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Reserved seating

I just received an email from RSE as I am still considered "current" until the end of this year. It seams that if I cannot manifest a "good" seat at school. I can buy one. Reserved seats are available for the year for 1,000.00, 500.00 and 300.00 respectively so you can sit right up front...
I've been refraining from compaining about RSE but this one just turned my stomach!!!

Re: Reserved seating

Hey JB!! I got my invite too!!!
This is SUCH GREAT marketing!!! NOW they can get all the money up front no matter WHO shows up to speak and what they talk about!!!!

We're leaving Yelm and moving back to Michigan next week and if YOU or anyone else would like to reserve YOUR seats in our new house NOW (for say... the next 5 years)you can get a VERY GOOD RATE by paying up front NOW (before we leave).

I can GUARANTEE (but I cant spell well...) that between my partner and myself we will have ALOT TO TALK ABOUT, that you may (or may not) want to hear for the next 5 years...

email us!!!!

Re: Reserved seating


Interestingly enough, one of the findings of Stanley Milgrams ground beaking study on authority (done to explore how people could have complied with the terrible deeds during WW2)

Was that there was a direct correlation between the distance between the authority figure and the test subjects. The closer the test subjects were to the authority figure the more likely they were to comply when given orders to harm another human being.

I guess JZ has it figured out, that she wants the most complience from those who have the most $$$$s and in doing so can keep them in the ranks...interesting!

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Re: Reserved seating

Scamtha's at it again! Do all the newbies know that JZ was a cable television executive before she started her Ramtha gig? Over the years she's demonstrated considerable marketing expertise...I'm just surprised it took her this long to come up with the "reserved seat" angle.

So now a student can go to only their required events, NOT PRACTICE ANY TECHNIQUES OR DO ANY STUDY IN BETWEEN EVENTS, OR DEMONSTRATE ANY EXPERTISE GAINED, AND STILL SIT IN THE FRONT ROW AT EVERY EVENT FOR A YEAR, as long as they have paid for the "privilege."

Just think, Joshua ben Joseph/Jesus the Christ himself could show up at an event, change everyone's water into wine, heal every person at that event, and still not qualify to sit in the front rows unless he had paid $1000!!! And he'd probably be kicked out of RSE by a jealous JZ (unless he agreed to endorse Ramtha).

Maybe RSE has never required that students pass tests or meet challenges to prove their mastery before being allowed to attend their next event, because JZ couldn't pass those tests herself?

Now those in the front rows can get their egos stroked because everyone will know they paid $1000 to sit there. Maybe a good name for that area should be the P.T. Barnum section?

Re: Reserved seating


Nice offer and I'm tempted to sign up. Am I buying a spot on a sofa? a chair? the floor? Oh, there's a price differential?

And will you be pretending to be a 34,999 year old warrior or do you have a better gig?

Do you accept gold covered chocolate coins?

PS Should you copyright this idea before she does?????

Re: Reserved seating

The rip-off queen has just raised the bar!

My knowingness says that the next cash flow campaign will be "Sponsor an Orb."

Re: Reserved seating

This new marketing campaign speaks for itself and isn't complimentary to JZ, in my opinion.
All of your posts make excellent points, as well as add humor to a pathetic situation.

How anyone can NOT see that her number one goal is acquiring more MONEY, I don't know.

Yes, when Jesus and/or other enlightened beings could show up, perform "miracles", and not be allowed to sit Front and Center, so to speak, because paying JZ for the privelege of doing so prevents them from being welcome, something is very wrong.

In the meanwhile, the Jesus wannabes can pay in advance and see what happens if they decide they want to leave the school before 2007 is over with. NO REFUNDS folks.

Re: Reserved seating

Wanna !! OH GOD That is too much LOLOLO
YOU MUST get the copyright on it RIGHT NOW I mean it Sponsoring the orbs IS THE TICKET to Paradise!!! If you dont do it I will, wait... we're leaving the state I can do it in MICHIGAN!!! Im brainstorming the name of the company RIGHT NOW.

Cowboy HEY THANKS The details are a bit sketchy right now but lets see... Sofa (up front)$300.00 for one yr. Chair, off to the side $200. per yr. ($175. behind the cameras and or body guards) $75. per yr for the floor.

I dont need to pretend, I AM the Viking Diva Warrior Goddess JUSTDANCE.(Previously known as AMTHESTAR) And I suggest that the floor would NOT be the best seat to purchase in this venue, if you get my drift. YES its a MUCH better gig. I can dance AND sing and play wierd percussion things and my partner is a musical wizard!PLUS tell you tons of important stuff that you dont think you already know, on a regular basis, until the morgage is paid. (and we take this cruise I'm thinking of...)

We accept anything GOLD, anything chocolate, and any coins, also canned goods and dog kibble, OH and for a limited time we'll also take major gas credit cards for payment (until we get there)

Whatcha, I kind of think the whole POINT is, this way no matter how INNANE the "teaching" or "show" the money is in the bank. Like maybe alot of people may leave the school in 2007...?

Re: Reserved seating

Reserve seating is an efficient idea! The evolution of paying-for-a-seat-when-you-are-not-there will be Remote View Events: pay your money and stay home.

JZ laughing all the way to the bank

Re: Reserved seating

Dance says: "Whatcha, I kind of think the whole POINT is, this way no matter how INNANE the "teaching" or "show" the money is in the bank. Like maybe alot of people may leave the school in 2007...?"

Yes, that's just what I was thinking, too. It echos of control, strings, fostering dependency, hierarchal, competitive.

I'd rather pay for your living room, thank you very much ! If you have chocolate, then it's a sealed deal, LOL !!!

How about potluck ?

Oh, gosh. I just read Delta Quadrant's post, LOLOLOL !!!

Re: Reserved seating

When I received that email, it made me feel that they were saying I had to pay twice for the same thing...once for the 'course' and once for the 'privilage' of being there. I have to say it is a first time for me to have the teachings sold separately from the 'seat'!

Re: Reserved seating

I was thinking about it further, expensive real estate! price per square inch.

And then I had a really morbid thought. As far as I know, only grave plots are that small and can be purchased.

Re: Reserved seating

And if I am not mistaken grave plots are long enough for a body to lie down in, fully stretched out, right?

Re: Reserved seating

If someone reserves a front-row space for 1 year, but during the year they can't make it to every event, then what's gonna happen to that space? You can bet that other students sitting farther back are going to be eyeing that empty space. What's next, ticket scalping?

Re: Reserved seating

Just hope they dont "stretch out" and use it

Re: Reserved seating

onehand...if a student doesn't show up, does that give them the right to "lease" their space so they can make money on it ????

i wonder if jz has thought of that ? some way to stop that from happening.

oh, wait. she says no refunds AND NO TRANSFERS. so much for leasing per square inch.

Re: Reserved seating

Can I pay for a "reserved seat" with Omega money or with 2 David Hudson Memberships? Or are some nitrogen-packed oat groats acceptable payment?

Re: Reserved seating

Rauol--that was great~!. Thanks. M.

Re: Reserved seating

Sponsor an Orb, that is a good one....

Re: Reserved seating

YES!! Wanna suggested it a few days ago and I MEAN IT THIS IS the idea someone should run with NOW!!! Orb sponsorship holds ALOT of potential for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Re: Reserved seating

Sponsor an Orb, do you remember at a event when the students were told to focus and to ask the orbs for the numbers for the lotto. While they were doing C&E, the staff returned with photos of numbers from the orbs, I wonder what happen, I have never heard of anyone winning the lotto.

Re: Reserved seating

WOW did they actually have photos of orbs with numbers in them? Any body know about this???

Re: Reserved seating


I like this Sponsor an Orb idea. I figure as no one can keep the orbs straight we will be able to get multiple sponsorships going on the same orb and really rake in the money. How does that Billionaire song go? And what about plasma? That can be sponsored, too. Let's not discriminate. At the Blue College Retreat a few years ago a photo was taken of JZ (pretending-to-be-Ramtha) toasting onstage. Next to her was a large blue orb which she later said was "Ramtha." (Can someone explain to me how "Ramtha" can be an orb and controlling the body simultaneously?)(Should I ask Dr. Greg?) At Assay, the staff showed a photo of the giant tree on the side of the Field and by the top was some plasma. JZ said that the plasma was "Ramtha." So let's cover all bases, just like she does!

Shall we charge more for the bigger orbs or the smaller ones? One time "Ramtha" said that the smaller orbs come from further away. But that made me wonder how the large blue orb could be "Ramtha." Curious, but there is no need to let contradictions stand in our way. They never stop JZ...

Re: Reserved seating

Cowboy YES
That is the MAIN point "dont let conrtadictions stand in our way!!! I forgot about plasma, yes they need sponsors too... Actually when you think about it the smaller orbs coming from farther away does EXPLAIN why the big huge one on JZ's head is Ramtha ...ya know?
Im a Billionaire da da da Your a Billionaire da da da
Isnt JZ doing the Orb talk at the Prophets Conference this spring? She can answer any questions we might have, I am sure.

Re: Reserved seating

I'm fully in favor of sponsoring orbs because they appear to be homeless.

Should we launch the campaign at the Prophets Conference?

Re: Reserved seating

Lost... looks like the conference is pretty well booked...
Jz's got a spot and Miceal too!
From what Ive seen Miceal actually has done ALOT of research on the orb phenomena.
It would be interesting if someone asked JZ about the Ramtha orbs, since there appears to be some confusion...
some confusion...
some confusion...

Re: Reserved seating

Yes the orbs really did come back with numbers, now who really knows if they did it naturally or the staff edit it with photoshop. Only the orbs knows. But one thing for sure, when the orbs start to appear at the school, it was made clear that we were not allow to take any pictures and if we were caught with a camera at a event, it would be taken away, so that told me that JZ had already put claims on the orbs..

Re: Reserved seating

How about starting a separate thread on orbs so this discussion will be easy to find later on?

Re: Reserved seating

check out JZ with orbs at her birthday party

Oh by the way, JZ if you are reading this, which I am sure you are, you may want to know that your so called school of ancient wisdom is going to crash.............my knowings tell me it's got something to do with consciousness and energy creating reality

Re: Reserved seating

Speaking of reserved seating, my hat goes off to the Queen of Means because all of the seats are sold. Here's the math:

77 seats x $1,000= $77,000
79 seats x $500= $39,500
71 seats x $300= $21,300

The grand total is $137,800.

Re: Reserved seating

WOW Cowboy... they're all SOLD?
What a nice size "tip" that is... go ahead now and teach whatever you want babe-o!
Im a billionaire da da da

Re: Reserved seating

Marching within.....

Funny you should mention that The Ancient School Of Wisdon is to come crashing down.

Toward the end of my tenure at RSE, I worked on, going back before, and changing the fact that RSE was even necesary. (Touche Judeye. My WORK is on the MANTLE above Ramtha's stage for all to see. If you have the EYE to see.)

I am inheritly a rebel. And thus always have been a Sovereign.

Van Helsing would be proud.

Re: Reserved seating

'At the Blue College Retreat a few years ago a photo was taken of JZ (pretending-to-be-Ramtha) toasting onstage. Next to her was a large blue orb which she later said was "Ramtha.'

Another inconsistency and red flag for me. Initially my group was told the large blue orb was Ramtha (copyright). Then at another event during the orb show we were told the blue/green orb was another entity Ramtha (copyright) hung out with. Another orb show zoomed in on a large white green and bluish mixture of colors and we were told that THIS was confirmed to be Ramtha (coypright).

Thank you for this website. Its a most beneficial and welcome manifestation and if it were here a year ago I could have saved a lot of money and used it to 'manifest-pay for' a new vehicle my sibling needs.

All that we are and know is within us. All we needed do was click our ruby heels together and there it is, inside of us all along. So much for giving away our own power with entities out there racing for the power grab. The power is in us indeed and no one has to pay for it.

Re: Reserved seating

G2G !

I am SO enjoying your posts !!!!!

I keep looking at the newest posts to see what folks are chatting about and......there you are.......and there you area again and again !

It reminds me of myself having read until the wee hours of the morning for days on end, at the FACTNet website's RSE folder. I had garnered so much doubt about the red flags at the school, that I started googling phrases that led me there. The rest is obvious - here I am.

At FACTNet, when I read the POSTING DATES, and the folks speaking out, I had a thought like you did. I wished I had searched earlier. My answers were waiting for me all the while. YES, exactly as you said - all I had to do was click those ruby red slippers !!! (and saved a ton of money...sigh)

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but it seems you are reading voraciously, yourself.

Re: Reserved seating

Hi G2G. Thanks for your posts. They are so supportive & inspiring. It's been tough slugging through the mess of what remains of my life. I appreciate your insights. M.

Re: Reserved seating

'Correct me if I'm mistaken, but it seems you are reading voraciously, yourself.'

Right on. Reading as fast as I can.
People here are correct in stating the newbies need to know the background. Everyone is caught up in the feel-good dancing and music and finding cards. Many leave the event ecstatic unaware of the history of the place. I wonder how many would be there if they knew what you all here saw, experienced and are in knowledge of. It's sad due to people with pure hearts and intentions getting totally confused over the 'you are god' 'you are lethargic' but still having seen the flags choose to ignore them because of the experience they attribute to something outside of themselves. Then the wine ceremony being alluded to as showing us how 'ugly' the behavior is with I remember, the hierophant telling all they were drunks and he/she was 'master of the vine.'

Just 'feeding my head.'

Re: Reserved seating

You needed a new vehicle? When "Ramtha" was delivering the sales pitch for Assay, 2006 s/he announced that, "Toyota trucks will fall from the sky onto the Field!"

Another prophecy wrong...do you think that people who paid $1050 and didn't manifest their vehicles were disappointed? Or would "Ramtha" tell them they are failures and need to attend more events in order to learn?