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Will the real JZ please stand up

Has anyone noticed that the photo of jz on the cover and inside of her pathetic book 'a state of mind' doesn't look anything like her now - it looks like two completely different people - I've read she has had face lifts, botox etc. - why??? isn't the disciplines working for her??

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up


I'm laughing as I type this. Yeah, LOTS of people have noticed !

It has been said that JZ has had face lifts, because she has talked about it as herself/Ramtha. One particular story sticks in my mind, as it has been, I believe, the most oft repeated one.

Here is a story that contains some hearsay, but I think the evidence speaks to support it. Also, JZ is said to have had her lips injected, as well as her breasts. She talked about wearing hair extensions for many years, also.

Personally, I think she was a very attractive woman before doing all of that nonsense to herself. But, she was excused for having done at least some of her face lift work, because Jeff Knight was blamed as being evil and pressing her to do it because he said she was getting old and ugly. So, we were told, she did it for her man. She was only in her 30's at the time of her first face lift.

Now, be that as it may, I would then question this: If we are all supposed to be personally empowered beings, with her the number one student (even beyond Audrey - even though she hasn't proven anything in ability), then why would she, the example of Woman Empowered, chosen by Ramtha to exalt the mistreated women of history, BOW DOWN TO A MAN'S CRITICISM AND RUN OFF TO GET A FACE LIFT ???

I could have at least respected the face lift hypocrisy to the teachings if she'd just said, "I did it because I wanted to look better."

It's all so sad, even embarrassing, I think.

Points well taken, MarchinOn...yes, people have noticed. Many of the marketing photos are very old pictures, also. It wouldn't be unreasonable to wonder what JZ's agenda is, with trying to hang on to her age like the Hollywood movie stars ???

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

Marching and Whatcha,

I will be starting a seperate thread on JZ's own words in a little while, but in regard to what you have said, I have an interesting insight that came from a friend who was watching a video for the first time.

When JZ left the stage before "becoming" ramtha and then came back as R(the great and powerful OZ),
she turned to me and said "Why did she leave in order to turn into R??" I explained that she had to prepare herself for his entry into his body.
She just turned to me and said "Yeah, right, that gave her just enough time to take off her makeup and come back looking like that beast!!"

Out of the mouths of babes.... sigh

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

On Jan 21st I started a thread, "Question for the Ladies?" that I was hoping would address some of these questions also...

The descrepancies in this regard are many, and especially in regards to the women in RSE its an appalling example of "do what I say, NOT what I do..."

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

I would like to do a little background check on "the real JZ." Can anyone help me out with her previous names? There is Judy Hampton, then her mother remarried (did Judy change her name?) Then Judy married the father of her children (what are their surnames?) Then I think she may have married someone else before marrying the dentist. Finally there was Jeff Knight.

So what was the surname of her stepfather, what are the surnames of her sons, what is the surname of the dentist and was she married to someone else, too?

Does anyone know of any aliases?

Get me started and I promise I will report back.

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up


No more time to post much now, but if you have access to the book ... the autobiography that JZ wrote, A State of Mind, quite a bit of the info you request is in there.
Of course, if other posters know, that's the fastest way to get an answer !

GOOD LUCK. It would be interesting to learn what you uncover.

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up


I have researched the names in the book, I belive that quite a few of the names have been changed (and not to protect the innocent!) The only real surname appears to be hampton and jeff knights. I also would appreciate if anyone has any furthur info on the subject.

Lost, if you set up an email account and I find any more, I would be more then happy to send it to you when I get a hold of it.

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

you will find the names here: http://www.nndb.com/people/994/000031901/

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

Thanks Ivan..

J. Z. Knight
AKA Judith Darlene Hampton
Born: 16-Mar-1946
Birthplace: Roswell, NM
Gender: Female
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Paranormal fraud
Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Claims to channel Ramtha
Housewife Judy Hampton was raising two children, Brandy and Christopher, in Tacoma in the 1970s. Nicknamed "Zebra" for her black and white decision making ability, she took the initials J.Z. for her name. On 9 February 1977, she claims to have been contacted by Ramtha, a 35,000 year old being from Lemuria. J.Z. Knight developed the term "channeling" to describe Ramtha speaking through her. She introduced Ramtha to the media in 1978 in her first public appearance channeling Ramtha. Celebrities fell for it, including Shirley MacLaine and Linda Evans. A 1985 Merv Griffin Show appearance assisted her in her quest for fame and fortune. In 1988 the Ramtha School for Enlightenment was started in Snow Mountain, Colorado. Ramtha went on a five-continent "speaking tour" in 1999.
In 1992 Knight discovered that a German woman, Judith Ravell, was claiming to also be in contact with Ramtha. After a three-year battle in the Austrian courts, J.Z. Knight won the right to exclusively channel Ramtha. The 1995 ruling was appealed, but was upheld in 1997 by the Austrian Supreme Court.
Knight has been married at least five times. Her messy divorce to Jeffrey Knight was finalized in 1989 after a long court battle. J.Z. Knight now lives in a multi-million dollar French chateau-styled mansion in Yelm, Washington.
Father: Charles Hampton
Mother: Helen Hampton
Husband: Caris Hensley (div.)
Son: Brandy
Son: Christopher
Husband: Jeremy Wilder (div. 1981)
Husband: Jeffrey Knight (div. 1989)
High School: Artesia High School, Artesia, NM (1964)
University: Lubbock Business College, Lubbock, TX (dropped out)


Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

Now, wouldn't these be interesting folks to talk to!?

Husband: Caris Hensley (div.)
Son: Brandy
Son: Christopher
Husband: Jeremy Wilder (div. 1981)

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

Interesting Judy was born in Roswell - either a year before or after the ufo crash. Anyone ever hear her speak about it?
Also interesting -the differences in her appearance over the years. Look at the What the Bleep promo photo, the photo on that bio web site, the Olympian photo from last years "free" to the invited get rich seminar. If she wasn't soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo egotistical I'd suspect that she's cloned herself, or gotten someone some surgery to look like her (don't laugh,(at least not toooo loudly or you'll wake the kids) Liberace did it to his lover).

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up


YES, the subject of JZ being born in Roswell, NM, and the timing of the alleged UFO crash, have been discussed..........and in a way that alleged the events as connected somehow. I'd have to dig my notes out to get the details.

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

Just because JZ claims that she was born in Roswell, New Mexico doesn't mean she was. It only means that is what she says. What proof does she offer?

Here comes a rumor: there is an older woman living in the Tacoma area who claims that JZ was a troubled teenager and stayed with her for awhile. She says JZ was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

Reminds me of the time "Ramtha" was onstage and talking about his "Mother" from his alleged warrior life. Said she had reincarnated and presently lives in a tenement in New York City. It's all so silly...why tell the truth when making stuff up is much more fun?

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

JZ mucked stables as a teenager. My close friend that grew up on 600 plus acres in Yelm, said she mucked for his Dad. His Dad raised cattle/horses, and for about 2 years she worked part time, on this ranch. Old time Yelmer's about 80 to 90 years old would know, some are still around. Happy Spring to ALL!

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

I've also heard that rumor about her being from PA. But, that doesn't make it true, of course. It would be good to have it verified, as that would really make a statement, if it is true. I would think it's not a big deal to find out, the way people are tracked with computer technology, now.

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

Every time i see her photograph, like when i checked out the u tube movies i still can't believe the person on the cover of her stupid book is the same person - did jz have a complete face reconstruction? -
i know people change but this is ridiculous - also at the beginning of this year, a woman walked into where i work and she looked just like jz- it wasn't her but they must use the same plastic surgeon -

or does the disciplines work so well that we can change our own faces to look like someone else???

Re: Will the real JZ please stand up

people are tracked with computer technology, now.

Why doesn't someone just purchase a background check? That will provide information on her different names, and possibly information you didn't know about.