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Mystery Schools continued

The other thread got a bit off the topic so I will continue on a new thread.

Here is a piece about more recent times about the Rosicrucian Order. I knew a person involved with one of their groups. Their teachings have many similarities with RSE. If they create reality why is it that Adolf Hitler has dominion?

Perhaps the profitability of such teachings is pure fiction.

World War II had a devastating impact on the membership of many esoteric groups, which were outlawed under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. Leadership figures in particular were frequently arrested, persecuted, or assassinated by the Gestapo. Others died in concentration camps. AMORC, being protected by virtue of being in the United States underwent a dramatic period of growth during this time. After the war ended, AMORC was able to lend support to its battered sister organizations. Eventually many of these came to be absorbed under the administration of AMORC's leadership in San Jose.

Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Mystical_Order_Rosae_Crucis

Re: Mystery Schools continued

Is this thread daunting or boring?

To me RSE is a "mystery school" by self report, but it acts more like a messed up boot camp with a psychotic version of brain science..

A great resource for learning about mystery schools is

If you read one author, I recommend Walter Burkert.

My old cult CUT claimed to be a "mystery school" as well. I cleared up one mystery from that experience. CUT is not a mystery school

What does anyone think the "mysteries" are about anyway?


Re: Mystery Schools continued

Jesus/Yeshua Ben Joseph is presented at RSE as a man who overcame his limitations and became a Christ.

This concept has been put forth extensively over the years at RSE. It has been put forth that he transcended his body to the point he could resurrect it.

One of the recommended reading materials by Ramtha in the early years was a book called "The Nine Faces of Christ." Ramtha himself has not recommended all that many books to the audience. Mostly over the years there has been a "top 10 recommended reading list" by JZ. This has been distributed in the newsletters that used to come by mail.

The book the Nine Faces of Christ is supposed to be about a person called Joseph Bar Joseph that lived some years prior to Jesus (not all that many....around 60 years). There are fundamental details of the character are very similar to the commonly held concepts of Jesus' life.
Ramtha has stated the book is not so much about the life of a Christ but rather what it takes to be one.

Joseph Bar Joseph was a student of numerous mystery schools/teachers including the Essenes, Druids, the Magi of Persia, Egypt and India.

Jesus is attributed to the statement that "the Kingdom of Heaven resides within." This is also the principle of RSE teachings....a concept presented by Ramtha.

When one takes a look at historical evidence it appears that there were successful candidates that understood this concept to the zenith. Akhnaten, Isis, Osiris are generally attributed to be illuminated beings of great insight. There are others.

The Holy Grail is a coveted concept, as is the genetic bloodline of Jesus. The concept put forward at RSE by guest speaker Laurence Gardner was that Jesus was married and had children and those bloodlines still exist on earth today.

Laurence was a genealogist for the Royal houses of Europe and has access to their genetic lineages and also records of the Celtic Church. He traced the bloodlines of the Davidic Kingdom (King David) back to ancient Egypt when the mysteries and the interest in them was at the height (from what I ascertain).

Historical evidence does strongly indicates to me that those of Royal lineages were successful but there appears to be a lack of evidence of the benefits to the common man/woman. I have come across numerous pieces of historical evidence to the contrary.

If it is correct that only those of Royal bloodlines benefited and accomplished then perhaps it is an age old scam.

Re: Mystery Schools continued

Here is something which is a mystery to me - why do Ramsters always refer to Jesus or Christ as "Yesuha Ben Joseph"? Most of the world would say "Jesus" or "Christ" and we know that they are referring to a particular great teacher whose legacy has survived 2000 years and his message is still relevant today (regardless of what some have done in his name which was the opposite of his message). Is it that Ramtha is a jealous god? And why would a real god be jealous? Jesus is famous for his teachings and that he was the Christ, not that he was the son of Joseph.

Re: Mystery Schools continued

Hi all! To answer spiritual seeker on the name of Jesus Christ: Jesus was in reality a Jewish Rabbi whose name was Yeshua. This has been translated into English by the church as Jesus. The term "Christ" is not a name but applies to a particular state of consciousness.
To all: AS to his "Christhood", I would suggest anyone really interested to read Laurence Gardner's books. When you see this man's credentials, you will see that he is quite a learned & brilliant man. He is learned in the old languages & because of his position as royal historian & royal genealogist for 33 royal houses in Great Britain, he has access to the Vatican Archives in order to research the family trees when he was hired by royal families to do their genealogical research. He is able to translate the texts in the archives, and this is how he was able to write the books on Jesus' & Mary Magdalene's bloodlines. In his 1st book, "Bloodline of the Holy Grail", he states how these so-called miracles really translated from the texts & how each was a term that had a cultural/religious significance, which was not what the Catholic religion perpetrated. Each of these so-called miracles was not as the literal translation of mystical miracles we've been given to believe. I have read almost all of Zecharia Sitchin's works & all of Laurence Gardner's up to this point, as well as those of a number of others. I only recently became aware of the fact that Sitchin is one of only 6 people on Earth who can translate the ancient Sumerian texts. In reading these 2 authors' works, as well as "Gods of The New Millenium" & others, the workshops of Drunvalo Melchizadek, I've come to see a patteren in the so-called Ancient Mystery Schools. They, for the most part, all used extreme & horrible "tests" for their students. Going back to Sitchin's & Gardner's works, this was something the Annunaki did to those who tried to be like them. The "Epic of Gilgamesh" is one such example. In seeing this overall pattern, I (for myself) have come to the insight that they had nothing to do with a spiritual path but were used as a weeding out of most people to keep them from being as "powerful" as the leaders. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be qualified to hold leadership positions, just that it doesn't need to take extreme cruelty or horror. I don't really see them any different (for the most part) than RSE. Thanks to everyone for their insights & posts. M.

Re: Mystery Schools continued

Thanks M. for the great info. and for pointing out the "A" Christ vs. "The" Christ issue.