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Show me the money$$$$$

That's what the retreats should be called - Heard that they will be 1200 people at the black and blue college retreat - maybe more - that's $1,260,000!!!! - and that the whole time they will be blindfolded - sounds like torture to me!!!!.......the things we people do in the name of expanded consciousness and spirituality !!???

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

Marching on wrote, "Heard that they will be 1200 people at the black and blue college retreat"

Marching, that's just hilarious !!! black and blue

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

Marching on Within, This is a component of my objection to the Attorney General:

6. It is quite questionable where the enormous amount of income from student attendance goes. It was stated at an event I attended in 2005 that two of the five teachers appointed by Ramtha to teach the Beginning classes were not paid.

I have heard from someone that was briefly employed that staff is not well paid. Over the years there has been little improvement in student facilities and they are in fact quite inadequate for the numbers attending on most occasions.

J.Z. Knight has several businesses of which RSE is a subsidiary. She owns a large amount of real estate in the vicinity of Yelm unknown to most students. I for one would like to know where all of the money goes.

This is Mr. Kaukl's (lawyer employed by JZK Inc.) response to this:

(4) I want to know where all the money goes.

Ms. Ricke objects to the amounts of revenue generated by the events, has heard that some employees were not paid, and that Ms. Knight owns several businesses and numerous parcels of real property in the vicinity of her home.
She wants the Attorney General to help her discover where the money goes. Ms. Knight's corporation is a private, closely-held corporation. As such neither she nor it are obliged to disclose financial details of its operation. What Ms. Knight does with her money is none of Ms. Ricke's business. I respectfully suggest that it is not the business of the Attorney General, either.

Ms. Knight owns quite a lot of land in the Yelm vicinity. I posted this previously taken from Thurston County records. I have never met any student who is aware of this.

Does anyone else know where such huge amounts of money goes? Obviously the IRS takes a lot. Jeffrey Knight got virtually none of it. It does not go into the Astorturf carpet.

By the way the old Astroturf carpet existed from 1989 to around early 2005. So in all of that time RSE did not take in sufficient funds to pay for a new one........

(They asked for donations from students and volunteers put it in....for those who have not read the details elsewhere)

Does anyone know what type of accountant RSE has? Perhaps he is an unaccountable ascended being?

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

Thanks Christel!

Over the years, I actually had friends who were RSE students tell me with utter sincerity that JZ actually struggles financially because the big bad IRS takes so much and because her expenses are so high. I didn't "war my truth" with them, but inside I had to laugh. Any time JZ wants to, she can call a special evening event, promising to disclose some new secret, and take in many thousands of dollars in just a few hours. What's the going rate for an evening event, multiplied by the usual attendance? RSE students should be able to do the math.

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

Here is a table of USA tax rates for corporations. Looks like RSE would be paying around 34 % to 35 % in Federal taxes.

Washington is not on the list under the link for State taxes for Corporations.


I know someone who is permanently on the parking crew. He does not get paid but gets a discount for events. it is common knowledge that if you cannot afford an event you can request to be on the latrine/cleaning crews and get a discount also.

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

Yesterday a Georgia truck driver claimed half of the $390 MegaMillions lottery prize; the other half was won by someone in N.J. who hasn't come forward yet.

This seems to be a good time to ask: In nearly 2 decades since RSE started operating and started teaching how to create reality, has any RSE student achieved financial freedom through this or any other means? Why isn't Yelm known for creating a disproportionate share of lottery /gambling/ Publishers Clearing House, etc. winners?

I did know one woman who lived on the East Coast who, when she was attending Ranch events in the late 1980s, frequently won Lotto prizes of a few thousand dollars. Just as frequently, she blew all the money and ended up so poor her phone would get shut off. She went through this cycle repeatedly. When her phone was on, she'd call me too drunk to be coherent. It never occurred to her to work for a living; she relied on her husband, who made a modest living. She seemed to be stuck in this situation for years, and I've lost touch with her, primarily because there was no point in trying to talk long-distance to an alcoholic.

Anyone else have any stories to share?

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

Anyone else have any stories to share?

I know of a story that involves an advanced student who has achieved financial freedom. Not from any mental Ramtha exercise, but from plain old fashion con/fraud behavior. Is that the type of story you are looking for?

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

If the all-knowing, all-seeing Ramtha is indeed allowing someone to be a current student in the "school of enlightenment" who is engaging in behavior that is against the law, that piece of information might be of interest to others who read posts on this site.

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

My partner at Assay 6 was from Spain. She had only ever attended 3 World tour events prior. She stayed at a bed and breakfast place run by an advanced student who charged her $50 a night for sleeping on an inflatable mattress on the floor with a few other people in the room. The mattress had a leak in it and was deflating. She considered the price an outrage. I remember her saying something about the inadequacy of the breakfast offered as well. I think it was just a slice of toast.

There was a mix up in her flight schedule and her pick up from the airport (an advanced student) did not phone the airport to check if the flight was arriving as scheduled. My partner had been travelling 28 hours as there were no direct flights from Spain.

The advanced student abused her and accused her of "creating her own reality" implying the airlines alteration was all of her fault. She replied she DID create her own reality. She actually found someone else to pick her up as the other got tired of waiting and left. She had to contact the other to sort out their prior arrangement and that was her introduction to Yelm.

Then she had to go to Safeway and buy food for the event. The person providing the car ride said she had some things to do and would pick her up afterwards. She left her at Safeway for 2 HOURS. Call that hospitality?

She was also charged $10 for a car ride from the Ranch to Bald Hills....one way. From memory I think there were others in the car that were also charged the $10.

At the event itself one of the food vendors offered very SMALL bowls of muesli.....straight from a packet with milk added for $5. You could probably by a whole packet for that price.

For that price you could also get a flat round bread with vegetables and eggs and bacon that involved cooking and preparation.

By the end of her stay my partner was beginning to get the picture much better. She refused to ever buy from that vendor again and would never stay at that B and B again. She became well aware that foreign travellers were a revenue source for local students.

She was quite unimpressed at how advanced students were happy to take your money and put on a big smile and warm welcome (when you gave the money) and then resented the actions they had to take to provide the service.

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

Hi Christel,

For many years before and then after I stopped going to RSE, I offered the most inexpensive shuttle service and place for RSE students to stay in the Yelm area. I took wonderful care of everyone for no more than $20/night even when they took many hours of my time. If they got sick, I took them wherever they wanted to go for treatment. I took them shopping, wherever they wanted to go, and didn't charge extra. People came back to me year after year, and some stored their bulky Ranch supplies at my place. Some people told me they would rather pay to use my shuttle service instead of accepting a free ride from a current RSE student because RSE students had been known to decide "in the moment" (and at the last minute) that they just didn't feel like doing a shuttle.

The Masters Connection website ran my ads until several years ago, when they were told by JZ not to accept any airport shuttle or bnb ads from anyone not current in the school. I was told the reason was that one non-current bnb operator had "talked down" RSE to a guest, and that guest complained to JZ. Her decisions wasn't really warranted, because around that time, the MC started their bnb/shuttle rating service, so guests had the option to rate those services and file complaints against any like the one you described (they still have that option).

Anyway, shortly after we non-current people were barred from advertising, MC ran announcements asking more current students to offer local accommodations because there weren't enough available. If you look at the MC website right now, there still don't seem to be enough spaces to accommodate all the out-of-town students. Now that the Masters Center has closed, I wonder where they all stay?

I never asked any questions about what my guests were learning, or tried in any way to talk them out of attending. If THEY asked ME why I had stopped attending RSE, I answered their questions. But the questions had to come from them. (And not one of them ever tried to talk me into going back into RSE.)

I wasn't the only non-current student offering shuttles and bnb with impeccability who is out of all that now because of JZ's knee-jerk decision. From what you said, it's the RSE students who lost some choices when people like me were barred. As for me, I've moved on and have no regrets. I met many wonderful people through the experience, and especially enjoyed my friendships with some who never limited their experiences to just RSE.

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

I guess it was just a matter of being frequency specific.

Re: Show me the money$$$$$

Those frequency specific with onehandontheelephant had him/her as their host. As for the rest, they just got a reflection of an aspect of themselves. Ouch -that is a hard pill to swallow.