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RSE expansion?

Ivan wrote: (on the mystery schools thread)

"Ramtha School in Europa:

Because of this friend of mind who is still a current Ramtha student (but has decided to quit, so she will loose her status at the end of this year I think) I have some information on this matter. Ramtha (better JZ) has decided that the School should be in Sportilia (Italy). They have used the facilities in Sportilia for some years I believe and it is on sale for several millions (There is also a large area were they can do this fieldwork and there is a heliport which they are thinking about to change into a tank).
So Ramtha has decided this should be the European School and recently JZ has said, that the European students have to finance this on their own, that there wont't be any financial help from RSE at least for the next 2 or 3 years. so now the European people who have money are gathering together to make this work, they had already an architect who estimated the facilities. And they are thinking to create a stock corportation.

Ivan I have heard nothing of this. Perhaps someone else has?

My conclusion is that it would be LIKELY to be a potential interest RSE has as foreign attendance has escalated in recent years. I know people in Australia have wanted a school here for decades.

Most of the locals over the years have been most sincere in their endeavour. Many have given up everything. I know that most of these people want to get to every important event possible. The assay's are considered important. At Assay 6 in 2005 about half attending were foreign residents.

Figure it out. Where is the biggest potential financial revenue? A place that has the greatest population and the greatest access to the school regarding travelling distance. Italy was a country that had lots of interested people. I heard about 600 people attended one event.....just think of all that money. Also it is quite evident from RSE's intinerary that events in other countries are becoming more frequent.

RSE's lack of ethical business practice is LIKELY in my view to get students to pay for a facility and then they rake in the money.

It has a precedent...... students payed for a new Astroturf carpet and volunteers did all of the work to put it in.

Perhaps RSE taxation bill would not be as high if essential operating costs were deducted as is normal business practice.

It is just like RSE to fleece the populace and then move onto more fertile ground.

It is probably the only business in the world that gets obedient servants to do things against common sense and pure reason because of the "magnetic" personality of the teacher and his apparent approval for it.

Re: RSE expansion?

or "Her" desire of it :o)

Re: RSE expansion?

"Magnetic personality" is a euphemism for mind controller and explains why people do things that defy common sense. Their common sense has been overwhelmed by orchestrated and contrived experience believed to be "real."

Re: RSE expansion?

Actually they had another location in Austria and the European RSE Coordinators would have prefered this location (as I understand it) but they showed it to Greg Simmmons and later they were told that Ramtha has made the decision it should be Sportilia/Italy. Then they were told it is their!! school, so they should manifest this "timeline".

This is the link http://www.geniusmaster.net/
but only if you are a current student you do have access to most of the things on this site.

I have this information from a circular eMail letter from the RSE European Coordinators which my friend gave to me. I don't have this eMail anymore but if somebody is interested I can ask my friend again if she saved it and can pass it on, but it is in German. (The name Christel sounds very German, do you speak German?)

Re: RSE expansion?

Ivan, I do not want to communicate personal information on this site that is not relevant to the purpose of this message board.

RSE's strategy of it is "your school" all the while being a subsidiary of JZK Inc. with no investors/shareholders etc. who have a vote is an abomination.

Re: RSE expansion?

At the beginner's retreat Dec 06 Debbie Christie told us, as she was teaching us how to win at Lotto, that if she wins (not when she wins), Ramtha wants the $$$ to buy the property in Italy, while JZ wants her $$$ to buy a private jet. She said hey what about me and what I want. I wondered why the TWOTOPGODS needed someone else to manifest for them or why they hadn't
already had that timetile pop into this "create your day".

I threw out my $1400.00 blue, as in new neuro, net too. I did not remote view cafeteria work in my future.

Re: RSE expansion?

We also had a very lengthy training DVD on Creating fabulous wealth featuring rse students, James Flick Poker tournament ( didn't even set his goal to win it, just get his $$ back from entry fee, won more than that using whatever the rse equilivent is to Jedi mind trick and the neighborhood walk on the breaks. Also we met a lovely couple Ramtha hooked up and they are going to market hip slick and way cool doggie doors, Linda E. loved hers, hence the inspiration. Forget who else.

Off topic, but could someone tell me why someone 35,000 years old is still counting and so enraptured with Christmas trees? Just wondering.

Re: RSE expansion?

"so enraptured with Christmas trees?"

That's a GREAT question!!!! LOL LOL LOL