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To Joe Szimhart

Do you have a copy of the film

produced by the National Film Board of Canada?

If so, would David be able to make it available somewhere like google video?

Thank you-

Re: To Joe Szimhart


Thanks for the suggestion.

“Would David be able to make it available somewhere like google video?”

Joe actually gave me a copy of ”CAPTIVE MINDS”
When he came to Yelm for our LARSE gathering.

I will add it to Google Video ASAP.

I will keep you posted.


Re: To Joe Szimhart

"Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond" was produced by the Canadian Film Board around 1980? so it is a bit dated, but the content is not. Some Catholic people take offense at the inclusion of Jesuit training and how it is presented, but I think this segment (of a dozen or more) is very good.

If you get the point of this film, you will better understand how our brains and free choices can be undermined by individual and group techniques. It should help anyone who has experienced RSE to see just how much hypnosis is being used on students there.

The original video cost $500---and that was in 1980 US money! It was produced for educational venues.

I am not sure of copyrights---usually after 25 years these lapse unless renewed.


Re: To Joe Szimhart


Why are there no copies of the Rocumentary "Where Angels Fear to Tread"?


Re: To Joe Szimhart

Why no copies of "Where Angels Fear to Tread": Judy requested that Ramsters destroy all copies.
Ask around, someone may still have a copy to lend you. I believe David hopes to put a clip or two from it on google.?.
If you live in the Yelm area, let David know and we'll see if we can get a copy to you.

Re: To Joe Szimhart

produced by the National Film Board of Canada?

A quick search on Youtube brings us a few clips from the film.


Picture and sound are horrible.

Re: To Joe Szimhart

I have a copy of Where Angels Fear To Tread that I purchased brand new.

What in particular are you looking to excerpt from it ?

You can email me privately if you want to answer that way, of course.

Re: To Joe Szimhart

Whatcha -- clips showing a clearly drunk Judy -- some folks have never seen are such; or a masterbating Judy - how enlightened; or a screaming Judy --- My first response, ironically, was utter embarassment for Judy, it was soooo very horrific; At some point the utter utter utter rage and utter utter utter pain of her rants and her yells showed me a lost child in pain beyond words, and my heart opened toward her in a way it never could before --- it is the earsplitting heart rending wails of a helpless infant.

Re: To Joe Szimhart


Thanks. I was wondering, since the video is only about 38 minutes long, what it is you were looking to focus on for google clips. Just didn't want to assume. Now, I know !

I agree, that watching that is all quite sad. I also agree that emotionally, JZ is a child. It explains much. That's not said to be mean. I feel sorry for her. I wish things were different, but they're not.

Re: To Joe Szimhart


Did the Captive Minds film get onto Google yet? Thanks.

Re: To Joe Szimhart

Whatcha -- clips showing a clearly drunk Judy --
***********Many of the VIDEO show RAMTHA CEARY DRUM

************ a masterbating JZ...

I do not recall seeing this on that video.

This is the video that Linda Evans produced? Where Angels Dare to XX

Which video are you talking about....

Re: To Joe Szimhart


Thanks for the reminder..

I wrote to the distribution company that seemed to hold the copyright for this movie,
But… no reply to date,
I would like permission from the copyright holders before I upload it into Google video.
I did find a “conspiracy theory” website offering a free... low quality download…

Perhaps.. I should simply provide the link with a disclaimer attached?



Re: To Joe Szimhart

Sure, why not? If it is available for viewing (and hopefully viewable) elsewhere, a link works. Thanks for your effort.

Re: To Joe Szimhart

Captive Minds: Hypnosis and Beyond video
National Film Board of Canada (1983)

The power of suggestion and its ability to influence behavior are examined within the context of such disparate institutions as an Indian ashram, the Moonie cult, a Jesuit monastery and a United States Marine Corps training camp. Considers stages of hypnosis, individual and mass therapy, and aims to provoke serious consideration of the far-reaching implications of any form of psychological indoctrination.


EMF has no affiliation whatsoever the Greylodge Occult Review website.

Re: To Joe Szimhart


Yes, those things are viewable on the video.

re: drunkeness and masturbating motion