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RSE Emails and Corporate Takeover

A large number of RSE emails advertising events have a picture of a stage on them....sort of like Hollywood, or Broadway.

Curious. Perhaps it is well understood that the presentation given at RSE is a performance, or an act?

Why would a school of ancient wisdom present such advertising? Granted there are other emails but the majority are of the stage with lights. Some say that the best way to hide the truth is to have it in full view of everyone.

The groups of the early years namely: Elohim, Ahk Men Ra, Om Akad, Iaut Aleph and Iaut Aleph Sun and Moon all had ancient mystical symbology associated with the group.

These mystical symbols were gradually replaced with corporate symbology such as "77" at Assay 6 which was apparently the year that JZK Inc. was founded.

RSE was also selling t shirts with concepts on them that are not even understood in some other countries.
They are apparently USA terminology. The one that springs to mind is a t shirt with "alumini" written on it. I haven't looked it up. I still do not know what it means.

Ramtha's attire over the years has also changed to something that looks more like modern corporate attire than the robes of old.

His old robes were being sold at the Outback Boutique, Yelm, for $1200USD. A real bargain!!!! Perhaps some of that sacred essence will rub off onto the wearer.!!!!

The ancient school of wisdom of the early years is these days is presented quite differently. Perhaps all is not as it seems?

Re: RSE Emails and Corporate Takeover


Alumni is a word used to denote the GRADUATES of a particular college or university, basically. That then, raises the question of why a student would wear such a shirt, or that one would be sold ? There have not been any graduates of RSE, so there can't be any alumni.

There is no RSE Alumni.

Further, how can one GRADUATE from a "school" that does not post a curriculum with graduation requirements that can be met, for graduation ? RSE tries to run itself as though it were a university, but it's not. There is no curriculum, no syllabi, no accredation, no course requirements for credits toward a degree.



Re: RSE Emails and Corporate Takeover

Thanks Whatcha. I have never heard the term before. It seems one can purchase one's graduation then ??????

Re: RSE Emails and Corporate Takeover


I guess if Ms. Judith can find a level of satisfaction being a billionaire, perhaps then she will allow students to graduate and become teachers ? I rather doubt it.

There was a day when I so admired that woman; but no longer do I respect her, knowing what I do. I think that school COULD have become a great place had it been run by people who did not have the baggage she has.


to say the least. The "school" is open-ended, with no posted criteria to meet, whereby one has earned some document stating that they have received a certain level of "education", and what that education represents.

Now, having said all of that, there is the issue of the teachings being based on some truth, and also many falsehoods (pseudoscience) theories that are presented as though they are facts.

Priorities are just not in order to fulfill the "mission".
Very sad.

Re: RSE Emails and Corporate Takeover

I was at the event where the ALUMNI shirts appeared for sale. I wondered about the designation until it occurred to me that it was JZ's subtle suggestion that all of the old timers should leave. After all, they were the only ones who could tell the newbies that there was trouble in paradise. JZ was in the process of downsizing Ramtha and morphing the mystery school into her version of millionaire mind. (Another hijacked teaching.)

Apparently sales were slow because Melissa got up onstage and said that JZ wanted her to explain what ALUMNI means. It was the usual RSE cultspeak. (SPEND YOUR MONEY NOW.)

Re: RSE Emails and Corporate Takeover


Yes, I was there for that nauseating performance, also.

Perhaps you also remember this:
At a mandatory event just a few years ago, (spring, I believe), JZ said on the last day, that she was too tired to channel Ramtha. But, she wasn't too tired to get on the intercom and speak to us from her house. We babbled on and on about this and that, before turning the lecture to her retail business. She has expanded the Outback some time earlier, and added a lot of new merchandise. I recall being with a friend who enjoys good lace tablecloths. Well, she found one in there priced at over $1,000. She just about fell over. In any case, JZ promoted her business and said she wanted students to patronize her store, which would give the best wrapping/packaging, and care to the purchased items. Also, that if we were to find something we wanted was not available, to tell staff what we wanted, and she would find it for us - and ship it no matter where we live. Yeah, right.
But, the clincher, for me anyway, was when she asked us to PROMISE her that we would do our shopping in HER store !!!! Then we were told to talk to our partner. By this time, I was so disgusted, that I turned to my partner (who was from Canada), and asked him if it was okay for a student to disagree with everything they just heard - and if it was okay to shop wherever WE CHOSE to, rather than feeling compelled to serve JZ's needs!? I was so fed up. Well, my partner was squirming, not wanting to say anything along the lines of what I had just challenged. Whatever.

I also had another thought just pop into my memory. Do you remember how many years, for Thanksgiving (as one example), when students were pressured to give money so that dinner for the poor people, could be bought/given, from the donations (for Yelm area folks). Yes, it's wonderful to give a helping hand to those in need. However, I really resented the PRESSURE to do so, in the Yelm community when I am not a resident there. I choose to support my own community and make my donations there, instead. Of course, she wouldn't think of that ! Everyone is supposed to do what she wants, for her purposes.

AND, in line with the topic title, I will add that the RSE event emails are sent out because people sign up for them. However, I also have received solicitations from RSE for JZ's retail businesses via email, too. I never signed up for that. I've heard others state the same thing. It appears likely that she uses her master email list to basically SPAM people, because that's just what that is. Abuse of an email list.

Re: RSE Emails and Corporate Takeover

I was at a Dimensional Mind event. These were held every November for a few years after the required follow ups. We were told that we would not get in the gate unless we brought 4 items of food for the poor.....from memory it was not Thanksgiving but for poor "Masters" for their food storage, or basic living needs.

I remember a student from England that had almost nothing. She was continuously going to the Master's centre for food handouts......a beggar of the work..... I heard of plenty in those early years as the existence of the Master's Center acommodated theri poverty.

Australia and presumably a lot of other countries do not have Thanksgiving. They have other varieties of celebration days. No foreign student in need has ever got turkeys, foodstuffs, or money for such from "RSE International" to my knowledge. I have known of quite a number of poor students who would fall within the category of deserving the handouts.

They spent their money on the "education" and then found they could not get back to RSE even if they wanted to. They were very poor afterwards.

It cost at the time approximately $4,000 for an Australian to attend an event that cost a local resident $1000. That takes into account travelling expenses and the unfavourable exchange rate. It could cost even greater than this if you do not have anyone to stay with and have higher acommodation costs, vehicle hire or are flying from Western Australia.

One of the RSE video's (It was either the Art of Giving or Christmas with Ramtha) showed how the delightful "little Masters" of RSE got enormous gifts at the RSE Christmas event.

Meanwhile some of these poor foreign students cannot even AFFORD Christmas any longer......but they are out of sight, out of mind and they are too old for Christmas or got deported.......not permitted re entry into the country for another 10 years......

Wonder what criminal offence the committed in the name of enlightenment to create THAT reality?????

Blasphemy against the dictatorship?????

Now the Waltz of the Tyrants enters many countries for new prospects..... it is obscene.

Where is the equality in "RSE International?"