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Ramtha, Physics? and Free Energy

In the early years Ramtha told people that a "lightning rod" could give you all the energy you needed to power your house.

He also said that Einstein's formula of E=MC2 was incomplete and that the real formula was E=MC2C2.

A student called Pedro used to give lectures on physics in the Master's Center. This was a place where mostly foreign students stayed for events though there were some longer term residents. It no longer exists. It was also a local meeting place.

Pedro,I understand was involved in the development of the Tachyon device that was supposed to protect a person from unwanted electromagnetic frequencies. It was a small plastic capsule that was hung around the neck. Ramtha was involved in its design. It cost about $80 and apparently had a samll copper coil inside. It probably did NOTHING except part the user with their money.

Ramtha also spoke about creating an antigravity field by having counter rotating magnets in a vacuum at 0 degrees (from memory)

I have never seen any workable free energy device produced from this information and I know lots of RSE students were extremely interested. Students assumed they were priveledged to get such information from the Heirophant.

Ramtha always used to say he selected the students that came to his school and no one was there that he did not want there. When people were absent for their required events he used to say he "weeded them out."
No one wanted to be the "weed" of course.

The absence of such devices in the Yelm vicinity makes it quite convincing that a lot of the information given forth by Ramtha is just pure bunkum designed to infiltrate people's emotional weaknesses for the profiteering of the RSE organization.

Re: Ramtha, Physics? and Free Energy

"He also said that Einstein's formula of E=MC2 was incomplete and that the real formula was E=MC2C2. "
REF: The Philidelphia Experiment...

This information was put other there FIRST by Al Bialek... in the 70's...

Interview with Al Bialek

What does E=MC2C2 light reciprocal mean?

AB: That would be C to the 4th. That does not have meaning other than that would rotate you into one of these hyperspacial locations which is C to the 4th and you would be out of the electromagnetic and you would pass into one of the etheric domains.

You must ALWAYS REMEMBER.... JZ Reads and Researches a lot... she also has a Photographic memory.

Think about it... with a photographic memory... you read it... and VOMIT it back quie easily.

Re: Ramtha, Physics? and Free Energy

Thanks AKA, good to have you here!

I reread this: http://home.swbell.net/comcody/bielek_interview.html
since I don't have yet a photographic memory.

Re: Ramtha, Physics? and Free Energy

I remember Ramtha using the term "light reciprocal." The formula E=MC2C2 was published in Windwords.

Reciprocal can mean "equivalent" (according to the Reader's Digest Universal Dictionary) or in mathematics it is "the quotient of a specific quantity divided into 1." For example the reciprocal of 7 is 1/7.

I have no idea if Ramtha's terminology equates that formula. Windwords staff were regularly at events in those early years and were permitted to publish Ramtha's words, as I understand it, because of their accuracy in doing so.