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Create Your Day

“I wake up in the morning and I consciously create my day the way I want it to happen,” says Dispenza, a longtime student of Ramtha, during one of his many appearances in What the Bleep"

If Joe, a long time student of Ramtha who consciously creates his day, (so he told us in the movie "What the Bleep") why didn't he see in his remote view of his day that he was creating, that Ramtha/JZ was going to kick him out of the school etc. etc.

In the retreats (only 2 thank goodness) that I was at, Mike Wright tells the same story about how he created his day about his travel plans - getting first class seats and not losing his bags - how many of you have heard that one story over and over again as I would be interested to know - because if he has been in the school for 20 years or so would'nt he have a bunch of exciting and amazing stories to tell about creating one's day?????? not the same old one over and over again-

Re: Create Your Day

Marching On.......

Perhaps a "trap" with the Create Your Day theory is a person does that every morning - and then attributes anything that happens to him/her during the day that is connected to what they focused on, to their morning focus. In fact, it is an assumption that there is a correlation there. Any time that something we think about in the morning, happens later on in the day, it could be caused by some number of factors. I don't see that there is proof that A produces B.

I agree with you that after all of these years, one would think there should be more stories to share other than the same repetitive ones. It's one of those things that can cause DOUBT.

Re: Create Your Day

It appears that Joe only creates his day if he is politically correct within the accepted guidelines of the RSE administration.

After that point the lawyer employed by JZK Inc. creates his day better.

Re: Create Your Day

If I sit down to create something I want to have happen that day, but the thing I want to create INVOLVES OTHER PEOPLE, then that becomes a CO-CREATION. The result would be a product not just of my thoughts and actions, but those of the other person/people.

As a hypothetical example, if I "create" that my garden area is going to get rototilled that day, but the person I have hired to do the tilling has something come up in his life that prevents him from getting to my job that day, then perhaps there will be a time delay before my creation of a rototilled area actually occurs.

Athletes, CEOs, all kinds of people seem to achieve better results when they visualize the outcome they desire. Dr. Joe's book describes this as "mental rehearsal."

In my opinion, Dr. Joe's experience of getting kicked out of the school doesn't invalidate the wisdom of planning and visualizing what one wants to happen. However, as an RSE staff member, Dr. Joe was co-creating that aspect of his life along with Ramtha/JZ, who apparently had a hidden agenda.

OR...for all we know, Dr. Joe was focusing on freedom, creativity, etc., and he may have created getting kicked out of RSE so he can finally realize his full potential, out from under JZ's shadow! Free at last...

Re: Create Your Day

I agree that we can focus upon creating something in our day (or week, month, year, life), and it is a fine between what we desire and the desires of everyone else out there in the world. We are only responsible (in my opinion) for creating our half of any interaction. Otherwise, to whatever degree we do effect reality, we'd have bedlam with all sorts of realities expecting their way.

Example: John Doe was in The Big One (earthquake) in CA and died, because he lived in the wrong area of CA and such an earthquake was predicted to occur and fall off into the sea. Fish food against the will of everyone who lived in that area - the prophesy/focus of the predictor has to happen because they have their intention on it (so the theory goes). In any other case, there are "conditions" that apply, therefore we do not create ALL reality that we focus on/desire.

Yet, John Doe creates his day that he lives in CA and he's safe from earthquake harm. Which reality occurs?

In my opinion, for RSE to teach that carte blanche, we create every thing we focus on in our day, is a half-truth. I also believe that if it were that simple, we'd have heaven on earth. Many people have the desire for peace on this planet. There have been individual and group focus sessions for just that - and we still have war.

Re: Create Your Day

In addition in the early days of RSE students were told that "their consciousness" was changing the world. After two decades is it observable so one can say there is a marked difference?

Re: Create Your Day

Why was Joe Dispenza kicked out of the school?

I have searched through threads and can not find details.

Re: Create Your Day

Joe was not kicked out of school, he was one of the appointed teachers and he was fired. As to why, whose version would you like to hear?

Joe worked his way up through the ranks at RSE, by this I mean that when "Ramtha" began teaching about the emotional body Joe picked right up on it and before long "Ramtha" had Joe up on stage teaching the material. From the beginning, Joe was an exceptional teacher - humor, clarity, great rapport with his audience, just a natural. He did a lot of excellent teaching over the years and when "Ramtha" specifically named 4 "appointed" teachers in 1998, Joe was one of them.

When the film "What the Bleep" came out, Joe's brief description of creating his day caught on (who would have thought?) and he became a bit of a star. Joe, JZ, and others attended "What The Bleep" conferences and Joe became very popular, as well he should have been because he is a great teacher and comes across extremely well.

Here comes my version of the story: Joe was fired by JZ because he was receiving more attention than she was.

Over the years Joe was instrumental in providing care for JZ who had chronic back problems and many other ailments. (Apparently her Blue Body didn't work.) In an announcement at the end of an event, JZ referred to Joe and his girlfriend as "our dear friends." Sometime after that she got rid of him. Of all the people who have passed through RSE, Joe may be the closest to Christhood: he was crucified.

Re: Create Your Day

And more - the "spin" version of why Joe was fired.

As the result of his popularity he received requests for interviews and one was published in a Yoga magazine (sorry, don't recall the name.) JZ claimed that in the interview Joe failed to attibute all of his great knowledge to RSE. And for this he was fired.

Joe showed up at Blue College 2006 all set to participate as a student. JZ was insisting that all students sign a coercive document detailing participation (i.e. "I will not tell anyone else what I learn here.") Joe chose not to sign and was
therefore told to leave.

PS Let's keep in mind that Joe's teaching specialty, the emotional body, was not original RSE material (although "Ramtha" presented it that way.) The material was developed by Dr. Candace Pert (also in "What The Bleep") Her discovery is described in her book, "Molecules of Emotion."

Re: Create Your Day

Now that Dr. Joe's book, Evolve Your Brain, has been published, you can look at the index and bibliography and read the information that he credits to Dr. Pert, RSE and the White Book.

I personally think that Dr. Joe was the greatest ambassador for RSE that JZ ever had and that she let her own jealousy get the best of her.

NOW, I HAVE A QUESTION FOR THIS FORUM: Has anyone personally attended an event at RSE at which JZ or Ramtha told RSE students not to continue seeing Dr. Joe in his capacity as a chiropractor?

Re: Create Your Day

Mike Wright was a Captian in the USAF. He flew jets.
He had a major mental breakdown in 1994.
He stated that there was a "secret order" at RSE.
Now he is a "teacher" at RSE.
I repeat. RSE is CIA.


Re: Create Your Day

RE Onehand
I have only attended events since Joe was canned and in answer to your question "No, no-one mentioned anything about not seeing Joe as a Dr. of Chiropractic. I, and my partner have gone to him and his partner since we arrived here in April.

Joe knew we came here for the school and he never said ANYTHING derogatory about RSE, in fact just the opposite, he had only good to say in reference to RSE, although we didnt talk much about it. I never asked him what had happened for him or to him.

Wanna: I saw Joe in Vancover at the Prophets Conference, the one that JZ, who was scheduled to be at, & couldn't make it to. (They were all leaving for Italy the next day)??. Joe had a rough time during his presentation and looked distracted throughout the event, when I saw him outside of the conference hall. I believe this was right in the middle of all the hoopla and him leaving RSE.

He seems to have rallied and is living a good life for HIMSELF.

Re: Create Your Day

Thanks for your input from a long-term perspective on Joe. My partner and I both felt similar things in response to some of Joes "posturing" when we met him.

I will say though that thru the short time-span we saw him professionally, and perhaps because he is now "on his own" after many years in the school (?), he appears to have come into a peaceful sort of resonance, and this was reflected (to me)in his manner during our appointments.

Re: Create Your Day

Thanks Everyone for the great posts on this thread. I agree with watcha & any of you who realize that our "reality" isn't just created by us. This belief is very narcissistic. I did believe that for quite a while as an RSE student. It was when my life stopped moving, & I had a nervous breakdown that I finally had to question that lie. Once I realized that, I stopped feeling so much guilt & failure for those things that I didn't control (e.g. sneezing haha! & other body functions).

Re: Create Your Day

Hi All! I'd like to suggest a book for anyone interested in finding out more about the "Soul's" journey. The book is called "Destiny of Souls" by Michael Newton. This man has a doctorate & was a psychology/hypnotherapy traditional therapist for 30? years. He began using hypnotherapy to regress clients to past life issues & between life states late in his practice. The book (the second one he's written on this subject)is mostly case histories of these sessions. It's been quite an eye-opener for me & ads to the falsity of we create all our reality. Thanks, M.

Re: Create Your Day

Thanks M. McMillan for the above listing about Dr. Michael Newton. On the front page of his site he talks about the levels of the soul. Listed below is the Advanced soul - doesn't sound like Ramtha to me!!!!

The Advanced Soul

I believe that people on earth who possess souls which are both old and highly advanced are scarce. In most cases, they are here as incarnated guides. Having mastered the fundamental issues most of us wrestle with daily, the advanced soul is more interested in making small refinements toward specific tasks.

We may recognize them when they appear as public figures, such as Mother Teresa; however, it is more usual for the advanced soul to go about their good works in a quiet, unassuming manner. Without displaying self-indulgence, their fulfillment comes from improving the lives of other people. They focus less on institutional matters and more on enhancing individual human values.

The mark of an advanced spirit is one who has patience with society and shows extraordinary coping skills. Most prominent is their exceptional insight. This is not to say life has no karmic pitfalls for them, otherwise they probably wouldn't be here at all. They may be found in all walks of life, but are frequently in the helping professions or combating social injustice in some fashion.

The advanced soul radiates composure, kindness, and understanding toward others. Not being motivated by self-interest, they may disregard their own physical needs and live in reduced circumstances. (really??)

Re: Create Your Day

To those of you who dont believe you are creating your own reality, WHO do you think IS creating your reality?

Choosing to believe that "advanced souls disregard their own physical needs and live in reduced circumstances" is just a continum of the old selfless "nailed to the cross" martyr paradinm that many of us came to RSE to rid ourselves of...

Baby, Bathwater, Baby bathwater...

You CANNOT give something to someone else that YOU do not have.(To give)

Re: Create Your Day

Great question, Dance. I believe that it’s more accurate to say we co-create our reality. We co-create our reality with our parents, children, friends, spouse, neighbors, and community, and with everyone in our state, our nation, and on our planet. The moods and actions of animals also affect my reality—if you own a pet, haven’t you ever wondered just who owns who? I might also receive guidance and assistance from intelligences not in physical bodies at this time. Even if I lived in a cave on top of a mountain, my reality would be affected by Mother Nature/Gaia and by the sun and moon. If that mountain blew its top, you bet that would affect my reality!

I also believe that my conscious mind isn’t the only element creating my reality—beliefs in my subconscious mind are also playing their part. For example, a few years ago, I passed a “major” birthday without achieving something I’d wanted to achieve by that time, and my neck started going out more and more frequently until I was literally seeing my chiropractor EVERY OTHER DAY. My life was in crisis and my finances were severely strained. It “so happened” I already had my ticket to a weekend seminar a friend had highly recommended (Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind), so I went (I saw current and ex-RSE students there, by the way). Around 3 a.m. the second night, I woke up realizing I’d come to a particular conclusion in childhood that had persisted and was conflicting with what I consciously worked to create as an adult. I journaled for hours until the sun came up, exploring those subconscious beliefs and making new choices. I finished the seminar, went home…and a week went by, then two, then a month, without my neck going out! I’ve got plenty of other conscious and subconscious beliefs to uncover and deal with, but the point is, in this way, too, we co-create our lives.

I also want to say: Co-creating our life is a skill that we can learn and get better at, just as sculptors, musicians, photographers, dancers, etc., practice and get better at their own creative outlets. With the rare exception of people like Mozart, who wrote down the music that came to him without any editing, or so I’ve heard (now there was a clear channel!), most of us could stand to do better at using the skills of creating. I did learn very valuable knowledge about creating my life from the Ramtha of the 1980s, and from too many other great creators to list them all (some that aren’t very well known are Robert Fritz, Karen Kingston, and Gail Ferguson).

Finally, I believe we are all co-creators with God, Higher Power, Great Spirit, whatever you choose to call it. I used to use RSE terminology (From the Lord God of my Being), and I was careful not to talk about God as being “out there.” I was going to realize MYSELF as a Christ. Today, I still don’t think of God as being out there, separate from me, the old man with the long beard. I believe I am a divinely created being who chose to temporarily experience physical existence and forget who I really am, so that I could allow God to express through me. (The first 3 books of Conversations with God are the closest books I’ve found to express what I currently believe.) Or as Nelson Mandela put it, “We were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us.”

I believe from my own experience that there is a source that I can call upon for insight (I have my own “conversations with God”). I believe that source doesn’t usually interfere directly with what we create while we are here in these bodies, living the illusion that we are separate from one another. I believe that source knows, and allows, the soul choices we have made to experience even the horrors of war, famine, etc.

But I also know from experience that when I’ve been in situations where I needed help, I’ve asked my co-creator for help and gotten immediate assistance. Examples: I was locked in a cabin on my property (a friend inadvertently locked me in from the outside, then left) and the only window was blocked. I yelled but my neighbors couldn’t hear me. I asked God for help, and a minute later, saw my neighbor walking right past the cabin, heading toward my house—he’d suddenly felt he needed some aspirin and wanted to borrow some from me. Another example: My transmission gave out and my car died in winter, late at night, in the darkest stretch of Rainier Road, far from any houses. I had no cell phone, just a small flashlight. I was near a curve, and a car rounding that curve might not have been able to stop without hitting me. I asked God for help, and within seconds, who should be the first person to drive up? The fire chief of a nearby town, in an emergency vehicle equipped with flashing red lights to alert other drivers. I felt perfectly safe with him, and had all the help I needed.

This is my own current take on who’s creating our reality. It’s a much longer post than I intended, but that was no “little” question you asked, Dance. I look forward to hearing other perspectives.

Re: Create Your Day

I for one have never said I do not create my own reality - I have always done that and I didn't need to sign up to RSE to learn how to do it either. But to say we create every single moment of your day is outrageous - that was my point - if Joe creates his day, then did he create for him to be out of RSE???? Well, maybe he did - I don't know. That was what I was getting at!

"You CANNOT give something to someone else that YOU do not have."(To give)

Can you please tell me what RSE is giving us????? Wealth?? - I thought it was a school of enlightenment not a school of dollars -

I presume that when one is enlightened everything else in life will manifest perfectly and effortlessly.....

Re: Create Your Day

This is what the article said - "Not being motivated by self-interest, they may disregard their own physical needs and live in reduced circumstances."

I do believe if you take out the words, "Not motivated by self interest, they may..." - and instead read it as "Advanced souls disregard their own physical needs and live in reduced circumstances" would suggest something else but it is not what it said. Sorry but it does sound like something RSE would say !!

Re: Create Your Day

Thank you yet AGAIN!!! That was a wonderful post, I love reading your stuff.
I personally have 6 4-legged co-creators on the spot 24/7

Your story about the pain-in-the-neck was a beautiful example of paying attention, asking, and allowing with the deep trust that you will be guided and healed by your own process.

I enjoyed (tremendously) the conversations books for similar reasons.

In my life I too have had many "miracles" in situations where I "asked" for clarity, assistance, etc. Just knowing this source is there in all ways is a great relief in general. And that greater aspect of my self that is source, is who I believe is "creating my day" with and thru me...

Lovely post... Thank you again

Re: Create Your Day

In answer to your question of Joe creating leaving RSE, my opinion is YES of course.I cannot imagine Joes inner source, God, what-ever you want to call it, wanting him to stay in a place where he would not be allowing his full potential to manifest.

I cant say what RSE gave anyone but myself.And really when I look just a tad deeper into that question I actually can say that it wasnt even RSE's "job" to give me anything. RSE is what it is, obviously at this point it is rather QUESTIONABLE at to just WHAT it is but... I got a TON of insight and clarity out of the whole experience. I wouldn't trade my experience for anything, it is valuable.(to me)

What the whole Ramtha/JZ/RSE experience gave me was a chance to learn some things I didnt know, meet some great,wierd,lovely,nutty,funny,angry,(you get the picture ) people on this journey WITH me. I had an opportunity to buy way more STUFF than I need if I so chose. I certainly had some strange experiences, the tank, archery, etc. that I probably would not have had otherwise... some of the diciplines, C&E, archery, etc. I love and use daily, modifying them to my own taste. I certainly feel more enlightened by the whole experience, although I feel that way in general these days !

as for the statement "You CANNOT give something to someone else that YOU do not have.(To give)"

From what I have heard JZ is now "teaching" empire building and "Ram" ? is now teaching enlightenment...I do find this an amusing twist to say the least BUT if JZ has any teaching to "give" Empire building would sure be IT!!! because she sure has done it! Who knows maybe they'll change the name of the school soon too, to cover the new agenda, it would make more sense, and eventually all of those who came for the enlightenment end of the stick will just fade away...

I personally am enjoying as much money as I can spend and as much enlightenment as I will allow to flow thru me, and that feels pretty darn good .

Re: Create Your Day

Re: Marching
Your right, it only sounds creepy with the first part of the sentence missing. Sorry, it makes way more sense in context.

Re: Create Your Day

Interesting chats about who creates reality. As I already said, I don't believe we create all of our reality. As onehand continued on with, referring to "co-creation", I would agree.

There are a number of studies that show how prayer has an effect upon those being prayed for, even when they are unaware that they are being prayed for. There are people who will pray/focus/meditate/chant/whatever you want to label that "intent" to manifest a desire, and they do get results.
Would they have gotten results just the same without the prayer/etc ?
Was it only the person who prayed/etc who created the results in any given instance ?
Were there other forces at work, such as loved ones in the spirit world - whatever "level" they are from?

I don't have the answers. I choose to believe that there is a higher power, and I have seen MANY instances in my life where I "want" something and it very quickly comes into my life.

But, I've also had tragedy in my life, too, which I surely did NOT want ! Some things, I can say good came from, and other things, no way did good come from it.

Someone once suggested to me (their "theory") that we come into this life with an amount of ability to create, but it's not 100%. That makes sense to me, because what we THINK we want, if we only saw the bigger picture, may not really be what we would choose. So, I not only think we do not create 100% of our reality, solely, but that it's also a protective mechanism for our own good, that we don't.

Just some more thoughts to share !

One thing we all surely have in common, is being THOUGHTFUL, contemplative people !

Re: Create Your Day

I've commented on the following information in the past. I don't necessarily agree with everything this guy has to say, but I agree, for the most part, with what he says on this issue. (see below) I'm also not "promoting" him. Of possible interest....

"Bottom line: I think you are making the all-too-easy error of confusing interpretations with experience. Thoughts do not, and cannot, create experiences. Thoughts can “influence” or “color” experiences, but whether or not we have thoughts about them, experiences happen inevitably. There is nothing we can do to stop having experiences (as long as we are sentient beings).

Yes, it is true that ideas and beliefs (our “stories”) may “shape” and influence emotional and somatic responses . . . But remember that emotions have two components: the felt sense (bodily sensations) and a cognitive component (i.e., interpretations). So, yes, thoughts can, and do, generate the interpretative component in emotions, but they do not create the felt sense or experience. Feelings come first.

Influencing or shaping emotions is not at all the same as creating experiences. Our thoughts can and do affect the form of our experiences (because they act as filters or lenses for experiences). But those filters or lenses are our interpretations. Meanwhile, the flow of experiences/feelings continues regardless of whether or not we engage in thinking or beliefs. So, again, bottom line: Thoughts or beliefs influence the form of experiences, but do not, and cannot, create the fact of experience itself.

You also seem to think that intentions are forms of thoughts or beliefs. I disagree. Intentionality is an expression of our creative will, and usually happens best when we get thoughts and beliefs out of the way. (I have a chapter on this in Radical Knowing .) We most certainly do not “create reality with our thoughts,” that is a common new-age myth. We do, however, drastically limit and block out experiences of reality with our thoughts and beliefs—and so the reality that we actually experience in the moment is often radically reduced and filtered. We do determine (not create) our particular experience of reality with our thoughts and beliefs, but by no means do we create reality with our thoughts. Our thoughts and beliefs distort, not create, reality.

Changing reality is not “as simple as changing our minds.” This is especially true if by “minds” we mean our “thoughts” and “beliefs.” Changing our beliefs (or thoughts) just won’t do it. We need to get beyond our beliefs altogether (that’s what I mean by “experience beyond belief”). When we learn to live from our direct experience (rather than from our thoughts and beliefs about reality), we undergo a profound transformation in consciousness. When that happens, our relationship with reality dramatically and subtly shifts. It’s not that we change reality, but by changing our relationship with reality we transform our experience of reality.

Reality is a co-creative process (involving the creative contributions of all sentient beings. It is the ultimate democracy!) We can contribute to the way reality unfolds and changes, but we fool ourselves if we think we create it—doubly so, if we think that we can create reality via our thoughts and beliefs. Changing our experience of reality is a far cry from creating reality.

"You create your own reality" is perhaps the most naïve and potentially dangerous slogan to come from the new age."

Re: Create Your Day

'''''But I also know from experience that when I’ve been in situations where I needed help, I’ve asked my co-creator for help and gotten immediate assistance. '''''

Prior to my going to rse I experienced the same. I was never let down by my prayers to the essence that is 'God' or the higher power. I felt very connected, in fact, when I first went to rse. I went to finetune my intuition and learn remote view and things along this line. It was an eight day beginners and I got a lot more than I ever imagined would be taught. I remember the dance. My partner at the event and I were what? You want us to what where? It was hysterical. I had no idea this was on the agenda. The only thing which kept me believing was Micael. His presence verified for many that this was real. Otherwise I know I would have bolted out the door or at the least not participated in some things that really were weird to me. But you know how it goes. You think you're only in beginners and there's a lot to learn. So you go back and see a bunch of videos for your followup because the whole crew is in another country doing another retreat. Then they return and the energy is there again and the JR is there and others who you consider reasonable people-I mean doctors of medicine and engineers and the likes. So having an education and a lucrative career doesn't suspend peoples' belief in this. In fact it seems that we view ourselves as openminded enough to at least examine this.

There were a lot of sick people there coughing with sore throats and colds. Some stayed indoors and did their walk but not very many. Some that did then later stated they felt guilt because they didn't go out. Again isn't this what we're supposed to get rid of and not have created by the guards yelling everyone out to the field and if you're not in the field by 6:30 in the morning the gate will be locked. Please. I'll join the military and get paid and benefits if this is the nature of rse and during primary it finally sunk in.

The wine ceremony where the man in the audience was torn apart for mental adultery I saw from a distance. I do know his wife and young son were there. I do not believe it's appropriate for that to take place in front of a person's child.

Well, I'm out of there. There are people there who do talk about this stuff but not in large groups. They haven't suspended their sense. There have to be people in the audience that are there for other motives i would believe also because I believe this is something TPTB monitor!