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Books quoted on this site

hi everyone,

I was looking for the books that someone stated that some (all?) of the ramtha teachings came from. I have listed some below and perhaps others can add to it. I forgot to write down the titles when I was reading the posts and don't want to re-read all the posts to find it. Thanks alot. Much love

"Kathopanisad in Pictures" by PS Mehra

"Mindsight" by Lloyd Hopkins

"Last Dance of the Tyrants and Grey Men" Taylor Caldwell

Re: Books quoted on this site

Last Waltz was Judy'sRamtha book. Don't know the specific title of the Caldwell book in which gray men was found. Caldwell books: the Final Hour; Time No Longer, and others. Almost all Caldwell books speak of the conspiracy/powers that rule the world economy. Of Captains and Kings is 'contemporary' - you'll see the Kennedy story there. Some have bibliographies. I suspect Judy used the pre '50s novels - more obscure.

Vera Stanley Adler books.
Tim Leary books

"the gap" = Chopra (lots of Chopra material)

material from theosophy

The early 'teachings' were from Edgar Cayce readings (which, by the way, is why the teachings seemed different, more loving - different material, same Judy.)

Re: Books quoted on this site

The following books were specifically recommended reading by Ramtha in the early years of RSE. I do not say concepts presented at RSE were the source of the teachings but I do say the reading material is quite questionable.

"Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" by Baird Spalding.

"The Nine Faces of Christ" by Eugene Whitworth.

"Egyptian Mysteries" Paperback by Iamblichus

"Brother of the Third Degree" by Will Garver

Joe may care to comment on these titles. The first series of books are written as a factual account of a scientific party that lived with Masters in the Himalyas and yet the author never apparently went to the east AFTER he had written the "diary" accounts of the journey.

RSE on their website recommends to read the books by Spalding for a better definition of ascension.

The books all offer a lure for accomplishing the impossible on a regular basis and yet it does not appear that there is any evidence available for doing so... (meaning accomplishing on a REGULAR basis).

Re: Books quoted on this site


You forgot THE RED LION.
A book Ramtha recommended.
I don't recall Ramtha mentioning the others with the exception of Masters of the Far East.
The others were on the required reading list made up by Judi.

I read the Red Lion three times.
The first time I couldn't put it down.
The second time it scared the bejesus out of me.
The third time I was mining its information and mapping out the pitfalls.

Re: Books quoted on this site

EyesWideOpen provided the following list of books about cults and mind control, which will be easier for others to find under this thread:

Helpful books are:
TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE by Lalich and Tobias




Other books which put RSE/Ramtha in context are:


PSYCHIC MAFIA by Keene (www.skepsis.nl/mafia.html

Re: Books quoted on this site

You may also want to look at the suggested book list on the EMF site for ideas.