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Mother of All Miracles

This extract is taken from a website constructed by former students of the I Am Activity. There are likenesses to RSE.


Like most poorly conceived but high aspiring fringe religions and cults, The I AM Activity attracts or baits people with promises of magical miracles. However, unlike most religions, the Ballards go all out and promise not one but four Mother of all miracles:

Mother of all Miracles Number 1
- Followers can attain invincible youth and health (eternally so), and escape the ravages of old age. Indeed the Ballards say that old age and infirmity can be reversed using I AM decrees.

Mother of all Miracles Number 2
- Followers can materialize limitless wealth out of thin air without working for it or being given the money by relatives or friends.

Mother of all Miracles Number 3
- Followers can live perfect harmonious happy lives untouched by all the common negativities that are part of the human condition.

Mother of all Miracles Number 4
- Followers can raise their bodies into the Ascension without dying.

So now we have in the above, that age old triune sought by all humankind since Adam was a boy- health, wealth, and happiness. But the Ballards go the extra mile and whack in a "no death" clause by promising...no death.

Now, we know many current and former sincere I AM students who decreed for over 50 years and regularly went to big classes, where a decade of yacky karma was dissolved per class. And all of them, without fail, could personally state that:

- NO I AM student has ever attained invincible youth, sustainably reversed the effects of old age, or unequivocally avoided ill health.

- NO I AM student has ever materialized limitless wealth out of thin air, and most I AM students are no wealthier than members of conventional churches.

- NO I AM student has ever lived a life exceptional by its absence of negativity and limitations, not at least without the help of relative's money.

- NO I AM student has ever raised their body into the ascension.

If anyone reading this knows of someone who has attained one or more of the above, we seriously want to hear from you. And seriously, we are giving away $10,000 to motivate you. Win $10,000 Cash!!! Seriously!!!
(n.b. real cash, not invisible Ballard Ascended Master cash)

Until then, the sad reality remains, that in the 70 year existence of the I AM Activity, not one I AM student has experienced any of the four major miracles of the movement. And the real scandal is, neither did the Ballards.

Website: http://www.flexi.net.au/~perovich/Ballards/

Re: Mother of All Miracles

Re: Mother of all Miraches #3
Followers Can Live Perfect Haronious Happy Lives Untouched By All The Common Negativities That Are Part Of The Human Condition.

This one is True for sure! We all can live perfect happy lives, If we honestly accept ourselves and others, and form an additude that promotes Happyness. Simple, No hard work but possible. (i have only see glimpses, but will keep on trying.

Untouched By All The Common Negativities That Are Part of the Human Condition. This one is easier, don't take anything personally, and don't make assumptions. Do your best, and your best is good enough. Then that mean inner Judge that wants to beat on us, has nothing to say. WE DID OUR BEST, AND OUR BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH! It will have to be, I can only do my best. About the other miracles, no comment!