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All About ORBS

What are ORBS ?

A personal website with a page about Orbs:

Skeptic’s Review of Orbs (yet another opinion)

A google search on Orbs will yield many reading results. Maybe that's why Ms. Knight hasn't slapped a TM on it ?

Personally, I have home digital photos and regular old cheap instant disposable cameras that have captured ORB photos. Obviously, it is a phenomenon that isn’t privy to RSE. Why do I even make a comment like that ? Because students were told (yes, I was there to hear it), that Ramtha, the Big Guy himself, shook the energy grid, himself, to shake those suckers loose and made them fall down into our reality. MY GOODNESS! !! That’s a bit disrespectful of the Big Kahuna, don’t you think ? Also, I pondered, if he is capable of shaking a higher level of beingness (the colors of the orbs are related to their evolutionary level), then why can’t he just wave his magic hierophant staff, and the students (if not the world), are suddenly shaken UP in evolution ????? Hmmm.

Re: All About ORBS

Okay, replying to my own post here.....duh...

Orbs and lottery numbers. Ayep. I'm embarrassed. I even bothered to write down those numbers ! Should I sell them ? I have yet to win.

Now, in reasoning this thing, I had wondered from the get go; if you have hundreds of people who are all writing down the same numbers, HELLO???...how are they all going to win ?

Let me educate the reader (insert humor and sarcasm) as to how all of the students can win on the same numbers, even if they live in different states: They're all on different timelines, so in their world, they will win ! Cute, huh ?

I have not seen it proven that anyone has won from the alleged numbers that have appeared in the orbs. Was it trickery ? Nothing surprises me from that place, anymore.

Now, with regard to students getting rich; Ramtha said to students that when their fabulous wealth arrives, he demands (even the church isn't this darn pushy), that the students give a sizable chunk of their change to the school, because it would be due to the school that they got their wealth. Now, they were also told that if they did NOT do that, Ramtha said, AND I QUOTE, "I will bring you down."

Do we have an attorney on board ? Is that assault?

It sure isn't an ENLIGHTENED, LOVING ASCENDED GOD talking, unless he ascended down into the pits of hell.

How did I get from Orbs onto that ? Staying on topic can be hard, sometimes. Some stuff dovetails over into other areas.

Re: All About ORBS

Its the ORBS (like the follow the bouncing dot songs on a screen) that are taking you from one subject to another, they're right above your head, going here...then here...now look here...

Here's an Orb fact... take your digital camera, put the flash on and take a shot of orbs in a light rain or snow... can you tell who are the real orbs?

I have shot hundreds of Orb pics. and I do believe they are "something". Its fun, they ARE everywhere
EVERYWHERE. It seems you CAN ask them to show up and it does help to get some in the photo, but they are everywhere, all the time, blipping in and out. I think they have they're own ideas about who we are and what we are doing, and we havent really heard from them yet on THAT subject.

Re: All About ORBS

Smile.... God Wants PAYMENT for his WISDOM and WORKS??

Perhaps the GODS of today are not very powerful?

They NEED us mear humans to give them our money?

It is all so funny.... now...