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The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New

Hello All,

Today again, more BS about the Secret Hocus-Pocus... New Age... movie.

I will tell you... after 30 plus years... of Channels and Highly Inspired writers and speakers like Anthony Robbins... Dewayne Dyer... Think and Group Rich...... the Principles of the SECRET is NOT NEW... it is just been RE-PACKAGED to SELL a Fantisy.

These things all are FAILURES... and do little more than make your ego feel better for a few moments of the day until you must FACE the FACTS of your life again... and pay the bills... and get off you ass and go back to work.

I know these are harsh worlds to say, but look at REALITY.

If these types of writing truly worked... we would not have an ageing New Age Community that has lost their money... homes and businesses in Ramtha, Mafu, Robbins, Chopra, and other New Age Darlings auidance and cults...... These people now live off of people like myself who Lost EVERYTHING in the name of Spiritual Self Development to RETURN AGAIN to WHAT TRULY WORKS... in the Business world and CREATE my life again...

Not by mantras, affirmations and denials, or C & E Focused Breath ... but by physical WORK..

Yes WORK. Now that is a bad word for many.

I was a worker bee long before the New Age Community... and from personal experience I have learned the only one getting rich and truly changing their life to any degree... are the con-artist channels and fantasy writers who write these FAIRLY TAILS.... and sell them to dumb smucks like us.

I have some ability to make money... as even in the mist of spending well over $150,000.00 to these types of groups... found myself divorced, and removed from my family and friends ALL in the name of Manifesting My New Destiny and Self-Realization.

Oh, yes, I did had fun playing around with these groups… but the DEATH of the current generation of New Ages… DIED because of LACK of the manefestation of the SELLS PITCH they all made.

Basically, very few... attained anything but poverty... the loss of homes, businesses and support from family and friends. In the name of GOD... and these types of SECRET SPECIAL TEACHINGS... I have watched others lie, cheat and steal to MANIFEST in the name of God... and THEIR RIGHT to have what they want.

I have many friends who I have personally picked up out of the gutter after they lost everything to these types of SECRET…. Manifesting Your Dreams and getting what you truly want groups.

The BIG SECRET IS… it will be your family … friends or the Government who will be there for you after you are booted out on the street trying one more day…. Or one more event… or one more WATCHING of these these FEEL GOOD presentations that leave you wondering what happened to your life… years later.

....And of course when the PROJECTED SUCCESS… does not happen IT IS YOUR FALT… just ask the RAMTHA Groups or one of the many disenchanted followers over at [link to enlightenmefree.com] .. there you will find the TRUE WORKS of The SECRET... BEFORE it was RE-PACKAGED with a NEW Face.

They can tell you hundreds of stories of doing C & E…and Self-Hatred when their life did not change.

Well either these Illuminated Teachers were not prepared for the stupidity of the people in their groups… or these teaching are nothing more then fantasy.


Yes, I have change my life again….. Making lots of money… but it was NOT by any mind games…. C & E or Affirmation or Chant…. It was by good old HARD WORK… Chopping Wood and Caring Water….. That changed my life…

I am so sick of these BIG TEETH Promoters wearing their 1000.00 suits PROMOTING… and SELLING… their latest fantasy…. Yes it does work..

But guess what…. WHY DO THEY NEED TO PROMOTE THE SECRET… it all things were just about HOLING THE THOUGHT…. There would be no need for them to go on the lecture circuit …. Larry King Live or buy BIG ADS on the Internet or in the News to Promote it…

According to THEIR LIE…. It would SIMPLY HAPPEN.

In closing, my message for you today is…. BUYER BEWARE…. It these ideas WORKED.. And they have been around for over 35 years… just PACKAGED in different forms… then THE WHOLE…. NEW AGE COMMUNITY.. Would be living their DREAMS…

And in LIVING THEIR DREAMS…. It would be the PROOF POSITIVE… that this New AGE BS was true.

Look around you friends…. How many of YOUR PERSONAL New AGE FRIENDS… have TRULY created any level of BIG SUCCESS using these Mind Games?

Only the Channels… and Book Promoters….

Need I say More.

How many TURLY SUCCESSFUL New Agers... do you really know.

Most, are now living OFF OF the Hard WORK of other family members or friends.

No Self-Mastery there.

This Video... THE SECRET... is the TOTALITY PICTURE of the 1970,80,and 90's New Age BS... that simply does not work.

When it does not work... YOU will be blamed.. for being who you are in truth.

It is nothing more than an life an fantisy.

Tell me someone YOU KNOW... from some of the groups from the 70's,.. 80's... or 90's... who have TRULY MASTERED and not USED OTHERS.. by manipulation.

If these works were true... we would now have a agless New Age Community.... that is EXTREMELY WEALTHY... not just making ends meet.

Buyer Be Ware.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

Refreshing post!

Let us work HARD for money and wealth!
But we are already working, hard, for some multinational corporations.


Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

Very true AKA. I have not observed ANY of them working either.

The other ones making money are the world tour presenters of RSE. Ridiculous prices are charged for watching videos in foreign countries and the tour presenters can continuously afford their air fares to RSE headquarters from a very long way away.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

Refreshing post, AKA.
One professor friend of mine (Karl Raschke of Denver U) once said that the NewAge belief systems reminded him of Saturday morning cartoons that offer an imaginary world where anything is possible and magic is real.
Unfortunately, some of us grow up much later than we should.


Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

Thank you all for helping me off the fence. This forum has been very enlightening to me indeed.

I realize I really don't resonate with the majority of the thoughts presented here. I still believe in taking responsability for my choices in life. To blame others is just giving them more importance than I want to give them. I find focusing on the faults of JZ and others to be disempowering (quite the opposite of what I was hoping EMP was all about.)

I agree with the idea that many people put a lot of time and money into New Age presentations, workshops, books etc just to get a feel-good hit and never really go beyond that. I also think that putting in the effort does produce results. This has been my experience.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

Your Quot e"I still believe in taking responsability for my choices in life."

You have totally miss understood my post...

Where did you READ that ANYONE... BLAMED someone else..


I would NEVER be a success to the degree that I have been over my life... had I played any BLAME GAME.

I removed myself for 9 years in a cave for heaven sakes... BY CHOICE.

One fine day, you must, as I did... take a step back and look at the TRUTH... TRULY LOOK at the carniage left in the wake of these things.

Be Honest and Even within yourself.... you already know...

I can tell you... I my GREAT SUCCESS has noting to do with doing C & E.. and MANIPULATION of anyone or anyting... blowing out prana or blind -folding my self in a field of the masses.

It is by pure being alone...

These STORIES and GAMES... that these channels bring... only BRING WEALTH to the CHANNEL.

Exactly how many people have ASCENDED by Ramtha's teacings? ZERO

OPen your eyes and LOOK in the community of YELM.

What do you see.

If you truly take the time to READ the post presented here on this board... you will not find complainers or the weak at heart.

Many on this board were very successfull people BEFORE Ramtha... these people are strong in sprit and are living CLOSER to TRUTH than people who NEED another QUICK FIX .... of Ramtha.

The BACTIREA of Ramtha FEEDS off the success of others... Where do you think JZ got the money for her BIG HOUSE in the sky... smile...

....and after it has devowered it's prey.. it moves on to NEW FACES... and other countries... FRESH MEAT.

IT must... for most people like myself returns to SELF... and BECOMES a SOVERIGN PERSON .

I stand as a WHoLE SOVERIGN PERSON NOW... not split apart with the fancies and longins of a mear child.

The Ramtha organization is a BACTERIA that FEEDS on the people who are captured in it web of lies and immorality.

You will be BACK one day... who knows when, when your money runs out.

....others will be here, to assist you to pick up the pieces and go on.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

thanks for this..yes it is not enpowering to me solve the problem that i am scamed with ramtha philosophy and new age crap on theire forgivnes philosophyies .its a too long road.shake them out of theire heaveans of selfilusions and show jz how she helps the world for here own financial benefit and not to transform the world.dreams are good.but they are dreams and i was the idiot to belive and pay for otherones dreams.thank good we are not compleetly selfresponsible there are other forces which keep us alive and well and will call for ouer death in the end.if somebody can proof to me that he can beat death and fullfill dreams with new age stuff.i might consider geting a devotee again.but people who try to convince me should be aware that if they dont.i am full of anger and disapointment and i will try to get rid of it with a stick breaking on theire backs to get them off my property.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

Aka, Your post is beautiful. It is really honest and telling it how it really is.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

editor: The spelling on the message board is at times atrocious.
Does that remark sound judgmental to anyone?

Onthefence, quite a balancing act you have going there! I am not making fun, but I sense a confusion, and it is a New Age disease, the confusion of good judgment with judgmentalism. The former is a necessary trait if we are to act and think as mature adults with a beneficial role in society. The latter is the trait of making poor assessments and accusations based on inadequate information, acting on shallow "intuition" or merely choosing what "resonates" with us: That IS judgmentalism.

Pointing out errors where they are in RSE is not a bad idea. The bad idea is to ignore the JZ/RSE errors and continue to repeat them in our lives.

What specifically that has been said here do you disagree with and why? I was not clear about what criticisms on EMF you dislike.


Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

Re.. the bad spelling..
There are a few posters here where English is not their first language….
I was told recently that over 50% of the RSE beginners are from foreign lands…
most of them lured in from the “What The Bleep” movie.


Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

AKA - great posting - I totally agree with you - Thank goodness I wasn't in the school for a long time - now I am living a 'normal' life and doing my thing, which has got nothing at all to do with the so called new age - and I feel so alive and really really happy, even though I still have my challenges in life.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

Gosh.... geeessss..... LOL… Smile.

Wish I could say my poor spelling is because of my non English knowledge..

Unfortunately, I simply do not spell well... occasionally get typing too fast and hit some strange keys.

I will start putting these in MS/WORD first... that way I can spell check prior to posting.

I am sure that will help!.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

David, At Assay 6 in 2005 (July/ August) when we were being split up into groups for the archery there were people who coud not speak English at all and had to be in a group with an interpreter for their particular language.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Age


I just want to say, that despite your spelling challenges, I've enjoyed your posts. The most important thing is that we are here as a place for you to speak up about your experiences and viewpoints with regard to cult/coercive group recovery.

You've made some interesting points.

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

I was being facetious about the "spellink"---sure I realize that not everyone spik inglish as their first languaage on this board---my point was about judgmentalism. Hell, I could not speak English till I was almost 7; Hungarian and some German were my first languages.
Sorry if I offended anyone...


Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

on language and spelling;

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

By the way, apparently this statement is not true....

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage

It’s fine Joszef, let’s laugh about your facetiousness – and forget it!
(just had the impression that you focused more on words than on what lies behind those words)

Re: The REAL Secret ..... DEATH of the New Aage


Not that is a hoot!!!

SMiles to all.