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Michel Leadwith

Have anyone of you gone to Michel's Leadwith's website and read about his interview with the Masters connection about his finding on Jesus??

The great difference between Ramtha® and us, I often think, is that whenever he thought of something, however marvelous or bizarre, like becoming the wind, which Ramtha® was for two centuries, whenever he conceived of something in his mind, he knew it could be manifested. Would we ever have conceived of becoming the wind? It seems to be nothing, a vapor. Would you lose your identity? He thought of that and he knew that once he thought of something, that it could be done. (Was michel there and remembers all this????)

That is the difference between the great teachers and ourselves. We reason ourselves out of it by imagining that we have to operate within certain pre-determined limits, and any “miracles” we do, have to be done within that compass. Ramtha® never thought of it that way. Why? Because he knew that the structures and the paradigms and the reasons are generated from within us, as Jesus also said afterwards, which is quantum physics, so whatever you conceive to be, it is possible – whatever it is. There is no pre-existing set of rules to govern what we can do. To accept that is the badge of the slave, not the master.
MC: And this is what the great teaching of the Ram is, that you are God.

MICEAL: That is exactly it, and if we took that seriously we would know that God is not bound by anything in terms of potential, and the existing realities are simply the results to date of what God has reached on to do so far.

MC: And that whatever you focus upon, so shall it be. Consciousness and Energy creates the nature of reality. (pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze)

MICEAL: Ramtha® was the first person to ascend in this civilization, and all of the great mystery schools that have come down to us have been affected by him. I remember years ago he was talking about the Goat God who is well known in history, and he said at the end of his discourse – I happened to be sitting beside him on the stage that particular night -- and he said turn to your neighbor and share that with them. He was beside me and said I wanted to ask him a question.
He said, “Sure.”
I said, “Who was the Goat God?”
He said, “Ham.”
I said, “Yes, I know that the Goat God was Ham. In fact, in the Bible, Egypt is referred to as the Land of Ham. “But,” I said, “What I am really asking is who was Ham.”
And he said, “It was me.”
(Again was Michel there at the so called mystery schools - he sure seems to believe everything ramtha tells him)

So he has been active in all the major mystery schools and traditions down the ages. He was the first to ascend and he is the source of all of those movements of enlightenment down through history.

One of the absolute cores of Ramtha®'s teaching has been that women have been the most despised category in all of human history.

MC: The Ram is such an incredible teacher of that, of bringing that wisdom forth again.

MICEAL: The greatest teaching of it is that he is coming through a woman.

MC: Yes, yes, extraordinary. You have so many letters after your name. It is hard to keep track of how many letters there are. Based on your experience in your studies –

MICEAL: In many ways it just indicates how much you have to unlearn, but at least you know the field, and do know what you are talking about. Knowledge isn’t everything, but it is a crucial thing.

MC: Right, but you have really lived and breathed and contributed to the very arena which you are revealing such incredible truth about. I am curious what it has been like for you to be in this position as far as colleagues’ disapproval, attacks, commentary, what you have had to –

MICEAL: Let me put it briefly and succinctly. It has been horrendous, absolutely horrendous. But I feel that I only began to realize something important relatively recently after a decade of this, which has all been, you know, insidious and low key, and underhand, etc. A lot of it has been high key too. There isn’t a person in Ireland who hasn’t heard of Ramtha® because of me being linked to the School. I mean, in the eyes of the media there, the most sensationalist thing is that I “ran off and joined a strange cult,” and all that jazz. We all know that stuff. We have all had it in our own ways.

But I decided that I am not going to acknowledge that anymore by entering into the drama. I believe that if somebody decides to take issue with all the garbage that has been expressed about me, if they want to accept that unquestioningly and allow it to dictate how they relate to me, well then, I say, “So be it. You can align yourself with the power interests of the religions and with the destroyers of truth. And so be it, it is your choice”. And some people whom I would not have expected have allowed themselves to be affected in this way, quite often to serve their own thinly veiled purposes. But I say, “Go for it, but don’t count me in to form part of your drama for you because I am moving on and leaving you there”.

No, it has been horrendous. God knows we all have faults and failings up the gazoo, including myself, but, you know, it is always much easier to destroy the messenger and then you don’t have to listen to the message or assess its value. That is what most people are after who have such a morbid fear of change.

I remember on one of the CD's, ramtha says that we should not believe anything history tells us - it was the one about Leonardo Da Vicni being a woman - does anyone remember that CD - anyway, he/she said that unless we were there in that time and have the lingeage of that family then we don't know anything....so how can Michel talk with so much authourity on the subject of Jesus and ramtha - was he there - does he remember all that stuff??? He talks like he has such authority on all of that or did he read a zillion books or is it all that ramtha/jz told him.....after all she is the one publising all his DVD's etc. - makes me want to puke!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Michel Leadwith

There are many examples (in my opinion) of brainwashing at work in what you posted, MarchingOn.
Micael's view is a typical Ramster one. Any student (current or former) would have been able to predict his view and responses, coming from the viewpoint of the Indoctrination at RSE.

Specifically with regard to his comment, "But I say, “Go for it, but don’t count me in to form part of your drama for you because I am moving on and leaving you there”, I can say that is Ramtha-speak. We received numerous teachings, as well as being bombarded with loud music such as the song "No Time", and Ramtha talking about leaving people, places, things, times and events (physical and in your mind) behind while you MOVE ON.

So, it was also no surprise to have had the response of some of the staff, who disrespectfully showed up at the L.A.R.S.E. gathering. The event was clearly not intended for them. Mike Wright was even there "on the clock". I digress. My connecting these events is based on those staff people telling former students that they "should" just MOVE ON. Their idea of that, equates moving on = shutting up about the stories you can whistleblow about.

Micael has had his ego stroked at RSE for many years. Maybe he needs that. With all due respect, yes he is a learned man. But, he is also a human being. With regard to RSE, as it has been so far, he has been compliant, giving his power away to JZ so he has not transgressed over that fine line whereby she would probably (if her track record is worthy), attempt to ruin and threaten him, and do character assassination just as she/he has attempted to do with others who have Risen to the Top in the same light she cannot share.

To answer your question, I assume a rhetorical one, of course Micael can't prove what he claims. He's attempting to rewrite history. He could rewrite history, perhaps, in another way, if he would have the PERSONAL POWER and SELF ESTEEM to ask Ramtha to please prove HIS credentials and the veracity of his claims.

Give it a whirl, Micael, and see what the game really is about.

God Bless You.

Re: Michel Leadwith

Here is a write-up on Miceal Ledwith from BTO radio. They have announced that he will be speaking regularly now on the show because he won't be travelling so much. Now, he used to be referred to as a "teacher" at RSE - but I note that it now says that he has been a member of the school for a while and just "speaks" sometimes. Is he being down graded?
I've copied the description from BTO, below:

The Ultimate Challenge for Religion — The Quantum Age
Video - January 1, 2000
Dr. Míceál Ledwith was Professor of Systematic Theology for sixteen years at Maynooth College in Ireland and subsequently served for ten years as President of the University. He was a member of the International Theological Commission, a small group of international standing, charged with advising the Holy See on theological matters. He also served as Chairman of the Committee of Heads of the Irish Universities and as a member of the governing Bureau of the Conference of European University Presidents (CRF). He has lectured on several occasions at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment of which he has been a member for several years. And he has spoken on all occasions when the school held sessions at venues throughout the world.

Re: Michel Leadwith

A few months ago I was told by a current student that Micael is going the way of Audrey Wolfe and Joe Dispenza, also former "appointed teachers."

In a totalist regime this is called cleansing.

Re: Michel Leadwith

I suggest Googling him and see what comes up from the press in Ireland.
He has truly been reindoctrinated and had a fresh start here in Yelm.
God Bless him.

Re: Michel Leadwith

With regard to the post, "A few months ago I was told by a current student that Micael is going the way of Audrey Wolfe and Joe Dispenza, also former "appointed teachers."

..... I heard that, also. I'm curious to know how true it actually is. Time will tell, that's for sure.

Re: Michel Leadwith

A Funny NOTE about the wind... I was with Mafu one time and he made the STATEMENT... BE CAREFUL what you ask for...

If you want to be the WIND...you can come BACK as an Air Conditionier.

That being said... ALL THINGS ... are LIVING entities.

So much for the wind.


Re: Michel Leadwith

On the RSE website there are currently five teachers listed: Mike Wright, Debbie Chistie, Greg Simmons, Kenny Thompson and Miceal Ledwith.


However on the Beyond the Ordinary website a different teacher is listed....

Karriem Ali.....http://www.beyondtheordinary.net/karriemali.shtml

Miceal Ledwith and Joe Dispenza are not listed as teachers or former teachers of RSE. Dr. Joe is described as a student of RSE. They are both listed as being featured in the movie "What the Bleep."