, is there some hope for mankind other than the churches reality of heaven via purgatory from the state of heaven and hell here on earth?

If one would have knowledge that there are offplanet individuals, entities, deities,or inteligent programed greater mind holograms that are observing mankinds evolution thru the mind patterns of experience that man has gone thru the last one hundred years in regards to technologial advances of science, biology, atomic, electical magnetic frequency modulation, behavior modification and now biological electronic frequency behavior modulation and formation, then one begins to wonder if mankind is in need of a good scrubbing bath before things get to far out of hand and we pass the point of no return.

In order to come clean as it were, one has to go to the very bottom of the problem. And wine accomplishes this very quickly.

While at RSE wine ceremonies I saw grown, respectable profesional, and quit speaking men of high standards have to be restrained from attacking the stage after three glasses of wine.
I would say that something was hiding in these people that had been long denied for a very long time.

What I allude to here is this.
People change reality, and people in numbers change reality quicker and more powerfully than individuals.
Its known as power and the reality of the herd.

To change something for the better the old must be disregarded and sometimes has to be yanked up by its tap root and thrown on the heap. Again. Wine looses the plants grip.

When the numbers come together in a drunken orgy under that of one who has expeienced totality of self then a new reality can take place in the masses of the world. And lets pray thats the case!

Are there casulties? **** RIGHT THEIR ARE.
But there are casulties on the road everyday and people die of heart DIS EASE and from the chaos of cancer everyday also. And people elsewhere in the world live in greater poverty than those in Yelmo too.

Back to what I think Ramtha is.
RAM equates to RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY in a computer.
I believe that the program known as Ramtha is beamed via satilite transmission utilizing all the combined knowledge and information of all that is already known or was known on this planet at some point in time. In other words RAM (random access memory) is the memory that was forgotten or placed in a hidden folder or destroyed.

I witnessed a UFO in a sober and somber state of mind long before I ever came to school at RSE.
So I am not willing to go along with those that say such things are unreal.

They are real. And for some reason I was choosen to see them. (what ever they might be) And I know I am going to witness something extraordinary in my lifetime.

The question I have had for sometime is?
Have I made a difference in what is about to happen?

Re: A Drunk Ramtha

Well done on the RAM - Random Access Memory. Never thought of it and it is clever. But I can't give "Ramtha" that much credit. Looking back, I realize that I thought "Ramtha" was brilliant because he said he was, not because he was. And now that I have been able to trace teachings to other sources I'm significantly less impressed.

I recall MANY wine ceremonies of "Ramtha" RAMbling on and me thinking, "Where is he going with all of this? Why doesn't he just get to the point?" My conclusion now is that there was no point. The point was for Judy to feed off of the attention and false sense of power. As someone else said, "JZ is nothing more than an aging alcoholic."