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How many dead

"How many dead will it take 'til we know
that too many people have died?
The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind,
the answser is blowing in the wind." Bob Dylan
A few months back there was a posting under the "by your fruits” thread that triggered something in me, and connected a lot of “dots” of my life. The following is therefore a reflection of MY ‘dots’, and is in no way intended to contradict the validity of the poster who said there was no abuse in her childhood.
Unfortunately, both the word “abuse” and “cult” have a diversity of connotations and ‘triggers’ for each person. The following is based on an assumption that every Human Being is inherently equal in Beingness, however that’s defined, and therefore entitled to be treated as such – and therefore, the repeated harm of another Human Being is not ok and the repeated harm of another for personal gain of power fame and wealth is really really NOT OK. Abuse can take a multiplicity of forms. The abuse considered here is about manipulation and emotional and psychological control.
From my perspective - Whether or not we recognize, acknowledge and accept that our experience at Judy’s place or with Judy’s Ramtha was abusive, it was, and continues to be so for who ever participates in her reality. (See an early posting: the cycle of abuse)
I realized that with abuse, as in a cult, the obvious facts of the phenomena are often unobvious to the participant. For instance, even though my first suicide attempt was at age 7 or 8;, and even though 16 yrs later a therapist told me he’d never recognized suicide as a positive statement before; and even though two different social workers suggested we co-author a book about my Mother, master of the double-blind and emotional manipulation; - it took me 50 years to name my upbringing as abusive. Nor did I belong to a cult – didn’t believe in them, didn’t believe in following gurus or masters or teachers or anyone, and certainly was not a group joiner…. It took at least a year after terminating my participation in Judy’s reality, and the sharing of a friend newly exiting who’d been reading about cults, for me to acknowledge that I had in fact been in a cult, following a “Master”, part of a group. Thirteen years later I still get shocked when I hear descriptions of cults - and recognize there is still a part of me in denial that I was in a cult.
I recognize that there is a pattern in my life story of being manipulated and controlled emotionally, psychologically by other people. So there’s no blame here, or victim consciousness. It’s my script to play. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make manipulation and emotional and psychological control acceptable behavior – if we accept a standard of behavior that understands that hurting other people is not ok.
The reason I became involved with this message board is because I was made aware of the deaths of too many people because of their involvement with Judy’s reality. Within the last few weeks we have learned of the non-metaphorical, literal poison Judy’s Ramtha commanded people to swill. Although I have seen the devastation that wine ceremonies have wrought on people I love, until the other day I hadn’t accepted it was literally, not just metaphorically, killing them.
Although it appears that our world culture accepts the standard of behavior: as long as your making money harming life is ok – whether the life of the planet itself, or the inhabitants on it, including Human Beings --- It is not the standard that I accept, and I believe that in the hearts of many People, it is not an acceptable standard.
If you believe, "no pain no gain" and that you have to suffer to learn – please know that there is another way, that works. Please know that you are loved without requirement of specific behavior or beliefs. Please know that psychic powers and phenomena are just more stuff – So what if you can find your card and hit a bulls eye – so what if aliens land in your back yard – so what if you can win the lottery --- It again depends on the standard by which you define your life. If powers and gifts and phenomena are what you want, go for it. Every true teacher of every true Sacred Tradition warn of the lure of such. If your standard is that universal standard of by your fruits ye shall know them, and if you have not love, what have you got afterall….- than please know that there are true paths ways information to a transforming Union with the Sacred. Please know that you don’t have to be blindfolded anymore to know.
I became involved with this message board because my heart was broken open with the overwhelming pain of my brothers and sisters – that it is no longer acceptable to dismiss our response-ability by saying: they chose to be there. It’s their karma. I’m over it all and I don’t need or want to do anything about it. They’re New Age sinners and chosen to follow the devil.
It’s time to open our hearts to ourselves and each other, and confess/recognize/acknowledge the pain and reach out in acknowledgment to each other – Judy’s reality is a reality of abuse – and there is another reality that is loving and healing without abuse.

Re: How many dead

Dearest Grace,

I felt so moved by this post. It is because your love seemed to bounce off the screen. You can't save or change people involved in RSE but you are here, standing up and stating the truth and offering love.

You are so right - so what about all the silly disciplines to gain some kind of expertise in this linear world. Enlightenment is really more about letting go of all of the "content" of the physical life and bringing in the light of the non-linear world.

By their fruits, we will know them. So where is the love? True enlightenment and high level of consciousness always displays love, not abuse.

I felt your love Grace and I send much, much love to you.

Re: How many dead

I personally have known 5 students that have died. 4 of them Australians. Two of them lived in Australia.

Some students depart the USA and return to their own countries and cannot return to "school" for a variety of reasons.....illness, disability, deportation, an inability to financially able to sustain themselves in the USA.

I wonder just how many die in other countries never to be heard from ever again. Wouldn't look really good in the RSE statistics for proving just how marvellous enlightenment is.

Lets have a toast to 200 years of life without death.

Re: How many dead

Graced wrote: "It’s time to open our hearts to ourselves and each other, and confess/recognize/acknowledge the pain and reach out in acknowledgment to each other – Judy’s reality is a reality of abuse – and there is another reality that is loving and healing without abuse. "

I totally agree. Despite personality differences, and similar human issues, the bottom line is that the people who are involved with this Msg Board, sincerely are concerned and care about the people who are in RSE, being duped.

The glossy marketing campaign doesn't give people the information to make a fully informed choice about what they are getting into, when signing up for the school. There is a spectrum of attitudes for the majority of people, who are the ones who have not remained in the school; anywhere from shrugging it all off as not worth pursuing, to being scarred on some level, for life. Some people are current and content, (we were once in that mindset, too, until digging deeper), and some are still current and doubting - with nowhere to turn unless they find EMF or some other support system.

Yeah, how many times did Ramtha lead a toast, to 200 years of life without death ? Many times. How many students have achieved that ? Nobody I'm aware of. How many have died of old age and/or disease ? Many.


Re: How many dead

Graced thank you for that beautiful post that was so eloquently spoken. It literally brought tears to my eyes. That for me too is the bottom line -- how much & long will people shirk their response-ability to say "NO" to what harms others. Maybe I have no right to go into her place & force my beliefs on her, but I can make my observations & experiences known so that others may see. I can hold up a magnifying mirror for those patterns to be seen clearly, so that others can see. When the "dirty laundry" is so magnified that others can no longer ignore it, then perhaps they will be moved to make a choice. M.