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David Hudson

Hi Everyone! I'm starting a new thread FYI on David Hudson who was jokingly mentioned in the thread of "reserved seating". When I got the last newsletter from David H. just before his production factory for monoatomic gold blew up or whatever, then heard the entire plant went *** after, I got the feeling that someone was interfering with him & purposely caused this. It was verified for me when I read Laurence Gardner's book "Lost Secrets of the Ark". He mentions David's work in the book, but the real enlightenment came in the appendix on David H. at the end of the book. He states that David was approached by someone in a "suit" to become part of the business. David said no way. This person threatened him that he'd never get the factory off the ground. Only a few core people knew what they were producing. It turns out that he & GM were working on fuel cell technology with the monoatomic gold. Apparently afterward when David's health fell apart too at the same time his factory did, he thought about it and realized that the only other people who knew about this were the Federal Energy Comission with whom he was by law obliged to file his plans & prints. Bingo! This book is an extremely interesting to read. Gardner points out that the Ark of the Covenant was a DC Arc used to manufacture monoatomic gold. Those of us in RSE who bought shares into his company were left holding the bag, but the real culprit was our own government. From what I understand, David H. is very honorable & wanted to repay everyone the funds they contributed. I don't know if that'll ever happen as his health is pretty shot, which I expect was also "arranged". (That's my insight.) Anyway, this is just for your information. M.

Re: David Hudson

David Hudson first came to Yelm around 1993 by invitation from Ugi Shimono.
Hudson delivered a very convincing talk about his alchemist credentials and his ”holy bloodline” that guided him to rediscover the Egyptian elixir of life… “monoatomic gold”
It created such a buzz in Yelm that Hudson was invited by JZ Knight to lecture at RSE. With the “Ramtha” stamp of approval…Hudson convinced hundreds of eager RSE students to invested in his company for a share of his production of “monatomic gold”..
with the strict stipulation that very sick would be first in line to receive their “white powder gold” first..
How very noble and kind of him.. We all thought..
This wonderful man just needs some financial help build his laboratory and to heal his sick and dying wife… and to help humanity?

Not one person to date “that I know” have received their “white powder gold”
There was always a good “story” ….delivery was just on the horizon…
Do not question.. Hudson is battling the grey men…Etc Etc
Today.. I did a quick search on the internet… Hudson is still hawking his White Powder Gold, with such names as… Transformational alchemy: monatomic gold.. White powder rhodium . monatomic gold and monoatomic rhodium Etc Etc……..

My friend Ugi never received his elixir of life from Hudson..
He dropped dead at an RSE event just a few years ago.

Meanwhile its business as usual for David Hudson.

I call it deception and fraud.


Re: David Hudson

I remember when David Hudson spoke at RSE and sold memberships in his company, Science of the Spirit Foundation. In fact I still have the paperwork and many of the newsletters mailed out from 1996 to 1999. The memberships sold for $500.00 each and the May/June 1996 newsletter states, "We have all 5000 memberships committed at this time." That would be $2,500,000. The May/June 1997 newsletter included 2 pages of photos of the plant and equipment. The December, 1997 newsletter is headlined, "By the time you receive this newsletter the plant will be running." "Due to the high cost of shipping we will have to wait about four weeks to tally and divide material among the memberships. The finished product should be arriving the 2nd or 3rd week of February, 1997.

It was the last newsletter I received and I'm still waiting for the product. If you search "David Hudson" online you can find him "selling" white powder gold. If he is selling it online, why wasn't it distributed to the members who put up the $2,500,000?

Don't go for it. Instead check out his now defunct Science of the Spirit Foundation, Box 25709, Tempe, Arizona, 85285.

Re: David Hudson


WOW ! Hudson is currently selling the powder ? Gee, why hasn't JZ let her students know that ? Or Ramtha...why hasn't he let the students know ?

Hudson talked to the audience, years ago, and got many of them hooked into this White Powder of Gold scam. It was viewed by many as the elixir of possible immortality.

What was that other guy...the SEA-11 scam ! Do you remember that ? I still have the recipe in my notebook for exactly how to make the "recipe". I even made the recipe by following the detailed descriptions. What a fool, LOL.

It tasted HORRIBLE. Bad recipe, I say.

Cowboy, I don't know if I still have my Hudson newsletters or not. But what you share is sure right on !

Re: David Hudson

Greetings Whatchamacallit,

Are you referring to the ingestion of the concentrated saltwater? The water that some people flew to the Dead Sea to obtain? The one that "Ramtha" said, "When you drink this you are drinking everything that exists in the ocean, you are strengthening your bodies in ways that are unimaginable."

If that is what you are remembering I wonder why it came and went if it was really as great as "Ramtha" said.

Re: David Hudson

YIKES! reading your posts here I just wipe my brow in relief that I got in and out in such short order... I only spent about... lets see...$7,000. on my RSE education in say 12-15 mos. That doesn't count my x-husband who I talked into going and my partner who attended while here with me...
oh well... less than tuition at the local community college I guess

Re: David Hudson

But Dance, you would have received some EDUCATION at the local community college

Re: David Hudson


Yes, that's part of it. We were told we had to go to a place in the ocean where we could suck "clean" water from down at least 100 feet deep. My poor husband tolerated this nonsense, and found a fishing boat to go out on. The man got my water for me just fine, and got seasick, too. All for love =-)

Generally speaking, it involved this seawater, sodium hydroxide (which is VERY toxic; even lethal in the wrong use of it), fresh water, and some mixing/pouring/washing steps. In the end, it left one with a whitish substance that as described as similar in appearance to sperm.

I do not know one student who was able to tolerate the taste of the "Sea-11" water, without nearly gagging. I do remember one day, being at an event, sitting outdoors, and Ramtha was mad. He yelled at the students, in reference to the Sea-11 slime, that he had given us the recipe for life, and we just threw it away.

It was a short lived FAD (one of MANY), that blew through RSE. But as it typical for the fad-of-the-month, so to speak, a number of folks were fanatical about it. Some caused some disturbances in the area because of their misuse of it. I don't recall details,and probably have them in my notes, but I am SURE that I heard this addressed, from the stage. There was a scolding because of it. (from Ramtha)

Dance...consider yourself very lucky that your tenure there was short lived.

Cowboy, did you ever ingest the Sea-11 and/or make it?
Just curious.

Re: David Hudson

thats the time i came.the people were very exited about it. you had to extract the white stuff with draino.because this is used in drugfabrication shops are suposed to tell it to the police.that was the shouting about.now from a trusted friend a rumor if you want. this stuff was still poisen and triggered probably many cancers.in my opinion ramtha jz is a murderer and should be held responsible for her sh....it came and went like a fashion and everything in rse.so much for timeless teachings.i still read here most of it is said from people who write better.good luck to you all.

Re: David Hudson

I drank the concentrated seawater for a long time all the while convincing myself that it was the elixir of immortality (I believe that is what "Ramtha" called it.) In fact, I only recently found some in a small bottle in the back of the refrigerator. Should I sell it on eBay?

Re: David Hudson

LOL ! You've had that in the fridge all these years ? EWWWWWW !!!

I wonder what a chemical analysis at a lab would show it has it in, that validates it as the Elixir of Immortality. I guess if the taste doesn't kill you, you will be immortal.

Re: David Hudson

it was in a lab.it was poisen.

Re: David Hudson

Hello Ex,

Can you elaborate on the lab test?

whatchamacallit .. was the seawater con’coction called Sea-11?
Can you e-mail me the recipe?

It would be very interesting to have the sea-11 lab analyzed and the results presented on EMF.


Re: David Hudson

Sir David,

Email you the Sea-11 recipe ? Oh, my. This could be profitable, I sense. What's it worth to you ?

Laughing out loud !!!

P.S. Maybe we can start a partnership and over ride the nasty taste with flavored Sea-11 water, and market it ? (just kidding!)

Re: David Hudson

What's it worth to you ?”

How about a Tesla watch?


Re: David Hudson

I would say the David Hudson saga, followed by Larry's presentation on how to extract monatomic elements from seawater, using an incomplete process, is a prime example how the school managed to destroy something meaningful for most or all who came in contact with it via the school.

My own research has yielded the following: All scientific papers that David Hudson quoted in his presentation are for real. I went to the Evergreen State College and found and photocopied them in the microfilm/microfiche section.

David Hudson, as you know, never shipped any product to those fools like me who bought a membership, and, in contrast to what a poster above stated, does not sell anything monoatomic now. There are several companies on the web who market monoatomic gold, I am the owner of one of them. I will not comment on any friendly competitors' products. Nor do I have the audacity to post my website here, I understand that this forum is not an advertising field but all about gathering information or rather: gathering our wits that we may have lost somewhere in the not too distant past.

Once I realized that David Hudson was talking about something real, I went on my own quest and found Larry, the assayer, who showed me how to convert metallic gold to monoatomic and he also showed me the seawater process that was later presented at the school.

The problem with the seawater process as Larry presented it is that it utilizes sodium hydroxide out of a Red Devil Lye bottle, this is not a food grade chemical, but a toilet grade chemical, plus Larry's concentration of a 10 percent lye is too strong, creating localized pH-Levels ways over Larry's target pH. (My choice would be an 8 percent potassium hydroxide solution of food grade potassium hydroxide from a chemicals store, fyi.)

So you get a dirty product with very little monatomic elements in it. Larry's way of handling the problem was to tell people to take only a few drops per day. But then Ramtha(TM) came out and told people to swig it.

And here is where the problems really started: Larry has never done a complete water change, so the process unfortunately also concentrates the heavy water or deuterium oxide that occurs naturally in seawater. In contrast to what you may have heard at the Ranch, deuterium is a slow poison that accumulates in the body and creates stomach aches, hair loss and other symptoms that Ramsters at the time exhibited. Plus they got poisoned by the heavy metals they precipitated out of seawater, too.

Back then, I took the time to write a letter to J.Z. about my observations plus how to clean up the Sea-11, inviting her to make this available to everyone.

Possibly as a direct result, Ramtha(TM) came out and told people something like they should stop making the stuff because they were not doing it right.

The blame was put on the students!

Now, apart from the RSE-related story, one thing remains to be asked about the monoatomic elements themselves: What then is it?

According to David Hudson, they are the Philosopher's Stone. Laurence Gardner ran with the idea and wrote an entire book about the material along these lines.

BS! This is one of the bigger BSes I have heard in my life. Monoatomic Gold was known to medieval Western alchemists as the "True Calx of Gold" that cannot be "revivified" - meaning it cannot be returned to metallic gold by standard metallurgical means. (One medieval reference that includes a viable manufacturing process of monoatomic gold plus the above-mentioned definition is: Jugel, Johann G.: Johann Gottfried Jugels freyentdeckte Experimentalchymie, Leipzig, Germany 1766, Publisher J.P. Krause, page 172ff ). In Ayurveda, monoatomic gold is the bhasma of gold that passes the test of apunarbhavatva or "test of non-revivability". Same test, even same terminology!

Both the pharmacopoeias of medieval alchemy as well as ayurveda list the uses of this particular calx of gold, it is a medicine for the heart, red blood cells, bones and bone marrow, and aspermia. It is also said to be good for longevity. So we are basically looking at something quite useful, but:

This material is not even close to being the Philosopher's stone, the highest achievement of alchemy, it is at the very bottom of mineral alchemy!

And you were once being told........

Re: David Hudson

Thanks for sharing your information, Raoul. Dare I ask, is there an antidote for the RSE recipe?

Re: David Hudson


Yes, I remember students being told to swig it, also. I think this Sea-11 water, and the misinformation passed along by a "God", is one of the biggest examples of fraud (no Ramtha at home), that I've seen in the school.

I wonder if it would be effective to cleanse the body of any heavy metal toxicity by using some of the products available for that? I know plain old Vitamin C cannot be under rated.

Thanks for posting your info.

Sir David,
I don't wear a watch, but because you're a great guy with a big heart, I wouldn't want to give you poison! We want you around in good health !

Don't Sea-11 !!


Re: David Hudson

Hi Cowboy and Whatcha,

an antidote or cleanse for the Sea-11: depending on where the seawater was from and how the preparation was made, you are probably looking at lead- and mercury oxides or hydroxides as the main problem contaminants, with some cadmium added for good measure.

They can be cleansed out of the body by various means, one of them is taking broken cell-wall chlorella for six months; this is very effective, as hair analyses have shown over and over.

Another option is to do the herbal cleanse developed by the late Dr. Christopher which is now better known as the Schultze-cleanse; this preparation contains in the dark powder formula activated charcoal and bentonite clay, both known to pull out heavy metal toxicity.

For mercury toxicity, daikon radish and cilantro are working well, besides chlorella.

For getting rid of deuterium, the classic way is water fasting. Another option would be taking the trace elements germanium and cerium in edible forms, these two together help the body rid itself of deuterium, too.

Re: David Hudson

Something to note in Raoul's narrative above is that he wrote to JZ telling her that the method the RSE students were using was incorrect and dangerous. Sometime after that "Ramtha" told the students to stop making it.

Why did it take a letter to JZ in order for "Ramtha" to make an announcement? If "Ramtha" is who "he" says he is, an all knowing omnipotent being, why did RSE students improperly make this product at an event? And ingest it?

And how about if you weren't present when "Ramtha" told students to stop making it? What effort was made to ensure that those who made it at RSE later learned that the process was flawed? No effort was made because I never found out about it and I was at the event where we made it.

In my opinion this scenario suggests that attending Ramtha's School of Enlightenment can be hazardous to your health. I wonder what my toxicity levels are?

Re: David Hudson

Some great posts... Much appreciated..


Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

The record speaks for itself that David Hudson is a charlatan,
His ability to memorize information in the field of science and alchemy continues
to bamboozle and defraud the public,
He has much in common with JZ Knight…
The term vampire is an appropriate one…..
I remember the great theme of “Ramtha” in the early 90s was alchemy.
I prided myself on being a member of OmAkad.. the so-called alchemists…and healers of RSE?
That the purpose of RSE “The Great Work” was the transmutation of a student’s base mind “Lead”, into the so-called Christ consciousness..“Gold”.
A clever ruse… well calculated to remove the gold from our pockets and feed off our life force…
Meanwhile any spiritual wisdom and true knowledge pirated by JZ Knight became infected and used to control her ‘Ramtha” flock…

What Raoul said is true.

“using an incomplete process, is a prime example how the school managed to destroy something meaningful for most or all who came in contact with it via the school.”

Fortunately for me I had just quit RSE when the Sea-11 “teachings” blew through town, there was such a buzz in Yelm, I had friends driving down to the Great Salt Lakes to fetch salt water, RSE staff members were even flying to the Dead Sea to collect sea water….
None would share the Sea-11 recipe with me… I was no longer a current RSE student? Finally about six months later a friend handed me a blue bottle… filled with a milky white liquid… exclaiming it was the Soma of life..
It tasted so bad I could only conclude it was made incorrectly.. so I set about finding the secret recipe for myself, the supermarket shelves were stripped of the drain cleaner “Red Devil Lye” that I was told was necessary in the alchemical process…. by this time the whole idea was so insane that I poured the blue bottled "Soma" down the drain…

My drains worked perfectly from then on…

Dark chuckle..

Twinkie Bar anyone?


Re: David Hudson

Thanks for suggesting antidotes, Raoul. I just want to make sure I understand this - as the result of drinking that concoction over a long period of time, is it possible that a blood test would reveal elevated levels of the toxins mentioned? Thanks for your insight. Appreciate it.

Re: David Hudson

Hi David and hello Cowboy,

thanks David for the warm welcome. I've been out of school when the seawater process was shown, too, but had met with Larry and knew what it was about. The madness in town surrounding the entire affair was actually quite amusing for me to observe.

My opinion back then was that it was quite irresponsible in the first place to "teach" an elaborate process to the students of the school that belongs into a properly equipped lab and that needs to be performed by people with a basic knowledge of reagents, instruments, just a basic working knowledge of the materials involved and good laboratory practice. All of this can be learned, of course, but not necessarily in a one-night crash course.

On the other hand, I have to say I found it very gutsy of people to dare such a foray into uncharted territories.

Cowboy, to get back to your question - it may well be that you have eliminated most of the toxins from your system by now. Heavy metals do tend to get secreted out over time, but in some individuals, levels remain high. We had and have a few great healers in town who I had the honor to work with. One of them did extensive work with detoxification before he came to Yelm, and his take on the subject was that almost everybody in the civilized world shows some elevated levels of one or some heavy metal(s) in a hair analysis, so why even bother doing any costly hair analysis, just put the person on a six month course of taking chlorella and it will clean up. This is a very healthy food supplement of an algae anyway, so you get numerous benefits out of it and it costs less than going through hair analysis plus the expensive chelation therapy that is not without side-effects.

Another simple approach is taking a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. They contain amino acid chelates of such trace elements like copper, manganese, chromium, selenium and zinc, and all these will help your body get rid of other heavy metals over time.

One stunning fact baffled marine biologists for a long time: wild salmon often have levels of mercury in their tissue that are considered dangerous or even lethal, yet the fish swim about happily. Later, the reason was discovered: these salmon also have elevated levels of selenium in their tissue, which is the natural antagonist of mercury.

That's why I suggest taking trace elements. As long as you have a wide range of them available in your body, even some elevated levels of heavy metals are balanced and will apparently do no harm.

Re: David Hudson


I want to comment on the "letter to JZ issue" now that I remember more details. The story is actually more tragic. After I had written the letter, nothing happened.

But a few weeks later I had lunch with Miceal at the "Hefty Divot". I brought the issue up, stating that people were poisoning themselves and if he could adress the issue with JZ.

Miceal pointed out that there was a legal issue involved. I affirmed that there was indeed a legal issue involved, since people were taught the process at the Ranch and the longer nothing happens, the more people get sick and the bigger the legal issue gets.

Only after that conversation with Miceal, Ramtha(TM) told people to stop making it.

Once I had heard that "Ramtha" put the blame on the students, it was clear to me that I would never return to RSE.

Re: David Hudson


What are the likely “affects” of a healthy person drinking copious amounts of the RSE Sea-11 water,

Let’s say… a full glass each day for six months?.
To take my question one step further…
What would the outcome be of someone who was seriously ill..
“lets say with cancer”..
Who drank copious amounts of the RSE Sea-11?..


Re: David Hudson

Hi David,

then only honest answer would be "I don't know". There were many people in Yelm who made a fine product, and there was probably some benefit to be gotten from it.

There were others who poured the strong lye solution too fast into the sea water and who therefore precipitated some heavy metals out.

I have seen vast differences between people's Sea-11, so it is difficult to come up with a generalization.

In the worst case, a heavy metal poisoning plus a deuterium poisoning is what happened. I have seen several such cases, and a detox was indicated.

An individuals' constitution is an important factor how such heavy metal toxicity may impact this persons health. Some people are apparently capable of tolerating quite high amounts of heavy metals, others get dramatic symptoms from much less, so it is really difficult to generalize.

The body chemistry that a Carey Reams- style test of the red wine drinkers showed was usually more reason for concern than the tests showed before the wine drinking started at full tilt. In my opinion, the Sea-11 was the lesser problem than the permanent drinking of large amounts of wine.

Re: David Hudson

Hi Raoul,
Never heard of the Carrie Reams - style test of the red wine drinkers. Would you be kind enough to elaborate? Thanks-

Re: David Hudson

Thank you Raoul..
I remember a friend of mine complaining she was loosing much of her hair..
she kept a 5 gallon bucket of the sea-11 water to dip into each day.
I also wonder about Vicky Cady and others who were suffering from cancer…if they were drinking large amounts of the sea-11 water in a desperate attempt to heal themselves?
Vicky died of cancer .

The RSE elixir of choice nowadays is “Tequila and Green Tea”…
drank in the mornings?

Does anybody know the route and reasoning behind of this recipe?


Re: David Hudson

Check google - perhaps there is an article about how good it is for you - it seems green tea boosts one's metabolism and help one loose weight??. I guess the tequila gives it a better taste - must be JZ's drink of the moment.

Re: David Hudson

of possible interest.......

“G Pure Energy was conceived to offer the best of everything from ingredients to packaging. G Pure Energy combines natural ingredients in a clear formula with a smooth taste that is kind to the pallet and body. Created with all-natural ingredients including vitamins, taurine, caffeine and metabolism boosting green tea extract. This unique formula gives you sustainable energy, the medicinal benefits of all natural green tea and no jitteriness.
G Pure Energy mixes brilliantly with a variety of spirits such as vodka, rum, tequila and gin allowing you to create unique, invigorating and enjoyable cocktails to keep the night going strong. Entice your senses. G Pure Energy: Sophisticated. Clear. Refreshing. Healthy. Energizing.”

Re: David Hudson

Info including tequila and green tea....don't know if this is related to what RSE and/or students are promoting. If so, it's old news....

"How to Cure A Cold

I know many of you are sick as a dog. I am sick as a dog. I finally remembered that Clara recommended a Portugese-style Hot Toddy to me the other year when I was very sick in her class:
"Make a cup of tea, very hot. Add honey, and whisky, or bourbon, yes? And one raw egg. Have it every eight hours. With two of these, your cold will be gone. I promise."

I did some research, so here's what I can recommend to you guys.

You have horrible stuffy head, zomg cant breth, throbbing sinuses, flu, aching body, scratchy (itchy, bleeding, horribly painful, swollen or thick) throat, sore neck, swollen lymph nodes, stuffy nose, runny nose, sleeplessness, exhaustion.

Basic Hot Toddy

1 1/2 ounces Whiskey
1 ounce Honey (1 oz.=2 Tablespoons)
1/3 ounce Lemon Juice
3 ounces Water (Hot)
If you have a microwave, the easiest way to make this drink is to warm the honey and lemon juice for about half a minute and then to add hot water and the whiskey. Otherwise, we recommend that you stir the honey and lemon juice into extremely warm water, allow it to cool slightly, and add the whiskey.

1. Make the Toddy with tea instead of water. GREEN TEA will add antioxidants and vitamin C, and brown teas will add caffeine. Try darjeeling or orange pekoe.
2. Lime juice will work as well as lemon.
3. Almost any liqueur will work (spiced Rum, TEQUILA, wild turkey, southern comfort, whisky, brandy) but it should be about 100 proof. Vodka is possible but not as desirable as good whisky.
4. You can use apple cider instead of water or tea for added flavor.
5. Use hot fresh coffee instead of tea or water.

Possible Additives
1. Cinnamon (stick or powder) will heat the blood and help you sweat out the cold.
2. Cayenne pepper will do the same.
3. A dissolved peppermint candy or peppermint tea will cool and soothe the throat.
4. A shot of cranberry juice will add more vitamin C.
5. Simmer the water and honey for a few minutes with whole cloves. Add whisky after the mixture cools for a couple of minutes. The alcohol will then make a tincture that pulls all the benefits out of the cloves and honey.
6. If boiling in a saucepan, cut up a lemon and remove the seeds but leave the rind on. Put the lemon into the cup when drinking.
7. Stick whole cloves into a lemon rind, squeeze into cup and leave in.
8. Add a chunk of crystallized ginger or boil a fresh chunk with the water and lemon. Ginger contains both antiseptic and antiinflammatory properties that will soothe and clear the throat and sinuses.

All the ingredients are necessary:
Honey has antiseptic qualities that sugar (especially refined white sugar) does not possess. it is a natural preservative and kills bacteria. Not only does it soothe your throat, it is like a little shot of antibiotics.
Alcohol helps to extract the vitamins from the lemon and honey, helps dilate blood vessels (relieves headaches and raises body temperature), and helps you sweat out the cold.
The hot water or tea is soothing to the body tissues and helps you sweat as well as rehydrating and flushing out toxins. Tea also adds vitamins and antioxidants.
The lemon cuts mucus in the throat and gives much needed vitamin C.

Even if you're not sick, this drink will warm you up on a cold night and just plain tastes good. If you aren't feeling results with over-the-counter medicines or that disgusting ****in TheraFlu (BLUUUGHH), try the traditional remedies. They're miraculous, I promise."


Re: David Hudson

Hello Cowboy,

the Carey Reams test - this is named after American Biologist Carey A. Reams;

There is one book out on Carey Reams, it is titled "Choose Life or Death" and it is stated to be written by Carey Reams with Cliff Dudley, was published by Nutritional Counselors of America, Tampa, Florida, several editions starting in 1978.

C. Reams originated a test of biological parameters such as urine and saliva pH, sugar-, salt-, urea- and protein-levels in urine excreted, and then came up with a sophisticated method of determining a person's biological inner terrain and deducting nutritional suggestions.

My personal understanding is that Carey Reams was a true pioneer.

Today, acid/base balancing is a mainstay of European alternative health docs and regular medical docs here are slowly and nilly-willy catching up. I am back to Europa for a little more than a year now and am watching with some amazement how these two different cultures (America and Europa) are running on different parameters on many levels. Would you expect your allopathic doc in Yelm ask you to pee on a pH strip during your consultation to determine anything about your health? Nope. But them Euro-wizards are

An even more complex system and certainly more detailed than Carey Reams' testing is Dr. Emanuel Revici's work. Revici is now a theme among US alternative docs.

If you are interested, your favorite search engine should yield enough information on the two, using their names as search strings.

Do you remember Ken Meadows? He was practicing in the Yelm area, and he was using the Carey Reams test to determine a person's body chemistry and then come up with nutritional suggestions.

Apparently, once the red wine drinking started, some peoples' urine and saliva pH were so out of range that even Ken, who had seen a lot during his long career, was shocked. His comment in private was that they were "peeing pure acid". It was clear that they would not live much longer if they would not stop drinking these amounts of vino. But they were told at RSE that the red wine was the elixir of life. And what is the word of a nutritionist in comparison to the Hierophant? Nuthin'. And so they died. End of story.

Re: David Hudson

To quote an piece from Jesus Christ Superstar: "All your followers are blind. Too much heaven on their minds. "

Re: David Hudson

Since this thread concerns some different things that RSE students have ingested over the years...

Does anyone remember the health food store that was in operation before Thunder Market, or the name of the woman who ran it? I think it was called Yelm Health. I just remembered the owner telling me about her dilemma in attempting to keep the latest nutritional products on the shelves that had been recommended by R/JZ. R/JZ would tell everyone they should take supplement X (anyone remember SOD? or the name of the product involving red laser light? can anyone name all the types of waters that came through here?), and by the time Yelm Health could get in a shipment of product X, R/JZ would have recommended that everyone take product Y. Yelm Health would be left with boxes of product X that nobody wanted. I believe this is what led to the store going out of business. It's a shame, because it was a great place to get information, and the owner really wanted to meet the needs of the Yelm community.

Re: David Hudson

In the 90's "Ramtha" said that everyone should take Lipo and L'Ornithine "for the rest of your days." They were part of the Gematria line-up. And at one event the Gematria Power Drink was featured onstage. One of the Red Guard showed everyone attending how to mix it and shake the mix to activate it.

JZ has made plenty of profit selling selling Gematria products. She invited Dr. Todd, the founder, to speak at RSE.

One of the waters she made money selling was manufactured by Cellcore. That was also in the 90s.

Re: David Hudson

YES !!!

"Today, acid/base balancing is a mainstay of European alternative health docs and regular medical docs here are slowly and nilly-willy catching up."

A vegetarian diet also supports an alkaline body chemistry, too. Don't tell Ramtha, though; he's against it.

By the way, I'm not vegetarian, so I'm not pushing anything by making that comment. It's just true. Many fruits and veggies are naturally alkaline foods.

There is a lot of good info on the web about eating healthy for a balanced pH. Xylitol is a natural, alkaline sugar, too. It's from the birch tree. I've been using it for years. Diabetics can also use it. (No, I'm not diabetic, but I just know that it's an alternative for them to use, as a sweetener)

Xylitol.org has recipes, too.

...and it's a white powder...just not claiming to be GOLD.


Re: David Hudson

Why does xylitol make dogs sick?

Re: David Hudson

Why does chocolate make dogs sick ? Humans are not dogs. I don't think it's a good measure to compare the two. I say that respectfully, not sarcastically.

Re: David Hudson

Again, since this thread concerns some different things that RSE students have ingested over the years...

Around 1999 a current RSE student who was sick told me that she was drinking her own urine to help heal herself. She had no health insurance. She "manifested" being jailed for quite a long time, during which presumably she received some conventional medical treatment.

Does anyone posting here know if R/JZ advised RSE students to drink their own urine?

Re: David Hudson


Why does xylitol make dogs sick?

This question came up a few years ago after
my friends dog started walking backwards after eating chocolate..
I won’t blame it on “Ramtha” this time..




Quote, “I say that respectfully, not sarcastically”.

We both know that your true motive is to keep your chocolate to yourself..



Yes, I knew a few people doing the pee thing..
Peeing on a nasty cut is supposed to reduce the risk of infections,
Perhaps there is some validity to the healing properties of pee?
Hence the drinking of golden showers…

Pee toast anyone?



Re: David Hudson


Quote, “I say that respectfully, not sarcastically”.

We both know that your true motive is to keep your chocolate to yourself..
Dear Sir David,
I really enjoy your level of creativity with words.
But, did you have to "out" me on this forum ? (teasing)

P.S. Putting my bad cop hat on now; we are WAY off topic on this thread. Everybody go to time out. What happened to David Hudson ? Perhaps this morning, I'll go dig through my notes. A daunting task.

Re: David Hudson

Never heard of RSE/Ramtha/JZ recommending ingesting urine.

Re: David Hudson

Raoul, if you are reading this site again, could you please email me as i have some questions about WP of Gold - thanks

Re: David Hudson

This may be off Topic, but I have a lengthy story regarding This subject and the person Barry Carter, who once told me he got the Sea 11 recipe from Jz [via the internet].
I met David Hudson at a private lecture in another state in the late 90s, and after that got to know Mr. Carter, who, if anyone reading this knows, Claims to have "worked with" D.H. in developing his own "Formulas".
... and had some experiences with him that all this time have made me want to "warn" people about working with him, and using his products.
Please beware of self proclaimed experimenters, who collect personal information about your experiences with these Formulas they are offering for free or a small fee!!!
I got so Dupped by Mr Carter. IM even afraid to go public about it...and I see that the online forums relating to what he does are all monitored and connected to his control, so I could not go online annonymously and tell my story.
I just recommend getting your magic powder by someone else..
If anyone needs more details, send me your PM and Ill elaborate

Re: David Hudson

my first time seeing this post.....
I know of one lady in particular, who's health has been in a steady decline ever since she ingested the Sea 11. She has a serious case of heavy metal toxicity.
Her children have had to witness her decline.
I,myself, did make some.
But the levels were difficult to maintain to exactness without an obvious lab.
I never went to the assay where they were cooking it the whole time (thank god).
And I threw all mine out.
I did pass on the recipe to David.

as far as David Hudson is concerned, I was at the event he spoke at. I remember thinking, "wow. bummer. I don't have the 500 bucks. I will REALLY be behind the 8 ball here." Thank God for small interventions

Re: David Hudson

omg - somehow I never viewed this thread when it was new. I cannot possibly communicate how horrified I am by these stories told.

The deceptions, fraud, control, abuse, fleecing and hocus-pocus created mental/emotional conditions that people have a CHANCE to recover from. But this thread describes chilling endangerment of ingesting lye and heavy metal toxicities that SANE people would not even consider. And, with heavy red meat (linked to breast cancer) and wine (compounding the acidity of the body) ingestion.. no wonder there is such strong denial in the school - the only coping mechanism possible under such circumstances.

I can't believe the wretched past of this organization. I am humbled by those who are committed to making these things known to unsuspecting seekers. This organization has broken God's law again and again. Some of this HAS to be against federal and state statues. Other cults have been kicked out of this state and country. why not this one?

It is absolutely beyond my wildest imagination. Bless you all who have stepped forward.

Re: David Hudson

This is an essential thread - particularly/specifically towards the 'middle' when it talks about the seawater fiasco -- How can an ascended enlightened greater than Buddha greater than Jesus inspirer of all the great spiritual truths and schools throughout time not know a simple formula - and not know that a horse arena is not a laboratory.
How classic of mind control techniques is the behavior of blaming the students for messing up.?

Re: David Hudson

For detoxification of heavy metals, plastics and other pollutants, the Takara foot pads are an option.


Not an MLM

Many people have proven the benefits to themselves by having the used pads tested by a lab. Instructions here: http://www.healthmarvels.net/pdf/DetoxPadTesting.pdf

Re: David Hudson


I experimented with theses pads when they blew through Yelm several years ago..
To simulate the sole of my foot I dampening one with “clean water” and left the pad overnight near a warm heater…
the results were the same as when I placed them overnight on the soles of my feet…
a dark sticky gooey substance appeared on the pad..
They also left the soles of my feet with a burning sensation…

Big Red Flag on this one…


Re: David Hudson

Hi David,

if you need help regarding detoxification of heavy metals etc…

you may take the Phoenix-detoxification-products:


It is a german corporation, but you may get the products in Canada too.

I did consume those ..after removing the amalgam/mercury from my teeth,
and ..after eating too many burgers in Yelm…… it worked for me.

See you better!

Re: David Hudson

Detoxing heavy metals from one's system is very important. There are hospitals and physicians who will work with patients to do just that. It's "real".

There are a number of illnesses related to metal toxicity in the human body.

Of course, having a good program in which to do it, may be another conversation.

Re: David Hudson


Thanks for the info,
a friend of mine was recently diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity,
I will pass on your info…….
The reason I tried those so called detox pads was someone recommended I give them a try….
I was at my wits end from sinus pain, later I felt a little duped after my little experiment.

Those scam merchants thrive amongst suffering…

back to Blue Body healing....
Dark chuckle

Re: David Hudson


Here is just one article (there are many) that you may want to check out....


Personally, for a sinus infection, I would consider using Xylitol for helping to prevent recurrences. Of course, if there are additional issues beyond infection, then you'd need to do something else.

"Xlear is a relatively new product that is available over the counter. This is a nasal spray, or wash that is used to help prevent the growth of bacteria in the sinuses.

Xlear is a relatively new product that is available over the counter. This is a nasal spray, or wash that is used to help prevent the growth of bacteria in the sinuses. This has proven to be a very useful product for those that suffer from sinus infections as the product contains the very effective anti-bacterial agent, Xylitol.

Anyway, even the Dental Association has validated the use of Xylitol. It is highly alkaline and in the mouth/sinuses, prevents bacterial growth as it needs an acidic environment to survive. Good for ear infections and sore throats, as well as preventing tooth decay.

Re: David Hudson

There are definitely several scam detox pads out there. Not sure which ones you tried. As always, buyer beware. I went with ones that had verifiable test results on what was in the pad "before" and what was in the pad "after"

I suppose, another level of applying the scientific method, would be also to test one's personal heavy metal levels (e.g., via hair testing) before and after to be sure the pads aren't just absorbing pollutants from the surrounding air, which may have been the case in David's experiment.

Re: David Hudson

When I was involved with CUT in the late 70s I recall how obsessed most members were with detoxing from heavy metals like mercury, etc. Fluoride was a big NONO. Once I had a chance to research the heavy metal phobias, I could relax. As a young artist at the Pennsylvania Academy I learned to be careful around certain pigments in paint and pastels, so I knew something about the problem before CUT but the advice at the Academy was practical and not New Age nonsense as in CUT.

Check out this site for another point of view:
"The human body continuously eliminates mercury and other toxins in urine, feces, hair, sweat, nails and skin. If excessive exposure is avoided, the body will efficiently eliminate most toxins. Mercury, for example, has a half-life in the body of only two to three months with no treatment at all. DMSA by mouth is the preferred treatment for excessively high levels, although avoidance of undesirable exposure is the most important aspect of any treatment plan. DMSA also speeds the elimination of lead, and arsenic, antimony, bismuth, and gold. Lead is preferentially stored in bones and for that reason elimination is slower."


Re: David Hudson

just realized that the above clinic site is in Yelm! I imagine most of you know about it??
Mount Rainier Clinic
503 First Street South, Suite #1
Yelm, Washington 98597, USA

Re: David Hudson

Have heard of the clinic, but haven't ever been there, nor would ever go there. Personally, I could not trust anyone to my medical care who had the influence of RSE. I wouldn't trust their judgment not to be skewed. That's my opinion.

New Age cults can pick up on some treatments that are not mainstream, but are legitimate, of course. I would say discernment, education, maybe a second opinion, is worth looking in to.

Here is a really good article, by a medical doctor, that addresses why chelation therapy isn't more popular. Politics and money...gee...there's a surprise! I strongly suggest we all read this...

Re: David Hudson

JZ/"Ramtha" talk about the virtues of the Sea-11 water in the tape, "The Holy Water and Sophistication" dated January 8, 1999. Tape #399.

Holy Water? Can you imagine?

Re: David Hudson

Holy Water ? Yeah, I can imagine RSE promoting that. I heard it !

In 1997, I was pregnant, and at a particular warm weather RSE event, sitting outside, next to a family member of mine. "Ramtha" was outdoors, speaking to the audience.

A little background: The Sea-11 water (recipe) had already been given. Being the dutiful student that I was, I obtained ocean water at a depth of at least 100 feet as directed, and made the Recipe. I took it a few times, and all the while, every part of me was struggling between believing "Ramtha", and not wanting to put an unknown substance into my body, especially when pregnant. Fortunately, I nearly gagged at the nasty taste of that stuff, and didn't take much at all. The directions were to take about a teaspoon, at least once a day. Of course, some of the fanatical students figured more had to be better, so they took large amounts. How they managed to do that without having it act like Syrup of Ipecac, I do not know - and I am not being sarcastic.

Now, forward to the event. I heard from a number of students who also were so off-put by the nasty taste, that they weren't taking it, either. So here is "Ramtha", standing outdoors, in a temper tantrum, addressing that. "He" is yelling at students, "I gave you the elixir of LIFE, and you just throw it away!!!!", as "he" waved his hand in the air.

I stood up, (folks were sitting)stared at "him", thinking about what a crock of xxxx this all was, and I left. I mean, I left the school.

So did my family member. I was "out" for four years, after which a "friend" (gee, some friend), enticed me back again for a few more years. Luckily for me, I missed the worst, most intense part of the "Truth Teachings", during the drunken wine ceremonies. I KNOW I would not have tolerated that. Ironically, when I returned, it took a while before I experienced my first Truth Teaching-wine ceremony, and it was the beginning of the Forever End of my tenure at that awful place.

Re: David Hudson

does anyone have a copy of the tape #399? If so, PLEASE communicate with the webmasters and see about sending it to them. It will help stop this madness.

Re: David Hudson


I don't have that tape, though I have way too many of them. If you do have it, may I borrow it and listen?

I have some audio teachings that promote the SMOKING and DRINKING as very good for you. Think (don't think, hahaha) wine ceremony and the smoking of the pipe/tobacco that was SOOOOO good for one to open their brain and facilitate "dropping the veil" and OBE's. Well, suddenly one day, students were TOLD (program those robots), no more smoking at all, and to get rid of two video teachings on tape that had been sold previously. They contained information from that "timeline" and we WERE moving to a new timeline where those things were not part of the new reality.

So much for individualism, to say the least.

I should drag those out and re-listen/post.


Re: Re: David Hudson

I found this


Re: David Hudson


Re: David Hudson


Re: David Hudson

This is an outline of Hudson’s second lecture given at RSE.
I wonder what percentage JZR pocketed from the David Hudson RSE swindle?.

Does anyone out there have a copy of the RSE Hudson tapes?



David Hudson at RSE Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
Yelm, Washington –November 13, 1995
Notes from the second lecture at The Ranch by David Hudson.
Explanation of how Hudson found material in soil as he was treating the soil
with acid. He dissolved the material in acid, and then added powdered zinc. When he
dried this combination in the sunlight the bluish brown precipitate exploded in the sunlight.
Zero point energy has no red shift.
Bending space-time would allow FTL with exotic matter
In Pursuit of Gold by Lapidus
Bookof the Dead- tchefafoodof the gods.
Josephus Now the Hebrews call this food Manna; What is this?
Hu sound = Human. Horns symbolized the one who could hear the sound.
Stairway to Heaven page
Breaking the Godspell - Take a look at this. 2.6 to 1 the deformation of the pyramid symbol of the tchefa food.
In the bible it says that the Ark levitated. Where? Covenant means to eat bread with. food from the hand of an angel. From the Forgotten Books of the Bible.
Iridium does not dissolve in HCl in the stomach. It seems to relate to the spinal
chord and the pituitary gland. Hudson claims that he believes that it is connected
to the acupuncture meridians and that it does not go through the digestive process like the rhodium.
Gold is associated with the pineal, Hudson believes.
Rhodium is associated with the thymus. When you take rhodium over a period
of a month and a half, the thymus grows by 40%. Iridium forms a gelatinous polymer in HCl. It does not dissolve.
Medical effects - 30 HIV patients under the National Institute of Health
Alternative Medicine program in New York.
Questions - A question about the interference of sugar in grape and carrot juice.
Also mentioned the possibility that wine might contain ORME materials.
Hudson mentions that gold becomes iron when the high spin variants come
apart as discussed in the Scientific American article. 01:38:00 Hudson talks about MIU studies on the use of ORMEs for Lew Gehrig's disease and Parkinson's disease.