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caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Thanks, David.
re: These Things You Shall Do and Greater, The Physics of Change by Greg Simmons.

January 27, 2007 by Louise SaintOnge
Transcribed by Bertha Rainen
COPYRIGHT © 2007 MastersConnection, LLC. All Rights Reserved" exposes the author to me as 'the believer is happy'. There is no 'wise doubter'---C&E really works!
It appears to have worked to erase his concern (doubt, fear) that JZ/R has taken him on a ride to embarrassment.

His suggestion that the "caudet" nucleus (caudate nucleus) can be "anesthetized" by using C&E thus replacing fear with "joy" smacks of a repeat of the "opening" of the pineal gland as the third eye or ajna chakra. That pseudo science about the pineal was popular with occultists for the past century and more.

The BIG red flag in all this comes right from the author:

"MC: Is science talking about this at all?

GREG: Science is mentioning it but they are not as specific. The school is always years
ahead of science because we have a master teacher who knows how that all works."

Thus, Greg broadcasts his utter depency on JZ with no peer review among legitimate neuroscientists that work with the brain.

Blavatsky in her Secret Doctrine talked about the pineal gland/third eye as a remnant of a real organ [that shrunk] from the Lemurian root race. 'Blavatskaya' thumbed her nose at science---she called science a "strutting gamecock." Ramtha/JZ is notoriously flippant about science and scientists: "Oh, what do they know." hahahaha...

I will read this book when I have time, or if one of the magazines I write for asks me to review it. Meantime, I have greater things to do.......like shovel icy snow--man, we got hit yesterday....


Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

We read the interview today also, it was very interesting. I would be interested to read the book and to hear feedback from those who have.I have listened to a few of Gregs shows on BTO and gotton alot out of them.
I also had that OHOH-Icky feeling when he mentioned how the "Master Teacher" at RSE knows ALL.
What really grabbed my interest is that they have broken the RSE school into 2 groups now? the "Empire Builders" JZ's group and Blue College for the Ram to teach the "old" stuff to. (The how to levitate, bio-locate,and I assume... ascend group)Which seems appropriate considering the Ram hasn't really appeared to be "around" for a while... now "he" can just review the old stuff and stay in his "place".
So where "the two shall become One", it has now shifted to the "One shall become two", or more. Covers ALL the angles I suppose...(marketing wise that is) covers all the angels too!

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Thanks Joe for initiating this thread!

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Dance Anna Marrie.
" Some will go to the left. And some will go to the right." Ramtha

I had the most powerful and incredible Kundalini experience that any man ever could possibly of had or have experienced at an event at RSE, March of 1994.
Ramtha was not responsible for it but he set up the friction that allowed me the opportunity thru MY will to overcome incredible forces within my self so that the kundalini could be released within my being.
The kundalini rising is only part of this story and at this time I will not be telling the rest of my story.

The point being. The dificult disciplines at the school set the stage for change to occur in ones life and in my case I can attest to it. In all honesty I would never have subjected myself, on my own, to the riqorous ordeals that command such a need for such stellar focus.
And it should be mentioned that I was no Johnny come lightly to applied focus having been a top notch college baseball player where I learned to apply my mind over the carnal forces of my body.
Joe. Not everybody can hit a baseball. And braino mathamaticians say that being able to pick up the line and flight of a baseball going 90 mph and making the necessary adjustments to ones hips, hands and shoulders and deciding to swing or not to swing in a time span of less than 1/2 a second is not theoreticaly or phyically possible but in reality it happens all the time, sometimes with great flair and sometimes spasmodically and it happens at all levels of the game from pee wee'rs to grown men with no belief in God, only the belief of the magick that lives within them that makes its appearance known on their field of opportunity called a baseball diamond.
AND If a big league ball player fails seven out of ten times at the plate they put him in the Hall of Fame when he is thru playing.

In my experience with working with the mysteries that lie and move within me I understand the progression rate that then gates a new understanding so that further work can be done so that a continium maybe allowed to progress and to continue. I agree that this progression may advance differently according to ones own awareness. "And many are called and few are chosen and those that are chosen are instructed from within".
In my case it was like learning how to hit a baseball as a kid. In the beginning I couldn't do no matter how hard I tried. But I inherited a love for for the game and that love is what drove me past the defeat and disapointment and worry and strife to the secret of real magick.
Not everybody wants to be a player. Some are comfortable in the stands watching the game and second guessing the performance.
Me. I'm a ballplayer, which means I have to get better and make adjustments or I don't get to play anymore.
Its not about competing with another and that is an easy conclusion for the fan to jump to. Its about getting better at what you do and for me getting better meant working thru the defeats,disapointments,worry and strife.

In reading about kundalini activation I have never read that the persons life became easier. In fact it became embroiled with difficulties. So with this said then one cannot blame the organization, one can only blame ones own desire to change and I am not willing to blame that divine source.

The word love is a misunderstood word. To me it greatest potential is as a verb or action word. As in "My greatest unseen potential loves to express itself in my reality to be seen by all"
Love is also a noun or a person place or thing. As in "Love is a many splendoured thing".

I guesse its up to the writer of the story to choose his own nouns and verbs.

Thank you for allowing me the place and opportunity to tell some of my story.

Best efforts to your snow removal Joe.

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!


When did this group, the Empire Builders begin ? How many people are in it ? It just makes me think that this is a new version of the "old" comrade group.

Excellent post, by the way...great points.

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Just FYI from Mosby's Medical, Nursing & Allied Health Dictionary, 6th edition:

caudate nucleus: a crescent-shaped mass of gray matter lateral to the thalamus in the floor of the anterior horn and body of the lateral ventricle.

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Re: Whatcha
I dont know I listened to Greg's interview today a nd in it he was talking about this split. I had not heard anything about it before this. Of course, I am out of the loop :o)
Anybody else know?

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Ramtha announced last year that the school was changing. Primary Group would now be taught by JZ & they would be the empire builders, inventors, & manifestors of wealth...
Blue College would be for those who want to learn levitation, bi-location, & the ultra-secret teachings. Last year's Blue College was an icy mess with temperatures at night in single digits. One gal broke her leg on the field when it finally warmed up & the field was a deep & muddy pit & her leg got stuck & then she fell.
Also at last year's BC, he pulled one of those, "I can't teach you anything new, because you are not worthy", so we spent a zillion hours on the field & walking the "new neighborhoods".

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

It's almost like saying, "Hey, if your sitting here, duct-taped, in your tent, freezing your butt off for days, hungry and needing to pee & poop, AND you PAID to do this, thinking somehow you can make yourself a BETTER candidate for enlightenment (When I've told you YOU ARE GOD!). Then you must be still considering yourself unworthy and deserving of lack. SO BE IT."

Just a thought.

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Thanks Path, for clarification on the "split" Greg mentioned.

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Path, I don't know how many years you've been in the school (I'm not asking, just commenting), and you may already know what I'm about to say. What you described is just more of the same. There has always been a hierarchal structure to the school, wherein there is fostered an atmosphere of competition.

Students have been told they are going to get some sort of great teachings, but it hasn't ever been forthcoming. The same repetitive history there speaks for itself. Empty promises, and lots of dangled carrots to renew interest and dedication.

Promises are made, students fail the teacher and are blamed, teacher takes his marbles and goes home mad.

First it was Elohim, Ahk Men Ra, Om Adad, etc.
Then it was the Primary and Secondary Group.
Then it was the Comrades, Blue College and Primary Groups.
Now, it's the Empire Builders (primary) and the Blue College who will be privvy to The Secret Teachings.

Stick around awhile and watch that game end, too. Let me give you a hint about who won't be "wrong", either, for any failure on the part of the students not "getting it"....

Ramtha's stomping off because he just can't teach students anything new...it's veeeery old.......yaaaaaaaawn.

Dance - good point you made, too.

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Has anyone else read Gregs interview? (pt.1)

He mentioned that he worked for Tony Robbins prior to hiring on with JZ.
We spent some time parousing Tony's website. One thing I noticed that really stands out is that Tony, teaches his "teachings" HIMSELF and he offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

P.S. I think I joined the wrong club...

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

P.P.S. I didnt see ONE tin-foil (or copper)hat in the football stadium on the little free video either...

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

My partner just mentioned after viewing this video (Tony's) that:
1. There was no duct tape
2. Tony shows up for his events
3. It's not a "secret"
4. It appears as though Tony doesn't tell his audience that they are too stupid to learn...
I might add all the people in the stadium looked, comfortable, refreshed, fed, and happy.(they were dancing around alot too)

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Why does Greg Simmons, Appointed Teacher at RSE refer to himself as Dr. Greg?

The biographical sketch on his website states that he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree. It further states that he graduated from Burklyn Business School but no degree is mentioned.
www.mulaideguisepublishing.com (click "About Us")

On the RSE website his bio states, "He has a degree in psychology and postgraduate studies at Burklyn Business School. Never graduated?

On the webcast Beyond The Ordinary Greg appears regularly and refers to himself as Dr. Greg. These statements are made:
"Greg Simmons, also known as "Dr. Greg" is an appointed teacher at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.
"Would you like a signed copy of Dr. Greg's book?"
"Ask Dr. Greg anything on any subject."

How is it that someone with an undergraduate degree refers to himself as Dr? This is a title bestowed upon those who have worked for and graduated with doctoral degrees involving years of study beyond the undergraduate level. Greg Simmons has not earned the title of Dr. To refer to himself as such is an example of fraud, more specifically, misrepresentation. It is the crime of misstating facts to obtain money, goods or benefits which one otherwise would not be entitled to.

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Good points, Legal. I have heard Ramtha call him Dr. Greg perhaps two times in recent times.

Below is info from past FACTNet postings. The poster is (was) anonymous when posting. I've included the link that will take you to the postings there, or you can just read what it said with regard to Greg.


Posted on Sunday, December 08, 2002 - 6:06 am:
So what's this all about? Alright, do this first - click on this link: http://www.eaglecondor.net/ramtha.shtml. See the guy on the right with all the teeth? OK good. Now click on this link http://www.filmfodder.com/movies/reviews/shallow_hal/. See the guy on the left with all the teeth? OK, good. Are these guys brothers? Not sure, but, I don't think so. The guy in the first link is a gent by the name of Greg Simmons. Gleam boy Greg is the "Director of Marketing" for JZ. He is also one of the Master teachers at the school having been a "student of the teachings" for "several years" (ie JZ has kept him around for about 20 years.......whaaaa......20 years.....longer than any of her five, or is it six,,,,, errr maybe seven,,,, ex-husbands,,,,,,Greg, bro, dude, get a life!) The fellow in the second link is, none other than, Tony Robbins. But, you all knew that. "OK, so what, MR. ANONYMOUS. My wife tells me I look like Ben Affleck and I tell her she looks like JLO." Read on McDuff....read on. Well, according to Gleam boy Greg, he was, prior to moving to Yelm, WA, (QUANTUM center of the universe) "a partner with Robbins Research Institute headed by Anthony Robbins, world famous motivational speaker". Really, Greg, is that where you "manifested" those teeth and that steely jaw? Good "focus" Greg. Cool Greg,,,really cool. Greg, can I ask you a question? What is a partner? Does that mean teethy Tony was part of your "upline"? Well, "before coming to Washington, (Gleam Boy) owned several businesses, schools, (and) a residential training for business entrepreneurs". Huh....a "RESIDENTIAL TRAINING FOR BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURS". Sorry Gleam boy, McDuff does not compute. Is that like a Greg May/FAA diversity training seminar? (pssst....Greg, can ya cuff me to your buddy Linda Evans? hee,,,,heeee...heeeeeee... just kidding,,,really Greg,,,,,,hey bro,,,I was just kidding man,,,,,,, **** all this "Esquire" mail,,,,who is this "Esquire" dude,,,,,,, after me,,,,,hey Greg,,,,really, seriously,,,,oh ****,,,,,,,,, I just got twenty letters from some dude named "Esquire",,,Greg, dude this sucks,,,seriously bro, I don't know no dudes named "Esquire", really dude,,,,,,,,I got's no idea who Esquire is and I's got no interest in getting my own Esquire dude to writes back to all your Esquire dudes) Hey, Greg, dude, Bro, what the heck is this about JZ and F Lee? Man,,,dude,,,Greg,,,Bro,,,I thought all you's guys lived in single wides like Mayra Pena's looking for. Ya, Greg, you know, like Mayra the one that sings at Drew Harvey. Hey, Bro, Greg, where did ya get all this dough to hire Esquire dudes like F Lee? Oh sorry, MR. ANONYMOUS digressed. BURKLYN BUSINESS COLLEGE "Greg Simmons graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. degree in Psychology. He then attended and successfully completed his studies at the Burklyn Business School." A bit about Burklyn: Book Review Excerpt: (Bobbi Porter - Quantum Learning) A little more than 20 years ago, DePorter was a San Francisco homemaker who decided to venture into the world of real estate. Hawthorne-Stone, the firm with which she wound up, was unique. It emphasized a noncompetitive, "win-win" approach to doing business, and DePorter soon earned more than a million dollars. So impressed was she with the company's philosophy that she incorporated it into an innovative school she and one of the firm's partners started in Vermont, called the Burklyn Business School, whose instructors included Buckminster Fuller. Though the school failed because of bad investments, DePorter remained committed to its nontraditional approaches to learning, which she detailed in Quantum Learning (1992). She now applies these principles at the Learning Forum, which she cofounded and which conducts a SuperCamp for children and advises companies on training programs. From the resume of one attorney F Marshall Thurber: In addition to starting numerous business ventures and companies, Mr. Thurber was the founder of the Burklyn Business School, designed to teach business principles through accelerated learning methods. Mr. Thurber is also the creator of Money & You, the Future of Business I and II, the Secrets of Powerful Presentations, The Accounting Game, The Leadership Development Training, The Global Leadership Network Training, the Future of Business/The Essence of Deming, and Mega Management. So, it appears that Burklyn was some sort of a TQM program. Hey, has anyone ever gone through that stuff. Walk into work one day and there is this guy in a nice suit talking with the owner and the next thing you know you are going through some sort of diversity training or TQM seminar and taking Meyers Briggs personality profiles and talking about whether your commrade coworker is an intj or an esft and blah blah blah...and the boss thinks this is so cool it is going to take the company from being Joe Smith's Blacksmith Shop to JSBS International (Fortune 100 NYSE traded) so this guy hangs around for a few months at a grand a day and ya have all sorts of new human resource people running around talking this psycho babble and ........ the next thing you know the guy is gone. Burklyn Business School...hmmmmm, "the school failed because of bad investments". Greg Simmons, Tony Robbins, Marshall Thurber hmmmmm who else, hmmmmm. Ever heard of the Pacific Planning Institute? From their literature: The years following saw extensive research and practice in the development of what is now become the Pacific Planning Institute. Included are technologies gleaned from the Synergetics and linguistics of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, the relativity research of Dr. Albert Einstein, Quality processes from Dr. W. Edwards Deming, NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming] of John Grinder, Richard Bandler, and Antony Robbins, linguistics of L. Ron Hubbard, presentation and negotiation techniques of Marshall Thruber, lateral thinking of DiBonno, integrated brain techniques of Tony Buzan, "Superlearning" of Ostrander and Schroeder, thought technology of Robert Fritz, meeting efficiency and rapport building of Genie Laborde, and much more. OK enough of Burklyn - my point is made. This is corporate cult stuff dressed up as total quality management. And that is a little bit about Greg Simmons - Director of Marketing for Ramtha, "So be it". Posted on Sunday, December 08, 2002 - 6:14 am:
Learning Forum’s Path to Success Celebrating 20 Years of Making Great Kids Greater Milestones 1981 Laying the Groundwork SuperCamp was born out of the desire to make learning fun and meaningful. Co-founder Bobbi DePorter began exploring accelerated learning methods in 1979, while studying with education expert Dr. Georgi Lozanov. At this time, she and her business partners were running the Burklyn Business School. This innovative program used groundbreaking learning techniques to make complex business courses into child’s play. The school was so successful that many people began asking for a similar program for their children. Intrigued with the idea and seeing a need, Bobbi teamed up with Eric Jensen and Greg Simmons to begin planning a learning-to-learn program for teens.

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!


Ramtha once did a teaching on vitamins/minerals. Students were told he evaluated the body and one thing we were told to take is copper.

Copper is available in minute amounts in capsule form. It's not easy to find, though.

Who is "he", to be prescribing dosages for students to take vitamins/minerals because he has analyzed the human body ? I thought physicians did that. Then there was the Coral Calcium we were told to take, also. WITH Vitamin D to increase the uptake of the calcium.

I have that teaching on a tape and in my notes. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Where is Legal Beagle ? Care to comment on how a spirit being can prescribe without a license ?

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

not leegalbeegal here but I recall having to look this copper issue up years ago (1990?) when it was indicated by ram-duh as a supplement---cult people I knew (not just ramsters) were taking it without lab blood tests!

If anything, we are already overbalanced with copper toxicity due to depletions in zinc in our diets (zinc/copper affect one another). Adding copper is almost always toxic.

Today, many children are born with excessive tissue copper. It is passed from high-copper mothers to their children through the placenta.
Stress from any cause contributes to copper imbalance. Stress depletes the adrenal glands and lowers the zinc level in the body. Whenever zinc becomes deficient, copper tends to accumulate. Our soil is low in zinc. Refined sugar, white rice and white flour have been stripped of their zinc. The trend toward vegetarianism reduces zinc in the diet, since red meat is the best dietary source of zinc.
Copper is found in many foods, particularly vegetarian proteins such as nuts, beans, seeds and grains. Meats contain copper, but it is balanced by zinc which competes for its absorption. Chocolate is high in copper. A desire for copper may help explain chocolate cravings.
Another source of copper is drinking water that remained in copper water pipes, or copper added to your water supply. During a recent dry summer, several Oregon cities added copper sulfate to their reservoirs to reduce algae growth. Accident and disease rates increased."


Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

I notice that Simmons doesn't say he is a doctor either on the cover of his book or on his website. The only reference that I see on his website is that the name of his webcast radio show is "Ask Dr. Greg."

I also don't see his book listed on Amazon.com. If it shows up there, and he calls himself Dr. Greg anywhere in print on the cover, copyright page, etc., then that might be an opportunity to correct that in a review or comment.

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Joe, it wasn't just copper that he recommended. Oh, I'll have to dig out those tapes. Does anyone remember what year that was ? I have a gazillion tapes. In the second teaching about it, he corrected himself ("himself") because he transposed, so to speak, one mineral with another.

I work with people in ways that include looking at vitamin/mineral profiles. I don't see people with copper deficiencies. Zinc, calcium, potassium, and magnesium are the things that people are most consistently "deficient" in. Even so, some folks get overzealous taking zinc, too.

And that flouride that gets added to city water ? That's also needed in tiny amounts and is also available in food. Part of the problem is people need to really have good nutrition, not so much junk food. But, I digress.

Nevertheless, is this info under the scope and practice of what a "spirit" does ? Beagle, where are you ?

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Oh & let's not forget the massive amounts of Coral Calcium students were told to take during the Legacy Teachings. JZ got the idea from watching an "infomercial" one night & asked Ramtha if the guy on TV was legit. Ramtha goes on to say that whatever dose the quack on TV says to take, students should double it! This is dangerous. Calcium is a good thing, but in mega doses can cuse many serious health conditions. Very reckless indeed!

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!

Speaking of reckless behavior, does anyone know what mental condition it is associated with? Manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder. When I first started to wonder if JZ was doing nothing more than pretending to be someone else, I thought, "But where would she get all that energy from? How could she possibly carry on for all those hours up on stage?" One possible explanation is called manic depression.

In "The Key to Genius" by D. Jablow Hershman and Julian Lieb M.D. the authors list symptoms and traits:

Delusions: superhuman powers, grandeur, wealth or money to come, attractiveness, being desired

Ways of responding to others: gregariousness, offering advice, boasting, shifting blame to others,
charming, flattery, manipulation, deception, hostility

Mental Function: recklessness, overconfidence, arrogance, addiction to praise and flattery, rapid thinking, no sense of limits, acquisitiveness, intolerance of criticism and opposition, unscrupulous

Behavior: rapid speech, pressure of speech, witty remarks, jokes, loud voice

Re: caudate nucleus for joy, for joy!


A number of people's opinions are such that they think the profile of a sociopath is fitting.