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J.Z.Knight, in her own words......

There has been much to do about "hearsay", rumors, and second hand experiences. While I have recognized that in some cases these accounts may have some value, I felt that there should be a thread which dealt solely to statements and actions that came directly from the horses (zebras) mouth; I will begin to list some of them here and will come back from time to time.

I welcome comments; however, I would like to request that only verifiable statements or actions be included on this thread.

Let the story begin.

To start off with, I thought the big guy was from Lemuria, not Atlantis...

Yet from the jacket of JZ's autobiography, it reads

"She is a wife, a mother, a glamorous and successful business woman. She is also one of the most charismatic- and controversial- leaders in the New Age Movement today......She is JZ knight. And she is the "channel" [quotes in the original] through which Ramtha, a 35,000-year-old warrior sprit from Atlantis,,,,,," [State of Mind, my story JZ Knight 1987]

In describing the big dude on the opening page, she admits that he is "...a vision of perhaps the grandiose creative mind."...

In the prologue, she reminisces about her life;

"Looking back, my life has resembled an uphill climb with many downhill detours. If there is truth in predestination, I CERTAINLY CHOSE [emphasis mine] a life that imposed every conceivable hardship and obstacle. The purpose: to stretch myself to the limits and understand the reason of my being and to know God.

I remember my early childhood as one filled with innocent joy- that is until the age of four, when I was brutally raped." [Ibid. prologue]

It appears here that she is claiming to have chosen to be "brutally raped" as a four year old. This is how she has chosen to view a traumatic event in her life. At 40 years old, this is the best she has been able to do to come to terms with her professed trauma, presumably with the big dudes help. Want a teacher anyone???

Here is a good one; I think it may have been an attempt of hers to place her in a "sober" light to appear to be more believable. A group of her friends are discussing pyramids at dinner and they order drinks:

.."The waitress took the order- three more hot toddies, two martinis, a gin and tonic, and milk on the rocks, my usual."... [Ibid. Pg. 4]

Times have changed!!!!

There has been some discussion about JZ's rabid interest and reading habits. In trying to please her husband’s curiosity about pyramids:

...""Which one tells you how to build a pyramid?" I purchased them all. The clerk asked, "You want all these books?"

"Of course," I replied. "I'm doing a research paper..." then clearing my throat, "yes, on pyramids," I lied." [Ibid.pg5]

My take is that may have been the beginning of one of the biggest periods of lying in her life.

Re: J.Z.Knight, in her own words......

suggestion: If you have the Hawaii Dialogue video - the first - which has an interview of Judy and Les Sinclair -- compare Judy's story with her biography.

Re: J.Z.Knight, in her own words......


According to JZ, while looking for a house to move to after her son had a bad dream predicted by the big guy, she made up a story to tell the realtor;

"...I was still feeling dubious about my "playacting"- a word that sounds so much better then plain lying!"
[Ibid pg.22]

Perhaps this is her explanation of the big guy; to sounding better then lying.

During her second seen encounter with the big dude as she wondered if she could ask him a question it responded "Indeed, beloved woman, you may ask, indeed!"
My mouth flew open. He read my mind, I thought. How did he do that?
"Indeed, beloved entity, I know what you know."...
[Ibid pg.26]

A telling statement, more then likely an admission of the fact that the big dude is actually a concoction of JZ's own mind.

Also, it is a beginning of the instilling of mystical powers to the dude, that he can and will always be in ones head, a useful tool for manipulation.

Later, during the same conversation (with herself IMHO) when she was questioning his method of speaking;

"...But did you speak English before...before coming here...on earth?"

"There be not the utterances of sounds in verbiages of words where I come from, but rather beloved, that which speaks in EMOTIONS [emphasis mine], thoughts. WORDS BE A GREAT LIMITATION AND THAT WHICH IS A CRIPPLER OF EXPANSIVE TRUTH...."[Emphasis mine]
[Ibid pg.28]

Interestingly enough, JZ does not give many dates or times, however from other reading it would appear that this took place between 1978-1980 (if anyone can site an exact time it would be appreciated) in any case remember that this creature uttered these words of wisdom above.

Yet, in 1985 Douglas James Mahr author with Ramtha of "Voyage to the New World" 1985 Masterworks, INC. Publishers. Who is proclaimed to be "...one of Ramtha's named scribes." [Ibid pg.iii] it is stated that;

"At the time of this publication, Ramtha has delivered approximately one hundred Dialogues. These communications comprise a collection of approximately six hundred cassette tapes, about nine hundred hours of news; new information for this planet."
[Ibid pg.12]

Sounds to me that not only was he crippling the truth by then already, he /she/it paralyzed it!

Re: J.Z.Knight, in her own words......

To answer the question about dates, I pulled out my copy of JZ's book A State of Mind (which I hadn't looked at in 2 decades) and DISCOVERED A DISCREPANCY IN THE TIMELINE (I'm using capitals not to shout, but for emphasis). Bear with me and I'll lay it out:

On page 287 JZ says she married Jeremy Wilder on August 27, 1977. In the next paragraph she talks about weekends (plural) going by, and occasional dinners out. At one such dinner she says George Kensy made the comment about pyramid power that "eventually led to Ramtha's debut in my life and to our hasty move to the great white structure." The rest of that chapter relates a conversation she had with Ramtha that was not the first encounter. Then on page 299 she says "A week or so later on Saturday morning, Jeremy had just gotten out of the shower..." She then relates how Ramtha appears and has a conversation with Jeremy and the 2 boys.

On page 302, a graph begins, "Over the next few weeks, Jeremy took Ramtha's advice and started running some ads..." Two graphs down, a paragraph begins, "Some weeks later, as Jeremy and I were fawning over our new dining room set, he observed, 'Well, my Zebra, we made over three times more this month than the month before. The old boy was right.'"

So where is the discrepancy? The very next page, 303, starts a new chapter with: "It was now September of 1977 and that meant grouse and early deer season had opened." Near the top of the next page, 304, a graph begins, "Though Ramtha had been absent for a time from our household, I would catch myself thinking about him with reservation."

So how could JZ marry the dentist on August 27, 1977, and by September 1977 have had:
1) A few weekends pass before the initial pyramid episode in which Ramtha first appeared,
2) By page 299 "a week or so later" has passed.
3) On page 302 "the next few weeks" have passed, and later on that same page, "some weeks later" have passed before Jeremy and JZ are "fawning over" the new dining set.
4) On page 303 "Ramtha had been absent for a time..."
5) But after all that, JZ says on page 303 that it's still only September 1977? Wow, after August 27 the rest of the month of August 1977 must have lasted for at least 4-6 more weeks, according to JZ.


Re: J.Z.Knight, in her own words......

The following is excerpted from a web site of bios of mediums and mystics;

...Knight has said that Ramtha occurs in her life in three different ways. The first is when she leaves the body in trance. She claims to have no conscious recollections of what transpires when Ramtha takes over. In her personal assessment, he is a consciousness that works through her brain and mind and manipulates her body in order for that to occur. "We both cannot occupy the same space,"...

Do any of you find it strange that this super conscious being who can bi locate and all sort of wonderful stuff cannot occupy the same space as his/her/its channel? Some limitless being! Obviously, he/she/it is limited.

But then again, if one looks at it from the point that it is only a figment of JZ's imagination then her statement makes sense.

Let’s continue on....

She said, "so I was afraid of letting go because that meant death, in a sense, to me. It took me two years to get over that fear."

At least she didn't have to sit on a rock for 7 years....perhaps the big guys agitated state sometimes comes from a bad case of hemorrhoids, then when he/she/it is nice and loving it has its preperationH fix.

In her opinion, Ramtha is a "channeled consciousness," rather than a spirit. "As a consciousness that has hyperlucidity, {WHATEVER} Ramtha can be considered superconsciousness that affects itself through physical mass," Knight said.

Hmmm.... I wonder if she used the word affect to mean to imitate or assume...as in affecting a British, Indian accent.

Secondly, Ramtha appears separate from her. The channeler said that she had come to understand that his visual appearance "may be a hologram of his consciousness that was actually working through my brain to create that vision."

You fill in the blank because it MAY BE ___________________________actually working through my brain.

The third manner that Ramtha can manifest is that he can answer J. Z. Knight when she has a question.

Either she is not enlightened enough to ask the right questions or he/she/it has sent her to some really bad plastic surgeons!

"I can actually hear the answer that is translated in my head," she said. "I hear that as a vocal voice. Ramtha has never imposed by taking over my body. Regardless of what anybody says, I am not being possessed. It is of my own free will."

You can say that again!!!

Ramtha told the thousands of men and women who gathered for the series of popular lectures and seminars that they were gods, possessed of a divine nature, fully capable of creating and realizing whatever goals they desired. When answering questions from individuals, he addresses them as "master," thereby indicating that he considers them on the path of self-mastery. Consistent with other New Age teachers, Ramtha teaches that all those who meditate upon the vital life-force within will be directed to the path of self-realization.

Although J. Z. Knight has been criticized by those who point out that there is no substantial evidence that Ramtha's Lemuria or Atlantis ever existed and that 35,000 years ago, humankind was still at the hunter and gatherer stage of development, she has received the harshest criticism for the high prices she charges for her seminars. The channeler admitted that at first she had difficulty with Ramtha's insistence that she must charge people for the teachings,

Sound like the old "The devil made me do it defense"??

but the entity told her that people did not appreciate knowledge that they receive for free.

Oh, I am beginning to get it now, he/she/it say ..."You are gods." I guess when one is a God; they still get to participate in Capitalism.

"The only way we ever gain wisdom is when we interact and experience life,"


she explained. "We pay the price of experiencing life in order to gain wisdom, the virtue of which is the prize of evolution. So the price people pay to attend the teachings is equal to the price they pay in life to gain knowledge and wisdom. It is equal and relative to personal experience, which always comes with a price."

That is like saying the more you pay the more knowledge and wisdom one will gain.

Talk about bogus rational!!!!!!!!

Re: J.Z.Knight, in her own words......

I was researching for something in an "old" book I read over 20 years ago, M. Scott Peck's "People of the Lie: The hope for healing human evil" (1983). In one chapter, "Of Possession and Exorcism" Peck cursorily describes two solemn exorcisms that he attended, both successful. Peck was a trained psychiatrist and a skeptic prior to some extraordinary interactions he had with "evil" patients that piqued his interest in learning more. After participation in the exorcisms, he concludes that Satan (he calls Satan a sexless "it") is a real spirit, but he feigns from any strict definition. In fact, Peck ends that chapter with: "But until that time we have greater knowledge of Satan, my understanding remains faint." (p 211)

Two chief features appear in the demons he encountered: fear and deceipt (Father of Lies).

Fundamentalist Christians easily identify entities like Ramtha as demons, but Peck is no fundamentalist. He does say that a devil needs a human being to exist: "And it slowly dawned on us [the 7 member exorcist team] that the spirit either could not or would not leave the patient's body under such conditions. This led us to two conclusions. One, already mentioned, is that ultimately the patient had to be the exorcist. The other is that 'Satan has no power other than in a human body.'.....In fact, 'the only power that Satan has is through human belief in its lies.'Both patients became possessed because they bought its false seductive promise of "friendship."" (206)

JZ's (or Ramtha's) words have power over anyone only if that person believes that Ramtha is a friend and that s/he speaks truth.

As many of the posts above indicate, JZ's own words have destroyed her credibility.

Some ex-Ramtha members, Including Jeff Knight, in the past have wondered to me if JZ will ever come to her senses and want to heal herself from this "possession." The key word here is "want." What indeed will she want in the end?

Joe Sz

Re: J.Z.Knight, in her own words......

JZ claims that she and it cannot be in the same place at the same time... have a look at this; notice the head movements of both the big guy and jz, in fact, if they are superimposed you will see that they both shake their heads in the same way.

Some things never change...old habits die hard...so the "God" does not really take control of her body anyway???


Re: J.Z.Knight, in her own words......

So it is true? There really is a devil? What about their being no hell. Did Ramtha lie about that too? Maybe there really is a hell.

Re: J.Z.Knight, in her own words......

The following are excerpted from a Larry King transcript. The full transcript is available @ http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0611/02/lkl.01.html

I will be commenting, my comments will be in brackets.

And so, we have an event [[the big WE, so presumptuous]] and we ask how is that event that we think is so terrible
[[terrible?]] As in bad?]],

how does it serve us and how does it help us fulfill what is really most important to our life?

[[ Try to imagine for a moment what ones life would be like if they did what the above suggests, he obviously means one should do this for all events not just the “terrible” ones]]

Then what happens is we transform through the perception of that action into an opportunity

[[ so, one transforms from?? into an opportunity?? That implies that one was in lack of opportunity previously??]]

that we can now use as a resource for our life.

KING: Where do you learn this, Ms. Knight? [[ perhaps he meant to say “What the#%@&* did he just say??]]

JZ KNIGHT, RAMTHA'S SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT: I don't subscribe to positive thinking because that would suggest that we're all negative and the connotation of negative is that we're all bad. And it's difficult enough to survive in the world and have self-esteem without thinking that you have to think positive because you're already bad. [[ Who said that???]]

[[I will get back to this one later]]
[[P.S. Notice she ignored Larry’s question]]

KING: What do you call it?

KNIGHT: I call it being wonderful.

[[Yes, wonderfully, not positive]]

KING: JZ if the day is cloudy or rainy and we're bothered by that we're determining to be bothered by that right?

KNIGHT: Absolutely. Absolutely. [[ limited, absolute response]]

KING: We're making it. If rain ain't doing it, we're doing it.

KNIGHT: We're doing it. [[ It being the pro noun for rain]]
We are creating the nature of our reality by what we choose, how we choose to think about our life and the outside world.
[ [ Why doesn’t she go think a few droughts away…]]

KNIGHT: Well, a soul mate is equal to who we are, so the first thing we have to do is fall in love with ourselves.[[good]] We have to like who we are.[[good]]Otherwise, if we don't, we're going to get frequency specific with people in our life that...

KING: Bad choices. [[now, now Larry, you said the “bad” word]]

KNIGHT: ...reflect back to ourselves.[[bad]] So, first thing fall in love with yourself.[[good]] Be to you what you would love to have in another person.

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: Then that person comes. [[i.e.; the big guy. Abused woman finds it hard to love herself so she creates what she would love to have in another person; a big 8 foot tall warrior protector, trouble is, having never dealt with the purported abuse, he learns to be an abuser also]]

PROCTOR: I think it goes back to what JZ said. We don't know who we are. [[There is that Big #$%@&* WE again]]

KNIGHT: We don't know who we are. [[Let’s see, am I Ramtha, or, J.Z. hmmmmm……..]]

KING: Our panel is Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Michael Beckwith, John DeMartini, and JZ Knight. JZ, you say you treat the universe as a shopping cart and all you got to do is ask. [[ yeah a shopping cart like the one on a web site

KNIGHT: I teach people that.[[notice “she” does it, not the big guy]]

KING: Ask for $1 million and you get it?

KNIGHT: Well, what I teach people is, is that money comes as a result of ingenious thoughts, creativity,[[ So, the con with ingenious thoughts and creativity can get their dough also]] because we're born creators, and that when we create our day and we start out with our day and say, "This day I will access information about the future, technology and genius."
[[ In her case, she must say, “this day, I must make sure not to get caught, I must continue to get as much money and transform as many as possible into believing what I/he/it teach them]]And during that day great thoughts come that start you on a journey of creating something of value that as a consequence of that you get paid for it.[[Oh yeah!!!]]

KING: Money follows. {like a carrot on a stick]]

KNIGHT: Absolutely. [[ that is except for you , JZ]]

KING: "Time" magazine had an article, "Does God Want you to be Rich?" For several decades a philosophy has been percolating in the 10 million strong Pentecostal wing of Christianity that seems to turn the gospels on its head. In a nutshell, it suggest that God who loves you does not want you to be broke. It's been propelled by Joel Osteen's four million selling book, "Your Best Life Now." Does he want you to be rich?

DEMARTINI: Absolutely.

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

PROCTOR: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: Absolutely.

[[If you happened to see the show, this one had me on the floor laughing!! Nothing like a buck to bond them all together]]


KING: What does God care?

KNIGHT: But what isn't God? [[Oh, the old answer a question with a question]]

KING: Why does God care if you've got $10 or $100.

KNIGHT: Isn't that small? Isn't that cheap?[[see above]]

ASSARAF: I think God cares because we work with business owners...

KING: Just asking.

PROCTOR: He phoned me. He phoned me within two or three minutes of that. I saw it on the board.

ASSARAF: The house that I live in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:(JZ) We teach to do that, draw on a piece of card what it is you want to manifest, and simply look at it and be present with it. That's called creating a time trial to the future. “creating a time trial to the future” [[Now that is “loaded language, but I guess if one goes and “learns” from her they will find out what that means and then they can speak in riddles around their friends and neighbors also]]

KING: We're back. [[yawn]]

J.Z., can you remove an illness just by thinking about it?

KNIGHT: Yes. I was a heavy smoker, and I was developing emphysema. Most women like to smoke, most people that I knew did. And I went and got a CAT scan, and when I saw the CAT scan of what my lungs were doing, I knew I wasn't going to be alive very much longer.

And so I simply said, I'm going to go live somewhere in my brain where I have always been well.
[[Maybe she avoids her conscience the same way as well, she just finds a place in her brain to hide from it.]] And in that moment, I simply moved what I am to a different neuronet in my brain.

And so what I do, and I have people that are so-called label addicts,[[she has people??]] I go in there [[where??]]and ask them all the benefits that they're getting out of it and bring the unconscious conscious first.[[whoa]]] And when they discover 100 benefits that they're unconsciously getting out of being the drug addict, it blows their mind to realize why they're really doing what they're doing. [[deep, really deep…]]

KING: Michael, what causes relapse?

BECKWITH: Exactly what he's saying here. The benefits, the temporary benefits of getting that momentary high. They haven't yet seen themselves...

KING: You miss it, so you want it?

BECKWITH: They're craving, the body, the mind, the chemicals that are being produced. They don't quite understand that those chemicals, those endorphins can be produced from a sense of connection.

KING: But we're in a drug conscious society. Look at all of the legal drugs to stop your pain, make you feel better, do this, do that.

ASSARAF: Absolutely.

DEMARTINI: A pill for every ill. KING: A pill for every ill.

ASSARAF: We've got the best pharmacy in the world, right here, in our brain.

KNIGHT: It's true.

ASSARAF: No pharmacy can compare with the human mind.

KNIGHT: We are addicted to our emotions. That's the greatest addiction there is.[[“…You will learn to feel, profoundly, so that you gain the TRUEST{emphasis mine} treasure of this plane: emotion.]]
Ramtha the white book pg.24 [[she says the words and holds the copyright]]

KNIGHT: So I sort of grew up and I -- knowing every day that if I prayed to God, that everything that I asked for would always get taken care of. I just thought everybody did. As I grew into a mature woman and got married and had children, I just went on my destiny knowing that there was something big could happen in my life. [[yeah…eight feet tall big!]]


KNIGHT: This day I love God. This day, the wisdom and love of God shines through me. It is my reality. I say that all of the time.


KNIGHT: All these years, it has been to help people to understand, first off, that they're divine, the capacity is inside of them to do marvelous things, are innate in them, that things that happen to them, it is not things happening to them, but the source leaking out of them.[[And out of their pocketbooks and into yours]]


KNIGHT: All of this, is spiritual because spirit is thought. It's the intangible ghost of reality that reality comes from. (END VIDEO CLIP)[[So, reality comes from something intangible, that would mean that reality is intangible no?? or, it is like me saying” believe me, everything I say is a lie, believe me.”?]]

KNIGHT: And in creating your day, the first thing you have to say is, that I'm wonderful, I'm filled with wonder. I am my greatest mystery. And this day what I say will manifest and I will experience the wonder of myself. [[and Nah, nah, nobody is going to catch me!]]


BECKWITH: It comes down to your practice. Everything that we've talked about here, it comes down to the word practice, that you begin to develop the habit of doing something every single day in your life. Describe your life and how it's going to be. Begin to tell yourself that life is for you and not against you. Begin to be aware that there's something trying to emerge through you right now.

Since you are an infinite being and you're here to progress, there is always something trying to emerge for you right now. So you're not sitting around waiting for the New Age. You're on the new edge. Something is trying to happen.

KNIGHT: And you're wonderful.[[but remember, wonderful is not good or bad…]] And everything that you think matters. So you're worries matter. So what you have to do,[[I just hate being told I “have to” don’t you??]] you have to get up, first thing in the morning and create your day, and say this day, I'm a genius. Not only am I a genius, I create a new reality that is fulfilling and without worry. All day long. [[Yes master Moa, and then I will recite the red book as many times as possible]]

BECKWITH: Practice.

KING: OK, another audience question. And this one is from Bonnie.

BONNIE: I's like to know how do you change a negative perception of an aging body and mind into a positive acceptance of the same age and body and mind?

KING: You are what you feel?

DEMARTINI: Well, you know, I think we're blessed because as we mature, our eyesight tends to get a little bit weakened and our hearing tends to go. So I think what the universe has done is make sure that we can't see what we see in the mirror. So the best thing to do is honor your sight as it starts to fade and you can appreciate what it does. No, but every single day it is wise to concentrate on what you do love about yourself, instead of focussing on what you don't.

KNIGHT: May I ask you tomorrow morning, if you want to be 30 years younger, your genes, here everything you say...

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: ... you have a code for your entire attitude. When you wake up in the morning and decide, today, I am going to be 30 years younger and fabulous. And if you do that, you start creating proteins in your self that replicates that attitude.[ She must be saying today I am going to be 30 years younger after I kick the #$%& out of that **** plastic surgeon!!]]

KING: Wow. [[meaning, “you mean I can think myself out of my suspenders??”]]

KING: You're all saying happiness is attainable?

PROCTOR: Absolutely.

BECKWITH: Happiness is the natural state of our being.

KNIGHT: It is a natural state of being, without fear. Without fear.


KING: One more audience question from Bernie -- Bernie.


What is the best way to retain a positive attitude while investing in a volatile stock market?

PROCTOR: Quit investing in the volatile stock market.

KING: Don't do it.

PROCTOR: And don't do it. Change your behavior.

ASSARAF: Even if you're investing in a volatile stock market, you've got to keep one thing in mind, and that's not the stock market. It's your perception of the stock market. There are people who invest in volatile stock markets that don't get affected emotionally by it. BERNIE: Right.

ASSARAF: And so if they don't get emotionally affected by it, then it's not the stock market. It's the individual's perception of the stock market. So when you change the way you look at something, the thing you look at will change.

KNIGHT: Remember, you create reality. You have it in you. Consciousness and energy creates reality. What you think matters. Your opinions help to affect the whole and your eventual outcome in reality. [[pound it home darlin’]]

KING: We're back with our final moments with our outstanding panel. We're going to do more of this and we just brought up a good topic.

I just said the air conditioner's not working in here.

BECKWITH: And now it is.

KING: And that bothers me. And you said, live with it. Right?

BECKWITH: No, I said I'm cool. And now it's working.

KNIGHT: We know how to create a reality. [[Sounds more like re-inventing reality…]]

KING: You just got cool.

KNIGHT: Come to class, Larry.[[ Did that remark just raise a few hairs on the back of your neck??]]


KING: You've all written books, right?


KING: Is that the best way for anyone watching to jumpstart, read one of the books? I mean, what is -- how do we... PROCTOR: I think the best way to start is get a CD or a DVD and play it over and over and over again.

KING: By one of you?

PROCTOR: Well, the best one -- the best thing I have seen in 45 years, Larry, is the DVD "On the Secret". To get it, go to thesecret.tv. It was made out of Australia. It is the best thing I have ever seen done in this industry.

KNIGHT: I think you would be very simple -- everybody gets up and says, what kind of life I do want from this day forward? And I'm going to write it down and I'm going to say this is who I am. [[oh, you don’t like the secret?]]

BECKWITH: Absolutely.

KNIGHT: To say, this is who I am. And negotiate your day through what you said. That's how you start.[[just keep going on your own tangent, time is running out]]

PROCTOR: There is three of us, Dr. Martini, Michael Beckwith and myself, are going to working together next week -- is it two weeks -- at PSI Seminars. I don't own the company, but it is the best course I've ever seen. And it is all up and down the West Coast, it's in different parts of the world.

KNIGHT: Our course is the best course I've ever seen. [[here is the competing for who can create the best plug for themselves]]

PROCTOR: Well, I think the program that...

DEMARTINI: All of our courses are outstanding. [[yes, lets stop fighting

KNIGHT: All of our courses are fabulous.[of course. darling]]

KING: J.Z., isn't change the hardest and most feared thing we do?

KNIGHT: It is the most feared thing that we do because we're afraid of reprisal as a result of it.[[you bet, and that is why you aren’t a changin’]] But change is a natural order of our being. We are creating reality every day. We're here to make known the unknown.[[as the nike commercial says “Just do it!!”]] It is innate in us, it's a part of our mechanism, it's a part of how our brain works. It's what we do best, but it's in a society that doesn't celebrate that.

PROCTOR: And change is inevitable, but personal growth is choice.


BECKWITH: We do until embrace the fact that we are here to grow. So that you say, how you to jumpstart? You wake up every day and you want to be different at the end of the day. You don't want to be the same person you go to bed at night. You want to have had an insight and a haha, you want to have done a new action. You would have said something new, so that you want to see yourself changing and becoming more yourself on a regular basis.

DEMARTINI: I was -- I had the opportunity to speak for Mary Kay Ash (ph) many years ago. And I had the opportunity to interview and chat with her afterwards. And I said, Mary, if there's any advice you could give me -- I was in my 20s at the time -- for me in my life, what with a you say?

And she said every single morning before you get and start your day, to sit down and write down the seven highest priority actions you could do today, because whoever sets the agenda brings the destiny about. And I started doing that. And I started compiling a list of the things that were truly important to me. And I noticed I increased the probability of those happening in my life just because I concentrated and I took...

KNIGHT: And we do them every day. We do that every day. I do that every morning. [[**** that big WE again…]]

Re: J.Z.Knight, in her own words......

Holy Cow manure! I am laughing a great deal at your comments Journeythroughramthaland !!!!