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Red Herrings and Red Flags

A "red herring" is a false path/information/
event/whatever that appears true - emphasis on appears true. It's an 'ok to go' sign.
A "red flag" is a STOP/look and listen sign. A warning something is not right here.
I recognize there were 'red herrings' in my getting involved in Judy's world. One of these was the experience at my first Dialogue - which I attributed to Ramtha and was in fact the reality of the people gathered.
Red Herrings are also the experiences of learning each of us have had while participating in Judy's world -- we attribute them to Ramtha and the validity of the School or both. A plume line for me is Victor Frankl - an inmate at a Nazi concentration camp - who lost everything material, his family, his career, his dignity -- and in an ephiphanous experience recognized what could never be taken from a person; and found meaning in Life. Does that make a Nazi concentration camp a recommended mode of learning? Or is credit to be given to the individual who utilized the most inhumane of circumstances to grow.
Other 'red herrings' were the similarity of the teachings to other sources I respected -- missing the red flag that similarity meant plagiarizing. (sp?)Another was Judy's use of Christian language and concepts.
A red flag to me is those of you who continue to bash Christianity and all churches - I can only wonder if you've accepted Judy's half truths and taken the time to explore what truly is in the sacred texts from which she steals. The Budhists knew all about quantum physics a looonggg time ago. Paul's statement of faith from the King James version of the Bible is a statement of quantum physics(the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen). There's more stories of bilocation teleportation healing etc in the Christian and Budhist and Aboriginal and Native American etc traditions than you may be aware.
Attributing your experiences to Judy's Ramtha and giving validity to a proveable abusive mind controlling environment is throwing away the baby and keeping the bath water.
Give yourself and the God that flows in through as you the credit.

Re: Red Herrings and Red Flags

well put graced

Re: Red Herrings and Red Flags

In the early years of RSE the information given by Ramtha was told to be "sacred." At one point in time those in the Primary Goup (Blue College equivalent in those days) were not even permitted to discuss what they learned with a member of the Secondary Group.

Memebers of the Primary Group primarily consisted of local residents or those that could attend lots of events. The one's in the Secondary Group were largely those fulfilling their mandatory annual events. A lot were from foreign countries. The primary group was always pushed harder.....longer hours on the field, tank etc. In those days C and E could be a four hour session.

I lived in a city with a handful of people who were RSE students. There were students in both groups. Effectively this meant that we could not even talk to the few others of similar interests that lived on the other side of the planet....if we remained "impeccable" to the teachings. The catch word of the day. Ludicrous. To have a conversation with like minded people some students would have to phone interstate.....probably still do. Some students had no one else living near them and to have a conversation with one would mean a few hours round trip.

The USA based RSE administration in those days had not the foggiest idea of living conditions of students in other countries.

"Holding the teachings sacred" meant don't talk to anyone about them unless they are in your group and this included one's family.

Perhaps the ulterior motive was that it was easier to control the students if they did not have access to sufficient information to come up with more questions about discrepancies in the teachings.

Re: Red Herrings and Red Flags

Hi all! I'd like to share an experience that happened by "accident?". Several years after learning "Blue Body", several of us got together to celebrate whatever. There was a mixture of us from Primary & Secondary groups. We started to discuss the "bands" we'd learned about during the blue body teachings & when we came to the 4th level, we in the Primary group said it was blue. Those in the secondary group said it was green. We all pulled out our notes & sure enough, the 2 groups had been taught 2 different things as to what color this was. When we all realized it, there was suddenly stunned silence, & then everybody just changed the subject as if nothing had happened. Verrrry interesting!

Re: Red Herrings and Red Flags

I was going to respond to this on another thread, but I think it is better suited to go here.

A few years ago, I flew a long distance to attend a Christmas event. That event had been "marketed" for some time beforehand. Ramtha was going to be there to have a feast with us at the table, and it would be a party to celebrate Christmas. I thought it sounded like a delightful treat to myself - to attend this single night event, even though it meant long travel.

I anticipated a wonderful, positive evening. That was "my reality".

What ensued was this:

I was seated in a location aside the stage, with a good view of the arena and the stage.
"Ramtha" arrived late, did a small talk and then began a wine ceremony. Some "runners" were sent, prior to the ceremony starting. All of this didn't take a lot of time. After this portion of the event, things devolved quickly and went that way for most of the night. I recall that it ended around 3:30 or 4 a.m.

The drinking was heavy.
People got very drunk, and the loud music played, with people starting to dance. Ramtha seemed to disappear in and out of the building for whatever reasons. People mumbled here and there, wondering if he had left and the event was over. In the meanwhile, long hours of drinking and dancing went on.
I drank very little, and I just sat and observed. I was "hit on" by men and women when just going to the bathroom. No, as the brainwashing would have one believe, I didn't "create that". I have no interest in that, as I'm married and Not Looking. That was their reality, in which I did not care to join.
I watched a person nearby me vomiting from being so drunk.
I watched as staff (also drunk) came to attention, because of something that was going on (I don't know what), ran out of the arena as fast as they could. Then that settled down.
I watched a large woman try to get to the stage, where Ramtha was, and get stopped by a staff person. They argued and threats were made. The woman retreated, and fell almost on me (I'm small). She fell next to me. She sat there, singing a song about how ticked off she was at staff. I didn't move. I chose to just sit there and witness something deplorable to me.
I watched a number of people pack up their stuff and walk out. They weren't able to leave the property if they wanted to, as the "rule" is, there must be 6 or 8 hours after a wine ceremony is over with, before anyone can leave. So, they either went to their cars or campers.
I watched people be so drunk, that even within the tiny spaces we are allotted to sit, people were just walking upon anyone and everyone's stuff, with no regard for personal respect of space.
At one point, Ramtha called people forward, and a hoard of drunks ran toward the stage. They hope to get "toasted" by the master's goblet. Phooey.
They ran over a person's space, who was sitting fairly close to me. Her wine went flying through the air, along with her food (quite a bit of it). It landed all over the place, upon people and their items. My coat was covered with wine stains. Since I traveled a long way, it was what I had to wear. It was light colored, too.

So, that was a celebration of Christmas ?