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Student Experiences

It is great that so many people are speaking up about their experiences. A big problem has been that students who are not present at certain times/events have had no access to accurate accounts of all the red flag incidents that have occurred.

It is of value to many people because they can find a bigger picture. Thankyou for your stories.

Re: Student Experiences

I agree Christel, it sure has helped me in this transition back to "my" life from my short but total dive into the RSE "experience", to hear from so many former and/or students in the transition.

Thanks especially to all of those of you who are one the fence, in the middle, questioning further involvment, and those who have obviously spent many years weighing the pros/cons of attending RSE, before deciding to exit the "system".

We here, on this forum,(now seem to) represent a well-rounded small percentage of the many students that attend RSE. Everyones experience is here somewhere on these threads, in one form or another.

I am honored to have had an opportunity to contribute, and share with all of you these couple months as we ready for our return "home".

Re: Student Experiences

yes, me too.
Thank you.
Many more pieces of the tapestry are being put together. I am really really floored.

Re: Student Experiences

Today I have noticed that the Scamtha website is no longer on the internet. Scamtha was a spoof on RSE that put it like it is. I found it hilarious.

Wonder if the creator was threatened ?